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  • SnapEngage helped us better understand our customer.

    SnapEngage Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSnapEngage has been utilized as a tool to better capture traffic on our website. An unanticipated benefit of the chat messages has been our ability to visually see both our side and the customer side of the conversation. This has allowed us to gain a better understanding of both what is being asked and how we are actually answering all questions. Our customer care team was able to adopt the solution within a few days and has been able to reduce inbound calls through this tool. Customers have been extremely happy with how much more personal of an experience it is when they go to our website.

    Pros : The product is quick to deploy and provides benefits right out the gateThe reporting inside of the system on what is happening contains all details required by our customer care managerTheir customer care/support staff is extremely helpful and easy to reach.The price point is solid, and the product gives you everything that you would expectThe integration's between Salesforce and email have been great.

    Cons : I am not sure if it is our users, or the system, but I would like to have the manager notified if the day had less users logged in than a typical day.Slightly better notification to the user of when they are logged in/out. Sometimes people step away and forget to log out. Maybe some improvements in this area would be helpful.Overall I am very satisfied.

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    SnapEngage all the way!

    SnapEngage Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe currently use SnapEngage as our chat widget that pops up for both our sales and customer support team members. It is not used throughout the whole organization, but rather for the two biggest departments: Sales and Customer Support. Our sales widget pops up to anyone who visits our main site, and the sales widget is used when a current user clicks on our "chat" button on our support page and continues to use it as they receive support from our team.

    Pros : SnapEngage has a very easy and simple UI that is usable across all demographics. In addition to being easy and user friendly, the options given for design and layout are great and simple to implement.SnapEngage has a great support team that is there when you need them. On occasion we have issues that arise, such as code not matching up or chats not being received/missed. I have personally dealt with their support team and they are fast, friendly and professional. They do what needs to be done to

    Cons : The only con that comes to mind is not being able to set up the chat widget to show that the agent is typing when integrated with another product. The agent must be logged into the native SnapEngage app for it to show. Not a huge deal though!

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    Give em the pickle through Snap Engage!

    SnapEngage Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSnapEngage is primarily used by our customer service team to provide chat support to our customers and panel of internal testers. It is our way of providing world class support in real-time, if an issue is pressing or frustrating enough that a client does not want to wait for an email reply.

    Pros : It is relatively easy to set up and implement within a department.Snap Engage's own chat support is easy to access, and their support team is always quick to address any issues we may have with our business account.Relatively easy to add to your site's code so you can be up and running and serving your customers quickly.

    Cons : Snap Engage's reporting capability is lacking in a number of areas. For example, you can't view the total number of chats received across all widgets you have set up. You can only view data per individual widget. This makes calculating team metrics very time consuming. They are aware this is a shortcoming, but not sure when they plan on improving that.They could do more to warn customers when there is a problem with their service or back-end admin tools. I've come across widget metrics not displ

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  • SnapEngage is definitely an interesting option. Compared to some other tools, we are missing an analytics function combined with a possibility to manually start a chat. However, many of you probably won't even miss this option.
    Its strengths are definitely ease of use and their very efficient web client that gives easy access to all the important functionalities. Visitors can even request a phone call that will then be routed through SnapEngage's infrastructure (USA and Canada only). If all that sounds good to you, simply give it a go!

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  • All Snap Engage plans are available with a 15-day free trial so you can fully test out the service. But as you can probably anticipate, it won’t take a large improvement in conversion rate to generate a positive ROI on your live chat investment.

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  • I’ve seen a big difference in sales because of Snapengage. Customers come to my site and are able to have a conversation with me before abandoning my site. Visitors are far more likely to book an appointment because they were given the chance to speak to a real person! With a free trial for 2 weeks, it’s worth trying out.

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  • If you and your business are open, authentic, curious and creative, then live chat tools like SnapEngage will help you connect with users and create a better user experience.

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  • Online chat support is great for your business. We have started with SnapEngage. Honestly it is one of the best things we could have done to start engaging with our potential clients.If you know you have a stellar business/product and want to give your users the opportunity to converse with you to show your true professionalism then SnapEngage is the way to go.

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  • In my opinion Snape Engage is a great Live Support software and I’ll actually continue using it for my info product websites and blogs. Only problem I see is the lack of downloadable software to manage chats (which on the other hand is a bonus). So I guess for some people it will be a plus, for some – minus. Snap Engage is definitely perfect for non-techie people as installation and set-up process was a breeze.

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  • I can see Snap Engage useful for the HR, recruiting, and talent management industries whether you are a HR service provider or vendor, an internal HR services center for employees, or a recruiter fielding candidate questionw on the company career site. These relationships, conversations, and engagements add value providing service they can likely receive no where else.

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  • SnapEngage is full featured, or even over featured if there’s such a thing. We appreciate its capabilities which make it one of the top ten best live chat tools in this review. However, minor lapses that we’ve taken into account together place SnapEngage in this rank. But in general, SnapEngage is amazing!

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  • SnapEngage has a different approach from the other enterprise chat software in our review. It depends heavily on integrating to the expert applications you’re probably already using. Research and development is focused on improving the basic application, ensuring secure processes and supporting customers. If your organization is already using the easily integrated applications that SnapEngage focuses on, you may find this chat application to be a robust and affordable service.

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