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We can help you accept electronic debit and credit card payments quickly and affordably. With a network of proprietary processing platforms and systems, you can rely on us to process all types of payments for your merchant account — Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, gift card, debit and EBT transactions — quickly, reliably and securely.

Our reputation as a top payment processor is well-deserved. Our highly efficient systems ensure accurate, cost-effective and timely credit card processing. We have a fully redundant, fault-tolerant system that boasts virtually 100% uptime. We also provide full encryption of sensitive data — to protect your business and your customers' data.

Chase Paymentech understands that payment acceptance needs vary according to your business size and industry. So we offer payment processing for any type of business — restaurants, retail, internet and more. We also offer innovative products such as a proprietary gift card solution, and a suite of online reporting options that can help you manage and protect your business. Our knowledgeable experts will consult with you to identify the optimal pathway — and payment mix — that fits your requirements.

We provide credit card processing and have the capability to authorize transactions in more than 130 currencies. We are committed to making ongoing industry-wide improvements in merchant services to help ensure that our customers can realize the full value of their merchant account and improved returns for their business. We sponsor merchant-driven trade organizations that bring about industry advancements related to credit card fraud, data security and alternative payments to benefit our customers.

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  • In the big processor category, I really like Chase Paymentech. I’ve never been crazy about banking with Chase, so my sentiments don’t come from any sort of brand loyalty. I’m impressed by their standard contract terms, their services and their reputation. If I could get a bit more validation for their customer support and independent sales practices along with a bit more fee disclosure, Chase Paymentech could venture into the perfect processor category.

  • Chase Paymentech offers flexible pricing plus an account representative. Merchant account holders have access to many different types of point-of-sale terminals. You will be able to process all types of card transactions and do so safely because of the anti-fraud and security tools that are part of the service.

  • Overall, Chase Paymentech scores much better than most processors of its size. Merchants are encouraged to make sure they understand all of the terms of their merchant account contract because most of the complaints can be traced to this problem.

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    The Chase App has never failed me. I've used it (and updates) over the past five years via iPhone to pay bills, deposit checks, and look up customer service numbers in time of need. Easy to say that it has essentially completely replaced my in-person banking needs. I'm completely mobile now.

    When I have visited the branch to deposit cash, I've had never had a bad experience with Chase service. They've installed a new digital ATM that's also easy to use and makes it convenient to skip long lines. As soon as deposits are complete, easy to check my app and make sure all the funds made it into my accounts appropriately. Reliability is what I look for in a bank and an app. I can't help but compare the Chase app to other banking apps I use - including USAA and US Bank. Compared to USAA, I wish Chase had a few more features that provided summaries of spending in different categories. That's the only major difference I see between the two.

    However, compared to US Bank, the Chase app is a much better service and mobile solution. While I like US Bank's ability to scan checks automatically, US Bank requires me to write "For Deposit Only" every time I deposit a check. It also has had technical issues that cause me to delete and redownload the app. US Bank made an attempt to update the app in early 2016, and it wouldn't allow me to transfer money into my Chase Bank accounts for several weeks. I'm not sure who dropped the ball - but it created some major issues for me that has actually made me consider dropping US Bank for my business banking needs, and opening a new account with Chase.

    Overall, I think apps have a lot of influence on who I choose to bank with. I'll probably open up a new business account with Chase soon (even though it isn't free) just because their mobile app is superior. (In the future, I would love to see a "calculate your taxes" function built into a mobile app for all banks. Maybe I'm dreaming!).

    Pros :

    • Reliability of Check Deposits and Service Updates.

    Cons :

    • Non-Automatic Scan for Check Deposit.

    • June 19, 2016
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