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Authorize.Net enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check transactions via Web sites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) call centers and mobile devices.

Reputation You Can Trust – More merchants trust Authorize.Net than any other payment gateway to manage their payment transactions securely and reliably.

Easy to Integrate – Authorize.Net offers several methods for linking Web sites to the payment gateway. Online merchants can choose the method that best suits their business needs. Retail merchants integrate to the payment gateway via third-party POS solutions.

Free Customer Support – Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That's why we provide free customer support via toll-free telephone, e-mail and online chat. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific time (closed major holidays).

Scalability – Authorize.Net provides valuable solutions for cost-conscious merchants. If your business needs change, you can transition to the CyberSource Advanced service for enterprise-volume processing, international payments, advanced risk management services, and more.

Business Partnerships – We are dedicated to providing products and value-adding services and tools that help merchants minimize risk, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Authorize.Net services are sold through an extensive network of reseller partners including Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Merchant Service Providers (MSPs) and financial institutions that offer Authorize.Net payment services to their merchant customers.

Authorize.Net merchants encompass a wide variety of business industries: information, communication, government, sports, religion, education, gourmet foods and many others. Regardless of their business type, merchants benefit by providing their customers with convenient, secure and reliable payment options without needing to invest in the ongoing development, support and legal compliance of a sophisticated in-house payment system.

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  • Set up Authorize.net for several client E commerce sites the past 6 years to accept cc payment. Tool works ok but too many moving parts and complicated.

    Pros : Good merchant account

    Cons : Their merchant account website is outdated and not very user-friendly. It's also over complicated. Also, when processing a manual order, if you take too long entering a new order, it times out and you have to re-type all of the client info again!

  • Authorize.Net performs well. Their standard service is reliable, and their no-cost add-ons like mobile processing, virtual POS/terminal, e-check processing, fraud prevention filters and the simple checkout option are great bonuses.
    The inability to export payment data from the CIM (customer information manager) is definitely a weak point for this company. They need to figure out an effective way of making this happen in a PCI-compliant manner. Based on what other providers are doing, I have to believe this is possible.
    In the end, I think you’d be foolish to write this company off. They get a solid 4 stars for now, and I’ll be back to reconsider the rating after we have completed more gateway reviews. In the meantime, definitely check out Authorize.Net!

  • Low monthly fees, gateway features, and customer support make Authorize.Net one of the best payment gateways in 2013. Why do you think over 99% of shopping carts are compatible with Authorize.Net? The answer is simple, Authorize.Net is the most trusted credit card processor in the world. When looking for a simple way to start accepting credit cards on your website, many of us turn to Authorize.Net.

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    Nick Thorsch

    Authorize.net is one of the most used credit/debit card processors online. Even when you get a merchant account with one of a variety of companies, their backend is often authorize.net. So you don't subscribe to authorize.net directly. I don't really get it. But I've used it. Authorize.net gives you controls over what situations you want to process, based on your risk tolerance, experience with your customers, and advice from your merchant account processor, such as whether the address, zip or extended zip code needs to match or not. Honestly, I find the whole set up too complicated. I much prefer to use PayPal for its simplicity, security, customer support and chargeback process.

    Pros :

    • Popular, widely used.
    • Low cost per month.
    • Gives you some risk controls.

    Cons :

    • Who really cares about address, zip and extended zip controls? I say just match the zip out of those, since the full card number, expiration, CVV and other things can provide matches too.
    • Cancelation fees charged by merchant account companies can run well into the hundreds of dollars if you cancel before 3 years, which can apply to many businesses.
    • Paypal is much easier to use and more secure in my opinion.

    • September 25, 2015
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