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  • Keep it simple with Concrete5

    Concrete5 Use Cases and Deployment ScopeConcrete5 is used by all departments as our primary intranet home page.  Company links, news, and on call schedules are listed on the front page and each department has their own section.  We included pages for training where Powerpoint or videos are provided.

    Pros : Easy to setup and maintain.End users can update their pages using built in forms. It's as easy as using MS Word.

    Cons : Needs a few more built in formsAllow end users to clear cache when updating pages

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    Concrete5 - a CMS with a good past, and a better future

    Concrete5 Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI discovered Concrete5 3 years ago. I was thoroughly disappointed with WordPress, and started to create my own CMS. Then an associate sent me a link to Concrete5. It was all I wanted mine to be, and then some! More recently, 5.7.came out, which has a new interface, and couldn't be easier for the end user. The intuitive interface allows easy creation and management of pages, with help for SEO, and a wealth of plugins. With different user roles, its easy to allow different departments to manage their own site areas. We are a web host, and have an easy install solution for this program, but if you don't use that, the install is remarkably easy to do, with a friendly interface. Like any online solution, it is not the best answer for every need. But it is the best answer for most needs. With an ever growing supply of themes and plugins, you should definitely look at this for your CMS solutions. Except for sites that we build needing a lot of custom coding, all of our web sites are now run on Concrete5.

    Pros : In-line ing: 7 + has in-line editing, so you see your changes appear in the place they will be on the live site, in the font they will be and the size that they will be.File Management: Excellent file manager, allowing images to be grouped, tags added, lists of what pages use that image, so you can put the images in sets for being used together (in sliders, for instance).Very Human! Every contact you make with the site, the mail that comes to you is from the owner of the group. (Yes, Concrete5

    Cons : If you upgrade from pre 5.7 to 5.7, adding pages is rather tricky. Once you are familiar with it, it makes perfect sense!If you are using an older computer, the admin pages are very slow to render.In some cases, using the column tool will stop a responsive theme from being responsive. This is not the theme's issue, as we have used it many times in the same theme. Some pages stop being responsive, others do not. ("Stop being responsive" is technically incorrect, they behave improperly as they res

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    "Concrete5 Review"

    Concrete5 Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use it as one of our go to CMS platforms for building web experiences for clients. It allows us to create versatile and yet systematic solutions for clients. Its reusable component architecture and being built on a LAMP stack makes it easy for anyone with moderate experience with web development to jump in and play around.

    Pros : Modular reusable web UI componentsMVC ApproachEasy extendability with package system

    Cons : Certain blocks could use some more expansion, I'm mainly thinking of the form block. I wish it gave choices for how to fulfill emails other than just using what seems like the regular mail methodHaving everything bound to naming makes things hard sometimes as multiple files with the same name can be open in a project and cause confusion

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  • Concrete5 is written in PHP and is often compared to Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. It is best known for its well-implemented in-context editing which makes it easy to use for non-technical web authors, and easy to sell to non-technical stakeholders. Concrete5 can therefore be considered for web projects where end user buy-in is particularly difficult.

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  • Concrete5 is a wonderful piece of software: free, open source, easy to use and extend. It has its own community and forums, and also provides hosting and enterprise solutions.

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  • I like some things about Concrete5 but there's enough there that niggles me about it too for it probably not to become my main alternative to ExpressionEngine. If anyone else has had experiences with Concrete5 they'd like to share, I'd love to hear them in the comments.

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  • :Overall, we think C5 is definitely a top contender for those looking for easy customization and a great community.

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  • Concrete5 is best for non-programmers that want a static website. It’s a flexible system that has a nice backend, yet uses edit-in-place functionality. It handles links, images, and all sorts of different “blocks” of content wonderfully.

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