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Website Performance

Every company these days needs a website. Without a web presence, you’re greatly limiting the exposure you’ll receive from the public. Even if you don’t plan on selling products online, a website is necessary for drawing attention to your company. People in your area may be looking for, say, a restaurant just like yours, but won’t hear about yours because Google has limited references. That being said, even if you do have a website, without the right software, it’s probably underperforming.

What Is Website Performance Software?

Website performance software is designed to do exactly what it sounds like. This software helps your website perform better. Just like a car, your website can suffer from all sorts of shortcomings. Too often, though, it may look as though it’s working just fine. It’s only after a long enough period of time that it breaks down or something goes seriously wrong that you realize a major problem was affecting it.

This is where website performance software comes in handy. Not only does it know how to locate what is affecting your website, it can often get to work on solving the problem. Even in situations where it can’t, just knowing these problems exist is half the battle and will save you plenty of headaches.

Does Your Company Need Website Performance Software?

It would definitely be in your company’s best interest to invest in this type of software. Just like every company needs a website, every company needs one that is running well. Let’s take a look at just a few of the areas this type of software can cover for a better demonstration.

There are a number of things this type of software will look at regarding your website. One of them is uptime. This basically refers to how long a webpage is up for. There could be a number of reasons one would go down (server issues, for example), so you want software that will run diagnostics on your main pages from different locations to ensure that your market isn’t entering a web address and getting an error message in return.

Page speed refers to how fast your webpages load. This is something else you want website performance software for. Your uptime may be ideal, but if visitors are finding that your pages are taking more than five seconds to load, you probably won’t be seeing them again anytime soon.

Speaking of errors, they can be caused for all kinds of reasons. Website performance software will continuously check for these issues so if something like the common “404 Error” shows up in your site’s source code, you’ll know about it before your customers do. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than with your ecommerce shopping cart. The entire shopping experience your customer had may have been perfect, but if the cart isn’t working properly, you’ll be out a sale.

These are just a handful of the things website performance software can do. We didn’t even touch on the ways these tools can help you keep an eye on your web traffic, to both anticipate loads and get a better feel for your market.

What to Look for in Website Performance Software

There are a number of titles available to you for website performance software. However, just like you wouldn’t trust your car to just any mechanic, you don’t want to risk your website with software that can’t do the following.


You don’t want to have to remember to run a diagnostic every couple of days to ensure your website is running optimally. Should you happen to forget, your software won’t save you from all the things that could go wrong. Pick a title that will run automatically based on a schedule, so you can always rest assured your website is performing as you’d like.

Server Performance

This doesn’t apply to most users, but if your company has its own servers onsite, you want a website performance platform that will keep an eye on them as well. Otherwise, your website may have nothing wrong with it, but it’s down because so are your servers. For those using a web hosting company, they should be concerned enough about their servers for the both of you. Nonetheless, you still want software that will alert you if something with the server has put your site offline or otherwise affected it.

Various Testing Options

Every website performance software title should offer load testing, which is just a way of seeing how a system will perform under a specific and predictable load. Stress testing pushes the envelope to see what the upper limit is that the system can support. Soak testing is done to see if the system can hold up under prolonged expected loads. These are all important kinds your software should be able to carry out.

Your website may look great, but if it’s not working properly, no one’s going to know about it. Use quality website performance software to ensure it’s always at 100%.


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