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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software empowers designers and developers to build standards-based websites with confidence. Design visually or directly in code, develop pages with content management systems, and accurately test browser compatibility thanks to integration with Adobe BrowserLab, a new Adobe CS Live online service. CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time.

If creating a great-looking website is your dream, Dreamweaver can turn that vision into a reality. You'll learn how to take advantage of the latest Dreamweaver tools and techniques to create dynamic websites that stand out in the crowd. Get ready to dream big and make your websites come to life

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  • 74

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  • Adobe Dreamweaver 2014 is another positive evolution in the web design industry and is one of the best design suites out there to help you meet the demands of the next generation of web content.

  • To me, the target for WYSIWYG Web editors has always been to let people edit on-canvas, not only so that non-coders could build pages, but so that even coders could design visually. Otherwise, why call them WYSIWYG editors? In the past, most Web editors that tried this failed miserably. Dreamweaver CC 2014 is getting closer, though, even if you still have to know code conventions, and if you like editing on-canvas, you’ll like the updates that Adobe has made.

  • The additional tools and services in Dreamweaver CC 2014, many of which are web-focussed, certainly provide a compelling argument for the subscription service if you haven’t already made the jump.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Brent Palmer

    Dreamweaver offers virtually all of the tools you would expect from a web development and creation solution. Able to be used for multiple applications including HTML email, full website, and library of pages with associated CSS, etc.

    Pros :

    Dreamweaver has many useful tools to help you develop your sites and emails:

    • Split view - Unlike many coding tools, Dreamweaver actually allows you to view both the structure and live view of what you are coding, as you are coding it. If you are a visual person like I am this is extremely useful and allows you to structure the elements of your page to your exact specifications.
    • Color coded code - Dreamweaver highlights and colors your code text making it easier to digest. If you have coded in a plain notepad, then you know how complex code can appear when it is all the same color and you're trying to find the beginning or end to a section.
    • Find and replace - It has saved me many times when I need to find a specific snippet of code across multiple docs and then change them to the same thing. Well, Dreamweaver can do that. Change all items on a single page with a couple of clicks versus going line by line
    • Tabs - You can easily view and switch between related documents like the CSS for a given HTML page. Makes navigation convenient.
    • Templates - You can actually start your HTML page with a prebuilt template making coding faster and easier
    • Support - Dreamweaver offers a very large community for getting help on your projects.

    Cons :

    There are a few things about Dreamweaver to note:

    • Cost - Dreamweaver is quite expensive, but when you buy the full creative suite it's definitely worth it
    • Confusing - There are so many functionalities that it can be a bit daunting at first.

    • October 7, 2016
  • User review from

    Esteban Ruiz

    It is easy to use software for creating professional web pages. The visual editing features allow Dreamweaver CC quickly add design and functionality to pages, without the need to manually program the HTML code. You can edit frames, create tables, work with layers, insert JavaScript behaviors, etc… in a simple and visual way.

    It also includes a complete FTP client software, allowing among other things work with visual maps of websites, updating the website on the server without leaving the program. This program helps students learn to create a website, improve your creativity and curiosity to employ all the tools of this web designer, but mostly serves to design your own website with everything you want to put.

    Creates clean code according to web standards, applying CSS as degradados and box shadows. Instantly check the result. An end to laborious adjustments in the code. "What you see is what you get". It has flowing designs and can be adapted. A dazzling interface. Designed for desktop and mobile devices. Projects: CSS, HTML and Javascript. PHP dynamic page. Enhanced colors syntax.

    Pros :

    • The great advantage of this editor over others is its great power of expansion and customization, since in this program, their routines (such as inserting a hyperlink, an image or add a behavior) are made in JavaScript-C, which gives you great flexibility in these matters.
    • As a WYSIWYG editor which is, Dreamweaver can hide the HTML code for the user, making it possible for someone not understood can create pages and websites easily without writing code.
    • One aspect of high consideration of Dreamweaver is its functionality with Extensions. Extensions, as known, are small programs, which any web developer can write (usually in HTML and JavaScript) and that anyone can download and install, providing added functionality to the application.

    Cons :

    • Dreamweaver has a confusing interface that can intimidate new users. Their tutorials include only basic information and no help guides for more complicated issues. The toolbar and Windows Properties are loaded with options. To become an expert in Dreamweaver, you need to buy a Dreamweaver guide and read it from start to finish, which may take some time.
    • The simple interface point-and- click of Dreamweaver encourages users, and especially young students, not to engage in learning the language codes, such as HTML and PHP.
    • With Dreamweaver, everything can be achieved simply by clicks. Although makes your life easier, the Web designer fails to learn the skills required to advance

    • June 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Laura Palumbo

    I think Adobe Dreamweaver is the best software you can find for writing codes. You can customize your website and choose the best for it, watching it during your modifications to the code. In fact, as you can see, it has got two sides: the first one is used for writing your codes, the other one is used for the preview. As a graphic designer, it happened to me to use it for some projects of mine, to create the website for some clients, and I have to say it's very easy and complete. I'm not a developer, so at first, I was worried I couldn't learn how to use it, but thanks to some basic tutorial, it's been very helpful to learn Dreamweaver and some of its shortcuts, so I totally recommend it if you are a beginner.

    Now I use Adobe Dreamweaver every time I have to create websites, all in short timelines.

    Pros :

    • If you are a beginner in Web Design, I totally recommend Adobe Dreamweaver.
    • You can find a lot of tutorials online, and once you learn the codes, it's very easy to use, mostly thanks to the side of the preview, to watch the modifications at the same time.
    • This software has HTML and CSS support for your websites
    • It's very fast and it doesn't weigh down your device.
    • You can use a lot of ready templates for your website. You can start with one of them if you want to save some time, and then customize your site the way you prefer. At the same time, you also learn more and more writing codes!

    Cons :

    • There aren't so many "cons" for this software.
    • One thing I can say is that sometimes I find the preview not very accurate, so it's tricky to watch the current look of the website.
    • hey can improve the responsive code support.
    • I find Adobe Dreamweaver very expensive, they can lower the price a little bit for professionals.

    • May 21, 2016
  • User review from

    Alessandro Castellani

    Dreamweaver was the way to go 10 years ago, but today with the plethora of Free and Open Source alternatives, this software is struggling to keep up with the competition.

    The interface has never been updated, an FTP configuration is hidden behind too many click, and all the pre-made built-in code snippets, that should be useful, are just heavy libraries of legacy code confusing if you're a beginner.

    The only positive thing that this software does is the Live Preview, but also that section looks buggy.

    Overall this software is behind even compared to Adobe Brackets, the Open Source IDE from the same developers.

    Pros :

    • Integrated with the CC subscription.
    • Good live preview.
    • Good integration with Cordova/Phonegap.

    Cons :

    • Outdated interface hard to understand for a beginner.
    • Outdated snippet codes.
    • Lack of free plugins or extensions.
    • Lack of integrated tracking for updated files.
    • The upload sometimes fails to override the file.
    • Code Hint is not always accurate.
    • The software is heavy and crashes if you have too many files open.
    • The Live Preview heavily affects your source code if you accidentally change the style of an element .

    • April 26, 2016
  • User review from

    Alejandra López

    I learned the basics of coding 5 years ago and got frustrated whenever I wanted to make changes since I wasn't very good at it. So using Dreamweaver for the first time was super easy, it has made my life easier ever since, and I've learned a lot more about programming.

    It is great that Adobe has integrated Dreamweaver to other platforms such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash..

    Pros :

    • I love that there are thousands of templates you can start with as a guide point. Also being able to use the side by side coding preview option helps me learn more about coding and allows me to see when I'm doing something that doesn't work and to fix it right a way.
    • Using templates saves you a lot of time, giving you pre written code that works for some functionalities so you don't have to do your work from scratch by your own. Also, Dreamweaver provides you many ready to use tools that are like templates.
    • I also like that you van also confirm the web workability and preview the files in any web browser. Though this feature isn't always accurate.

    Cons :

    • You may have to know the basics of programing before using Dreamweaver, other way I beleive you won't know what you are doing.
    • All the tools and features can be a little overwhelming at first sight. It should be a little more user friendly for those who don't know or know very little of how to program. I recommend you to take clases on html, css, php and javascript to start using this software.
    • Dreamweaver is a large program, so it can slow down your computer performance whenever you use it, and when you launch other programs it may get stuck when loading or simply stall when it is already opened. Try using it for small web pages.

    • April 19, 2016
  • User review from

    Riccardo Iacoangeli

    The best software for everyone is the one which you are comfortable with, the one that does what you want it to do. Dreamweaver is the best not just because it can do everything, but because it works better than other software. If you need advanced web authoring tools, this is one of the better choice you can do. And when I say advanced tools I do not mean "difficult to use", it's simple and powerful. I tried a lot of HTML editors, and I think this is the easiest to use for beginners, and it is the most complete for advanced users.

    Pros :

    • I started using Dreamweaver from the MX release and being a graphic designer one of the peculiarities that give favored over other software is its integration with almost all of the Creative Suite software package, especially Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • The workflow is much more easier compared to other software and consequently much faster and more immediate.
    • The work environment is also very familiar to all those who use other Adobe software everyday.
    • One other feature that I find very useful is the ability to split the work screen in each mode (design, code, live, split), and also, the various tabs on the right allow you to always have all the tools available.

    Cons :

    • Using this software over the years, I have noticed some small flaws that could be definitely improved. One of them, which I think is very annoying and makes you lose a lot of time, is that in the "design" view many times a preview of the code is incorrect and to display it properly you have to display it in the browser.
    • Another annoying issue is the fact that many times the software adds unwanted code pieces without warning.
    • The price is not exactly for everyone for an HTML editor, there are many cheap editors out there.

    • April 13, 2016
  • User review from

    Alec Bruns

    Dreamweaver CC is one of the many programs released by Adobe to accomplish pretty much everything that can be done on a PC in terms of creation. This application varies slightly from many of the more popular Abode applications as it is for programming as opposed to video or photo editing. This advanced tool is used to help any user build a fully functional and advanced website. Dreamweaver CC is the latest incarceration of the Dreamweaver line of programs and very good step forward. It really has very little competition and truly is the next big thing in website building applications.
    andnbsp; andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • Dreamweaver CC has full HTML and CSS support for building the website of your dreams.
    • It really does not fall short at all in helping create and the best website possible.
    • All of the any features are easily accessible and makes it even easier with a beautiful and elegant GUI.
    • Through this, I found that Dreamweaver uses Adobe's new creative cloud very well to seamlessly integrate other Adobe applications into Dreamweaver as plugins to truly get the most out of this application.
    • My favorite feature as to be the support the application gives in building a website.
    • It is available for all forms of building, whether it's on desktop, tablet or phone, Dreamweaver is there to support you in creating it and making it look amazing.

    Cons :

    • Despite a very nice GUI, with so many features, it can be hard to work your way around some areas and find a feature you are searching for.
    • This can be annoying, even more so if it is a bit of a hassle to getting to a certain option or tool.
    • A problem that I have found to be the biggest problem with Dreamweaver CC is how fast it runs.
    • If building a more complex site, the program can start to slow and run sluggishly.
    • Having this problem is a deterrent for anyone that wants to get complicated with a program.

    • March 17, 2016
  • User review from

    Jeff Dunn

    I've been through several iterations of Dreamweaver, and it keeps improving. I'm currently using the 2015 version and really like a lot of the new features. It makes it fairly easy for novice designers to create web pages and edit them easily, even without much real coding experience. It allows more seasoned coders the option to work in code, as well. And the split screen views allow the newer designer to see how what they type in the WYSIWYG shows up as code, so you can learn from it as well. It's still a pretty steep learning curve, though, even if you've used a previous version before - largely because there are so many options available, and it's easy to not use it to its full potential or to find what you need. andnbsp; andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • First, there are new modules that allow you to access the tool as a Beginner, Developer, Designer, or the Default mode, which is a mix of all. It tries to make it as user-friendly as possible, no matter what level of user you are.
    • There is also a new visualization mode that allows you to see your web page in different pixel sizes to estimate how it would look on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.
    • There is a new CSS Designer panel, which is better if you have a good handle on creating and editing CSS, but it still isn't all that friendly for newer users.

    Cons :

    • There is a lot I'm not sure what to do with, even using the new "Beginner" mode. Especially when it comes to CSS-related things like formatting. That is usually where I stumble the most and could use a more intuitive GUI.
    • I still don't know what the Assets and Snippets tabs really do, and the CSS Designer still leaves something to be desired. However, any of the cons are more "extras" that I don't understand, and can still get by with the basics to create my web pages.

    • December 17, 2015
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    I have used Dreamweaver throughout the years and watched it mature across multiple versions. In the early days of Dreamweaver, the code generation was rather messy and unoptimized, however, it has truly improved in the most modern versions present nowadays. Dreamweaver is similar to Visual Studio, in the sense that it contains a set of visual editors which facilitate coding and handle auto-complete (IntelliSense), suggestions, refactoring, and syntax highlighting - all in all making a software developer's life much easier. The selling point of Dreamweaver, however, is that it focuses almost entirely on web front-end design; so mainly HTML and CSS. Nowadays, Dreamweaver CC can create fully HTML5-compliant code, abiding by these standards. This is also reflected in the auto-generated code when utilizing the built-in WYSIWYG site builder, similar to the builders present in CMS and website creator sites, such as Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress. This leads us to another benefit of Dreamweaver, that it is possible to work on a website by modifying both the visual aspect through the drag-and-drop builder, as well as the generated HTML and CSS code in real-time. This is similar to Visual Studio's split view. As mentioned above, Dreamweaver CC has a powerful code completion engine, similar to Visual Studio's IntelliSense. This words on coding constructs, syntax as well as properties and values, and is ultimately one of the most useful tools provided by IDE software such as Visual Studio and Dreamweaver CC. One of the main differences between Visual Studio, Sublime Text, and Dreamweaver CC, is that the latter two are mainly just visual code editors. Dreamweaver CC is mainly a web design code editor, however, there are also a number of features which take things a step further, such as the bundled file uploader. This is a built-in tool which allows users to upload files to a server from within Dreamweaver CC itself. While Dreamweaver CC has a number of benefits, its subscription model is definitely not cheap at all, at approximately $20 a month. Besides this, Dreamweaver's JavaScript support does not even begin to compare with Sublime Text and Visual Studio. Furthermore, Dreamweaver lags behind other design tools in terms of responsive code, such as Bootstrap, and needs to catch up and improve in that aspect.

    Pros :

    • Dreamweaver CC has a built-in file manager.
    • Ability to use a WYSIWYG tool to generate HTML and CSS code.
    • Dreamweaver has advanced in the past years and is now fully HTML5-compliant.
    • Automatic code completion / IntelliSense.

    Cons :

    • Far from cheap, as it is based on a subscription business model.
    • Poor JavaScript support.
    • Poor responsive code support.

    • November 24, 2015
  • User review from

    Eric Poulin

    I used to teach a college course before, using Dreamweaver as recently as 2014. It's great for teaching HTML and simple javascript, but definitely not for actual web dev at a professional level. After learning the basics of HTML, I usually recommend students use a regular text editor rather than Dreamweaver. As a professional web developer, I can say that I know that a great deal of the work comes *after* delivering a website - in maintaining it. With Dreamweaver, if you lose the original project files (which often happens with developer churn), then you are left with a bunch of individual HTML files that have to be manually maintained, and common elements like headers and footers are actually hard-coded on each page... So cross-cutting changes like a new menu, need to be manually edited on every single page (unless you have the original file. These days - definitely skip Dreamweaver and use a content management system (CMS) like Wordpress or Joomla.

    Pros :

    • Easy to see HTML/visual changes on the fly with a side-by-side HTML and live preview of the page.
    • Live connection to web host makes updating changes easy, once you get it configured.
    • Like I said, it's great for teaching and learning HTML, but once you understand HTML, get rid of Dreamweaver asap!

    Cons :

    • Getting started, it will take a little time to get used to the interface and how everything works.
    • Setting up the auto-FTP connection so all of your changes are automatically uploaded tot he website server takes some "fiddling" to get right. Using visual editor generates non-ideal HTML code.
    • Comes from a design background...not nearly enough emphasis on SEO and best practices for website conversion/marketing.
    • These days, design is maybe 20% of a website. Content, marketability, SEO and other such factors are much weightier matters - and basing on a Dreamweaver foundation will leave you unable to make the improvements you want in a meaningful and efficient way.

    • October 28, 2015
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