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Catalyst is an open-source Perl MVC web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design without getting in your way by forcing rules.

We tend to keep things small and simple. This gives us robustness and scalability - your Catalyst-based app also inherits those. No complicated object hierarchies.

Why reinvent the wheel? When you write your app with Catalyst, you don't have to care much about session handling or authorization. You just use it. CPAN has a vast amount of power, which we bring to you. If you don't like something in default setup, why not replace it? There Is More Than One Way To Do It. You can choose from a wealth of available models and views, drop in a bunch of plugins and create the setup that fits you best.

Use a powerful database ORM like DBIx::Class for your model, plain old DBI or even LDAP - Catalyst supports a wide range of models.

Use whatever templating language you like best: Template::Toolkit, Mason 2, HTML::Template and many more are fully supported.

Catalyst comes with its own lightweight test server for development. It automatically restarts when your sources have changed, so you get instant results!

Catalyst 5.9 has native PSGI/Plack support which makes deployment for most webservers a no-brainer. Plus, there are loads of engines targeting specific servers/protocols like Apache/mod_perl or FastCGI.

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