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  • Ease of Use

    We have used BigCommerce for over a year and it's ease of use is wonderful. It gives you step by step in setting up items with all the info you would need, please you can add custom fields as necessary. Customer service tends to be hard to come by though. Thankfully it's not needed too often because of the simplicity and ease of the site.

    Pros : - Very easy to navigate - Simple look - Design how we want

    Cons : - Lack of Customer Service (takes many steps to get in contact) - Flexible shipping rates is unavailable which makes it difficult for accurate shipping costs

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    their design partners design skills in my opinion are mediocre

    It's just ok I have a simple store. My issue with BG is all of the "have our design partners" design your site promo. And their design partners design skills in my opinion are mediocre. I designed my site and took days to figure out their coding file systems and to decipher their %global% meanings to finally get the look I want of my site and it's a simple design but professional. You can't even ask them a question on changing a color unless some design partner comes in the thread promoting. And the reps tell you "we can't answer that" and I just had a simple color change question (wanted to change a thumbnail color of 1 item only, the way the css files are it would've changed everything)! It's easy to use in a way BUT again they have all of these %global% jargon that you have to decode. I program and design and I had another designer try to help me he gave up and he designed big time sites.

    Pros : It's cheap.

    Cons : Read the first section. You can't edit the mobile site design. You can finally edit the email templates but again it's in the %global% jargon only way to see the email look is to do a test account = time wasting.

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  • Great Shopping Cart, but is the Price Worth It?

    Bigcommerce Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWeb Help U.S. is a Bigcommerce Reseller and Developer.  We work with clients to help them setup and customize their Bigcommerce websites.  For our clients, Bigcommerce provides a full-service e-commerce website experience.

    Pros : Product Options: Bigcommerce allows users to add lots of different options for their products. Selling products isn't simply price & quantity. Bigcommerce allows for customizing your options to include size, color, options that add cost and shipping weight and more. In addition the ability to view product images magnified for those clients who sell work with fine detail.API: Bigcommerce has the ability to utilize 3rd party programs to enhance the features already built in.Tech Support &am

    Cons : I have found their integration with Google Shopping a little hard to follow, it seems there is NO room for error, but they may be a Google thing.Facebook Shop: The ability to have your shopping cart build as a tab on your Facebook page is a great idea. They've worked on getting it cross-browser compatible, which at one time it wasn't.More Power to the Rules: There are some limitation to the option rules that I'd like changed. For example the ability to show or remove options based on other sel

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    Flexible and Intuitive E-Commerce Platform for New and Growing Online Businesses

    Bigcommerce Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI use it to help small businesses start an e-commerce business. I also use it for a side business I run myself.

    Pros : intuitive control panel/back-endeasy to customize designgood technical support expertise and availability

    Cons : better communication of upgrades, what's included and how they might affect existing storesquicker fixing of bugs and needed improvements to basic featuresless focus on design and trying to be like Shopify

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    WPT2 using Bigcommerce

    Bigcommerce Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI am the owner of WePleadThe2nd.com, a Bigcommerce store.  We opened shop in March of 2013, and used Bigcommerce silver right from the beginning.  It was incredibly easy to do the minor customizations to the store, to get it how we wanted our store to look for our customers.  Right away, our customers were impressed with the store's appearance and functionality.  It made the site look extremely professional with little changes done to what Bigcommerce provided.  SEO and product descriptions are simple to add, and brought traffic to the site based on those keywords within a few weeks.  As we grew, we upgraded to the Gold membership, because we needed the extra products and were interested in the SEO advantages.  I got better at the Bigcommerce functions and was able to do more customization to the checkout, the appearance, and the product options.  We at WePleadThe2nd are extremely happy with Bigcommerce.  What I would like to see in the future is a better mobile app, integrated order messages and more order information.  Also, would love to see better mobile themes for the mobile version of our website. 

    Pros : Easy to learn Backend system. The layout and functions are all very clear.Managing orders and customer information. The organization of information is simple to learnThe details that you can put into a product are perfect for our business. We deal with custom made products, so the product options and the detailed packing slips make order fulfillment simple.

    Cons : The mobile app is a good start, but it needs more. We do a lot of business on the go. The mobile app would be a great upgrade for the future, to add more functions the admin site has like: order messages, better customer information, and mobile order terminal.The mobile version of the websites are not up to par with the amount of customization you can do the browser version of the website. Todays market demands mobile friendly sites, as over 50% of our orders come through on mobile devices.

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  • Bigcommerce is a great option for serious business people who want to leverage their products and grow their businesses. For online store owners who take a more casual approach to their business, Bigcommerce may not be the best option since its cheapest package is still somewhat pricey. For people concerned about security, Bigcommerce makes it clear on its website that their sites feature “bank vault” level security features. Overall, Bigcommerce has a strong presence in the market and is a great option for anyone trying to develop a strong online presence.

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  • BigCommerce is one of the best all-round online store builders I’ve tested. Above all else, it is incredibly easy to use – it’s probably the most user friendly store builder I’ve come across to date, with some excellent marketing functionality (not least its abandoned cart saver tool). The main down side is price: although its starter plan is very comprehensive and represents very good value for any retailers who wish to sell a large number of products, there are cheaper options available elsewhere for those who wish to sell just a few.

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  • Bigcommerce rates as a reliable e-commerce option for small and mid-size businesses. The company doesn’t quite offer the array of services boasted by its competitor Shopify, but it has a low-to-moderate complaint rate and multiple pricing tiers to allow for merchant customization. Bigcommerce can improve its overall rating in this review by preventing complaints about its customer service and strengthening the SEO offerings that it heavily advertises.

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  • Bigcommerce is a very strong and reputable online store builder. One drawback is that we hope that Bigcommerce will increase their customer services hours to provide 24/7 support which is fast becoming the norm as industry standards. At the very least, provide this level of support to subscribers of their higher plans.

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  • Bigcommerce is in a bit of a balancing act, but in my opinion, the pluses are starting to outweigh the minuses. I think that Bigcommerce is a good shopping cart…not great…but good. They’re a bit pricier than the other carts on the market, and the high number of complaints about their customer service doesn’t help my optimism. But they absolutely earn every star that we can give them. I can’t blankety give them my seal of approval, but I would recommend them wholeheartedly to some businesses, on a case by case basis.

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  • Whether you are just starting out with your first ecommerce site or have previous experience they offer something for everyone. I would recommend this company for someone who wants to create an online store but doesn’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles that other companies offer.

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  • Having a thorough business plan before opening an online business is necessary to ensure success. The eCommerce software of Bigcommerce is the perfect solution for your shopping cart needs. Having an automated and efficient payment gateway will make the shopping experience worthwhile for most customers. If you’re still looking for a shopping cart, it’s time to go for Bigcommerce eCommerce software. This is a name you can trust.

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  • I was excited to give Bigcommerce a try because it seemed to be one of the true competitors to Shopify. But after spending some time with it, I was a bit disappointed. Like Shopify, Bigcommerce is a fully-featured ecommerce website builder. But unlike Shopify, Bigcommerce has a few half-baked features and lacks overall polish.

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