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Remote Support Software Alternatives for Laplink Gold


51 Expert reviews

TeamViewer provides remote control and online meeting software that is used by billion devices all around the world. Either managing ...
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24 Expert reviews

Join.me consolidates instant screen sharing and powerful meeting tools in an application that anybody can use to present, demo, train o...
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10 Expert reviews

Citrix GoToAssist, the business sector pioneer in remote support for the past five years, is a coordinated suite of bolster instruments...
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LogMeIn Rescue

13 Expert reviews

LOgMeIn Rescue integrates remote control, chat, and collaboration to provide a single solution for secure remote support of Macs, PCs a...
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9 Expert reviews

ShowMyPC is a Community for Online Collaboration. Providing tools for Instant Collaboration to Service Providers and Users. Remote Supp...
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9 Expert reviews

Mikogo offers a cross-platform desktop sharing cloud service for both business and personal use. Mikogo is used for online meetings, re...
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Laplink Everywhere

6 Expert reviews

Laplink Everywhere give you a complete freedom from your office or home PCs while staying connected, anytime and anywhere. Enjoy...
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Zoho Meeting

6 Expert reviews

Zoho Meeting assists you to organize conferences with satisfaction. Communicate with your clients, customers and partners in real time....
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9 Expert reviews

Techinline Remote Desktop is a browser-based remote access solution which can be used to connect to another computer located at any poi...
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Zoho Assist

6 Expert reviews

Zoho Assist affords an easy and direct user interface to join remote computers wherever on the universe, as long as they are hooked to ...
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19 Expert reviews

GoToMyPC enables fast, easy and secure remote access to a Mac or PC from any web browser. You can work on your office computer fro...
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Banckle Meeting

4 Expert reviews

Banckle Meeting is all about having a rich web conferencing experience. It is a light weight, platform independent and modern real-time...
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7 Expert reviews

Yuuguu is a new real-time collaborative technology that enables secure screen sharing, instant messaging and the ability to work on the...
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6 Expert reviews

Access Remote PC is fast, compact software for accessing and controlling any computer from any computer on the Internet or on local are...
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2 Expert reviews

Multiplicity is a novel application which allows you to control several different PCs from one keyboard and mouse. It isn't quite a rem...
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0 Expert reviews

ITZooka is better, faster and cheaper than local computer repair shops. it solves your problems where you are with: no hidden costs, fl...
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Alternatives to Laplink Gold

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