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  • stay connected with team viewer

    team viewer helped me stay connected with my children I can spy on to them too, by getting into their computers. I can join them watching movies even from miles away. I can also fix threats and they can join my computer too. I can share files, drag and drop interface made it quicker. we can talk through audio. this is one of the most communication recommended the app. its very good to use.

    Pros : share files. audio talks. user friendly.

    Cons : none as far as i know

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    Top tool for Remote Sessions

    We use TeamViewer pretty much every day when needed to connect with client's PCs - works on both Mac and PC, easy to download and install, manage a list of connections making it faster to connect if previously linked to a PC. TeamViewer is also incorporated in other computer management systems that we use, giving us easy access to client's computers from a dashboard. Great tool, easy to manage, cool design and more than anything else - it works smoothly.

    Pros : The Management Console is a great option where you can manage computers and connections. You can use either the web interface or the application, both working well.

    Cons : People sometime get confused with the "Remote Control | Meeting" options. I believe that's pretty straightforward but obviously it's worth mentioning here as clients kept having trouble with this, choosing the wrong tab. Maybe TeamViewer could help make this easier ?!?

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    Great Remote Software

    I was first introduced to Teamviewer through one of our retail software partners while installing new framework for integrating our website. It is a very easy to use program with a ton of great features. Logging into a computer remotely is easy, whether you are allowing someone onto your system or logging into one of your own computers. The ability to create a password for your own use (after signing up for a free account) is great for logging into work from home, while still being able to keep your system secure by giving tech support or other users a randomly generated password that resets every time the app is opened. The mobile app is nice, and the whole thing works flawlessly. Without the need for entering IP addresses and port forwarding, Teamviewer is a simple program that anyone can use.

    Pros : Ability to add and save your own password for quickly logging in, random passwords for "strangers" to use, can easily save information for frequently accessed computers. No need to save IP addresses or use port forwarding on any systems. Teamviewer uses a simple unique ID and pasword system for each computer. Can also easily print remotely, add additional users to a session, and transfer files between computers... all for FREE!

    Cons : None that I have found yet. It is super easy to use and has all the features I need.

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  • TeamViewer - The Savior of IT support

    TeamViewer Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI used TeamViewer in a Mac environment to help with the remote support and administration of systems locally at the office and remotely across the world. Because I was the only IT support personnel I was the sole individual to leverage the program's full capabilities of remote access, file transfer and unattended access. These features greatly helped me to easily and reliably troubleshoot end user workstations with very little administrative effort. 

    Pros : Setting up remote unattended access for future use is a huge help as it allows users to leave their computers on after they are done working so I can remote in without requiring the user to approve the connection. This allows the user to go on about their lives without needing to be tied to their desk waiting for assistance.The window scaling is done very elegantly and works very well when connecting to computers with varying display resolutions.The mobile experience is also done very well where

    Cons : A disadvantage I would say has to be the cost. TeamViewer is not cheap and deciding which tier should be purchased sometimes comes back to haunt you. When purchasing it becomes one of those "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it" situations.Often times if you leave a remote support connection active for too long it will automatically close the connection since TeamViewer thinks the session went dormant. This is good as it saved unnecessarily used bandwidth but annoying i

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    Great Remote Troubleshooting tool---TeamViewer

    TeamViewer Use Cases and Deployment ScopeTeamViewer is primarily used by our infrastructure team to assist resources or consultants who are working remotely. Well, we can log in and access the user's computer remotely and resolve any kind of computer issue they may be having. We do have a cloud based email service and sometimes users run into issues accessing the web-mail. Also, if users have any issues related to VPN connection or any other network connectivity issue, we can resolve it using TeamView, hence troubleshooting the user's issue helps us to boost our business and it helps our resources to focus better.

    Pros : You can instantly connect to a user's computer and take full control.You can also transfer data (such as Windows files etc.) using this application.It gives the option to do video and audio conference and chatting.You can schedule and hold meetings as well.

    Cons : Connection timed out issue: Though the connection to the remote computer is instant but the connection sometimes doesn't last for long despite good internet connectivity at both ends. I am not sure if the application in itself has a loophole which perhaps the developers would like to address.Sometimes the mouse pointer freezes when you are already working on the remote machine.

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    Kuhltech Computers Loves TeamViewer

    TeamViewer Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIn my company I support Users in a range of environments from residential to industrial and every where in between. TeamViewer has given me the flexibility to be in multiple places at once and provide top notch remote support and monitoring for my clients. Without its robust options, I wouldn't be able to accomplish half of what I do in one day. There are a lot of programs out there that provide a method to remotely access a computer, but none that I have found that work so fast and seamlessly with the ability to transfer files quickly and securely. And with the IT Brain module I can be proactive in knowing what patches or updates I need to make for clients, which is a great way to drum up more work when things are slow and give the client a feeling that you are always looking out for them. 

    Pros : The first time I used TeamViewer, the biggest thing that blew me away was the speed! Going from Windows Remote Desktop and WINVNC, TeamViewer was so much faster and had so many more options.The Ability to remotely reboot a computer into safe-mode! I have used this function so many times for remotely removing viruses for clients.The ability to adjust your experience settings based on what your connection speed is. I work on systems where the internet connection leaves a lot to be desired, and thi

    Cons : Not really sure there are any if there are I haven't thought of them yet. Maybe the price its a little on the expensive side, but after using it for a while on the free trial I just had to buy it. I couldn't live without it.

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  • TeamViewer is by far my favorite remote desktop software. The QuickSupport version is so simple and easy to use, it's always my first suggestion when providing remote support to anyone. One thing I don't like all that much about TeamViewer is that the browser version is difficult to use.

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    TeamViewer is my favorite free remote access program. It's filled with features you don't normally find in similar products, is very easy to use, and works on pretty much any device.

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  • TeamViewer has always been an easy way to remotely access and control other systems, and this new release adds some very welcome improvements - especially the cloud storage integration. Recommended.

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  • TeamViewer 9 is powerful and flexible enough to remain useful well into the future. TeamViewer 9 is a practical and elegant tool to help make the most of remote workers’ and clients’ time and resources, despite its relatively high cost.

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  • If your business depends on a number of remote workers, TeamViewer 9 is a practical and elegant tool to help remotely manage PCs and facilitate meetings, despite its high cost.

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  • Still, despite these downsides, they tend to pose only minor inconveniences. The touch interface is simple, stays mostly out of the way while you work remotely and allows for easy navigation without the need for a physical keyboard and mouse. If you find yourself using a tablet often and like to administrate systems remotely, then TeamViewer Touch is definitely worth checking out, especially since it's free to use.

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  • What do you like best?

    Simple and effective remote system viewer.

    What do you dislike?

    I can't think of anything that I dislike.

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    What do you like best?

    I love the face that I can take control of others pc and stop them from working while I am working. I also like that I can record the sessions just incase I miss something.

    What do you dislike?

    I don't like the fact that I had a hard time using it as a meeting for more than 7 person online.

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  • As a free solution, TeamViewer has a lot of capabilities that can help the personal experience and/or troubleshooting the computer needs of others. The mobile aspect of connecting to a computer device makes this app a good choice for your remote desktop needs. As other versions are able to be installed on servers, this tool can be quite beneficiary in order to reduce the steps needed to connect to a network in order to monitor activity.

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  • In conclusion, TeamViewer is a must-have software application for anyone who wants to remotely access a computer. It is filled with handy features that you never knew you needed.

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    TeamViewer is an amazing application if you need to communicate with your team, offer assistance remotely, transfer files between computers in no time and much more. Straightforward and uncomplicated on the surface, TeamViewer has the depth to become an indispensable tool in your day-to-day activity.

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