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  • Small Educational Institution's Overall View on SysAid

    SysAid Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI used SysAid at a previous company for help desk ticketing and remote assistance support.  It was used by our central IT department that supports the entire school.  It addressed problems that didn't allow customers to submit help desk tickets for documentation purposes.  Within the ticketing process, users had the option of submitting screenshots showing their issue(s).  It also allowed the IT department to remote into customer's workstations to resolve issues remotely.  

    Pros : SysAid provides an easy to use interface that allows customers to easily understand how to submit help desk tickets.SysAid allows the user to insert screenshots directly into the tickets. This allows users to quickly display a particular issue to their IT staff for researching purposes and also allows the user to paint the picture they are trying to get across to ITSysAid also allows you to remotely assist users that have the SysAid client installed on their PCs. This allows IT to save time an

    Cons : The version of SysAid we used was the free version so it had limitations on the amount of users we could have using the product. I'm sure there were other features that we didn't have, but it worked for what we needed it for.You have to install the client on each machine that you want to remote into. This was the requirement when I used the product, but that could have since been changed or there may be a better solution with the premium versions.

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    Sysaid Provides an Effective Customer Services Tool

    SysAid Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSysAid was being used in the following manner at my organization: It was an incident management software that helped staff communicate through the logging, processing, managing and reporting of IT issues that impacted customers. Also, it helped the help desk staff, as well as other IT staff to meet ITIL standardized methods such as effectively meeting response times, analyzing issues and documenting solutions and issues as they fit into the company's environment. The software made communication of issues and solutions to the end user and business staff efficient. It was being used throughout the whole organization. It addressed all businesses that integrated technology in it.

    Pros : It effectively made it possible for our help desk staff to professionally communicate technological issues, needs and solutions to the business staff and end users.The SysAid incident management software made it possible to tailor the software to our company's needs and operational processes.It also made it very efficient for staff to find trending issues and develop plans to address them.

    Cons : One of the areas that can be improved is the Knowledge Management module, as far as making it more efficient to locate and search the knowledge base.

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    Sysaid, A Healthier, Stress Free Way to manage tickets

    SysAid Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI used SysAid as a service desk analyst. The SysAid ticketing system was used by all departments to manage IT requests for the whole organization.

    Pros : As analyst were able to mitigate what IT departments handled certain requests, once these requests were assigned, SysAid was able to update progress as details were added. Emails were sent automatically to the requester who needed support. This left a good impression as it allowed the IT department to show end users how requests were being solved.The installation of SysAid on company laptops that allowed end users to submit request is very straight forward and the ease of access is perfect.Orga

    Cons : I don't see much in the area of improvement as the product is one of the best I've used. The user interface is simple and straight forward.

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  • SysAid is a one of the best help desk software that will definitely help your business grow. SysAid is a help desk software which will help the end user and the IT administrator connect to each other to help resolve issues.

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  • Wasn't impressed from our Free Trial

    SysAid has some good features, but I did not like the User Interface at all. It seemed slow compared to others we demo'd. Also, the Customer Service is located in the middle east, which was a big drawback for us. It was difficult to get in touch.

    Pros : -Good Features -Cheap -Been around for a while

    Cons : -Ugly -Customer Service located in the middle east -Slow

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    One Service Desk to Rule Them All

    First off let me start off with saying that we've have had our issues with SysAid over the years but SysAid has improved leaps and bounds since we decided to go with them and I'm glad we stuck with them despite the issues. We first rolled SysAid out locally and have since migrated to their cloud edition. We utilize almost all of the features offered by SysAid.

    Pros : -Features: Incredibly powerful and feature rich service desk. If locally hosted you can control virtually every aspect of the service desk and customize it to your liking. -Customer Support: Amazing customer support and online community. You can tell the team behind SysAid is passionate about their product. -Price: Comparatively speaking SysAid is equal or lower in annual cost to operate (we use the Cloud edition). -Reporting: MUCH improved reporting. -Asset Management: Possibly my favorite fea

    Cons : - Lack of integration with third party applications however SysAid is currently working on this. - Ease of use: SysAid is packed full of functionality and it can be a little intimidating or difficult to get setup however the online help and online community make things a much easier. - Lack of high-level, customizable dashboards which are common with other service desks. - Lack of email response integration which is common with other service desks. SysAid does integrate with email servers ho

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    A great servicedesk product

    An easy to use servicedesk. We had it up and running in short time without external help. Our users are very happy with the ticketing system. A smal agent installed allows us to keep track of our assets, including installed software and hardware.

    Pros : Easy to use.

    Cons : It shouls be easier to customize forms.

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  • All things considered, SysAid Help Desk is a powerful office assistant that can make management an easier task and greatly enhance the overall performance of your team. Customization gives you the possibility to make databases blend in with your field of activity, and as complex as it may seem, it's not that difficult to use.

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  • SysAid’s all-in-one solution will help IT professionals manage their help desks in an easier and more efficient manner. IT administrators will see a faster response time, increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity and tighter asset control. SysAid’s solution is easy and affordable.

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