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  • What do you like best?

    I like that 1ShoppingCart is simple to use and mostly user friendly. I like that I can embed videos into emails. I like that 1ShoppingCart is more affordable compared to Infusionsoft. I like the recommended products feature in the store.

    What do you dislike?

    I wish the affiliate center was user friendly and easier to use. You cannot integrate your lists with social media. I also hate I have to put in my tax rate for each country, I wish the system had a way of being able to use multiple countries at once and charging tax in accordance/appropriately. I also wish chat support was available during the hours they state. I wish there was more customization features for templates and the store. I also wish there was an easy way to nurture prospects that abandon their cart. I wish there was a way to limit the number of times a coupon code can be used per person.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    I think 1ShoppingCart is a great application especially for the beginner in business. 1ShoppingCart is continuously releasing new updates and features for the better so it will eventually get to awesome status.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    With one 1shoppingCart the business owners have somewhat of a one stop shop. You can use 1ShoppingCart to process your orders, automate your marketing, and manage your affiliates program.

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  • A solid, trusted CRM

    1ShoppingCart Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use this product for clients who are list building. We help small companies with web development and set up of CRM systems. 1ShoppingCart was the first CRMs that we set up for clients. We still have a couple of clients utilizing it and we support them on a weekly basis.

    Pros : Email broadcasts are super easy with 1ShoppingCartAffiliate set up and management is easy

    Cons : The UI needs improvement. There are other systems out there that are more intuitive.Customizing/branding a shopping cart page can be a little tricky - when it should be very simple.

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    1ShoppingCart Best Choice for Entrepreneurs

    1ShoppingCart Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI recommend 1ShoppingCart to clients for ecommerce and email marketing needs. These are primarily entrepreneurs in the coaching niche. It is used for shopping cart services, email marketing and affiliate management.  It is a reliable program and user friendly for a solopreneur while still including many features they need as they grow their business.

    Pros : Email Marketing - Easy to use templates but you can also use your custom html template.Managing your list - It is easy to set up separate lists and create opt in forms for each one. It allows multiple opt in forms with customized messages for all steps of the opt in process.Ecommerce - Setup of your product or service is easy. You can use buy now type buttons on the 1ShoppingCart store. Integration with your merchant account or Paypal is offered.Includes an affiliate management option. This mo

    Cons : Customer Service - You have to pay in order to speak to a live customer service rep.

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    "1ShoppingCart Review from Virtual Team Member's Point of View"

    1ShoppingCart Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI've used 1ShoppingCart as a VA for a few different online companies. I've used it to support with customer service questions, adding and updating different products, managing newsletters lists, sending broadcasts for newsletters, creating coupon codes and updating customer profiles. It helps us to manage our contacts, access customer information to reach out to them through customer service inquiries and manage and track products and programs to see which are doing the best and which are less popular with our customers.

    Pros : Access to contact information and creating customer profiles - good for reaching out through customer service, accessing email address, address and detailed information on the client helpful for responding quickly and easilyAble to add products and programs through auto responders - able to help share information with different groups of people easily and based on specific options within 1ShoppingCartEasy to create coupon codes and pass to customers or add to website or newsletter for specific t

    Cons : I found their customer service team to be confusing with their responses and not as helpful as other products customer service teams. It can be frustrating to try to decipher their responses to more complicated questions and often felt a little 'annoying' whenever I needed to reach out.When creating newsletters, I found the WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) version of creating newsletters the formatting was almost always off which always resulted in needing to send tests to myself to fix th

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  • 1ShoppingCart is a company which has been around a very long time and definitely has the expertise to provide a great product. They are well known for having top-notch security for the websites they manage. The pricing tiers are affordable, but there are fewer marketing features than we’d like to see, and many comparably priced shopping cart platforms offer more in this regard. Customer support is highly dependent on which package you purchase, and many great features don’t come into play unless you purchase either the Premium or Ultimate package.

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  • Overall, 1ShoppingCart is a very good ecommerce shopping cart software, and is the only one on the market that offers such a complete package considering its price and options. Regardless of your business size, there will be a right package for you. With a little time, dedication, and effort, you can make 1ShoppingCart the right shopping cart for your business. I personally guarantee you will save countless amount of time in managing and marketing of your online business.

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  • 1Shoppingcart, flexible and high-end ecommerce platform with fundamental functions and customizable site creation, is deserving a lot trust and worthwhile for trying. However, as 1Shoppingcart is a hosted platform, it comes with some common issues like the lack of control and customizability.

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  • 1ShoppingCart is a capable ecommerce software with strong affiliate resources and comprehensive video tutorials. Monthly prices and transaction fees are a bit high, but you can make up for those costs with strong upsell tools.

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  • 1ShoppingCart has all the basics, but lacks many of the extra features of other eCommerce software. However, it's a good option if you want a simple solution for an online business.

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  • 1ShoppingCart is packed with basic features and tools store owners need to keep a store running, efficiently and successfully. Although, their plans might be priced a bit higher than they should be, I feel that 1ShoppingCart is a great alternative to some of the bigger and more successful ecommerce solutions.

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  • 1ShoppingCart is basically an E-Commerce solution and many people like that part of it, however when it comes to email marketing, you may consider using another application for email marketing, like Aweber, GetResponse etc. The problem of using a second system is that you may need to share the customer’s data with both the systems and transfer your customer’s data back and forth, which can be a pain.

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  • 1ShoppingCart Professional version is an extremely flexible package that includes nearly all the sales tools a merchant needs to succeed online. It is particularly designed for selling a few products from one or a variety of websites using a single order system. It tightly integrates an autoresponder as a vital sales tool, and includes coupons, ad tracking, and several advanced features. The lack of order tracking and an easy way to pipe data into an accounting system make this system more difficult for merchants selling tangible products.

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