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  • is the one of the best hosted shopping cart software provider for building your own customized online ecommerce store. Having a business presence as well as a close monitoring of your business growth, everything is possible in just few clicks They offer a free demo version of how it would be when you subscribe to their service. You get a full featured ecommerce store with hosted and secure shopping cart all setup in 2 minutes time.

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  • Ashop Commerce gives you a good feature set for creating a basic online store, and its bandwidth and content-development network make it particularly useful if you have a traffic-heavy store. This application guides you through the entire setup process and offers marketing, SEO and analysis tools. It lacks a few integration features, and the memory is smaller than what other companies offer, but overall, Ashop Commerce is a robust eCommerce website builder.

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  • Great for small brands to build their business

    I helped set up with an online store for baby products. We went with Ashop because their service included a lot of premium features that other platforms charged for. I found it easy to set up new pages and upload content. We had over 1000 products to include and we could get them online with ease. Orders are easy to track and the metrics are great to find out which products are selling well. The interface was a bit trickier than some of the other ones out there (eg there's no drag and drop), but once you figure it out, it's straight forwards. I would recommend Ashop to other businesses looking to build their online presence.

    Pros : - Clear set up steps. Lots of features included. - Has a marketplace like eBay to get more customers. - Metrics included to track performance week to week.

    Cons : - You need to get a developer if you're going to do customized designs and templates. There are however LOTS of templates included in the gallery.

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    Very happy

    Myself and my husband run a pet products business called Jimbella Pets. 6 years ago we set up our website through Ashop and overall we've been happy with them ever since. We went through some issues when version 4 was released last August just like MrD said in his review. At the time, we had a look around at other options, but they either were too expensive, didn't have enough features or charged a transaction fee on our sales. So we decided to stick with Ashop and a couple of months later they had fixed up most of the problems with version 4. They apologised and even gave us some free design work. I don't know what happened with version 4, but since about October 2013 everything has been running really smoothly for us. There are a couple of new features we love such as conditional emails for getting customers to come back after they abandon the basket. This has helped our sales.

    Pros : Phone & chat support is very good and any issues get fixed quickly. Admin interface is much easier to use than Bigcommerce. Good value (the $25 plan does everything we need)

    Cons : Designing the store was a bit tricky. I've learned it's just easier to pay someone to do the design work rather than try and do it myself. Ashop provides design services too, and I've been pretty happy with the results.

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    Really good for wholesalers

    I run a mens fashion brand. We sell both wholesale and retail and finding a store builder that works for both is pretty difficult. I switched my store from bigcommerce to ashop last year and so far i'm pretty happy with the decision.

    Pros : Really, really good B2B module. It's like having a separate website for wholesale clients where i can display different products and set up different discounts. For example, I only offer quantity discounts to wholesale clients.

    Cons : The support is 24-hours Mon-Fri only, not weekends. This isn't a big deal for us as we're closed on weekends, but this might be an issue if you have a day job and your running an online store on weekends.

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  • Ashop is an intuitive, inclusive cart with a ton of features and enough customization to appease most users. It’s a real BigCommerce contender that I would be happy using and recommending to a friend.

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  • Ashop Commerce is one of the easiest and simplest eCommerce applications.With heavy feature set, website-design capabilities and easy-to-use interface the Ashop Commerce become an exceptional option for an eCommerce solution.

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  • Ultimately, Ashop is as full-featured and nearly as versatile as any other hosted E-commerce service available today. For 95% of users, it should provide everything they need to customize and configure a web store that will perfectly suit their needs. If you’re the type of person who likes to do everything themselves, it may not be your cup of tea. But if you need a reliable E-commerce solution that won’t gouge you on fees and provides superb technical assistance and support, Ashop Commerce is the way to go.

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  • Ashop has a lot of features for product display, marketing and shop design, and overall is a good option for most stores. If however your store is very large or very small, you may find the package inadequate.

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  • If you are looking for the best shopping cart software solutions available, we urge you to check out Ashop Commerce today. Based on the research we did for this Ashop Commerce Review, we feel confident in recommending the Ashop shopping cart services to you for your online business.

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  • Regardless of the shopping cart you go with, building your online store can be hard for some. Ashop Commerce is an amazing eCommerce cart for beginners and experts in the whole online business gig.

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  • Ashop solid choice for anyone looking for an eCommerce Solution but doesn’t need a cart that can handle large quantities of products. Though they are expanding into global markets, the majority of Ashop customers are located in the Australia and the UK so the application seems to be especially suited for stores in those areas. They offer a great selection of payment gateways, especially in areas outside of the US.

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