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  • GoToMyPC, best remote tech support and training alternative

    GoToMyPC Use Cases and Deployment ScopeGoToMyPC is used to support users of a student records management database; for people involved in the registration and PEIMS reporting process, across all charter school districts under the Student Alternatives Program Inc., umbrella. It basically gives me the power to manage the database on each of the 8 campuses located as far as Lubbock, El Paso, McAllen and Laredo. It helps with eliminating frequent traveling and allowing me to remotely program training sessions too.

    Pros : Works seamlessly in different networks regardless of the network security and normal protection software used in the education field, as content filters and Firewalls.The ability of transferring files between computer and having full control of the resources at the host receiving side is a great plus.The ease of installation and activation is one of the more appreciated features, mainly because does not require a high level of expertise, pretty straightforward.The platform is really secure and

    Cons : Running some applications using mobile devices is a challenge, not really a software problem, but being able to preprogram some commonly used functions or other command that require long entries would be very useful.A more clean un-installation would help too, some times when remotely accessed computers change very often, it is easy to do a new install but the old installation keeps popping up requesting to finish installation, is not a common problem but there are computers in labs that are rot

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    "GoToMyPC review"

    GoToMyPC Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe currently use GoToMyPC for supervisors and assigned admin staff to have access to their work computer remotely from home. This affords them the opportunity to work remotely as if they were in the office.

    Pros : GoToMyPC allows users to access work computer remotely and securely.GoToMyPC allows a user to see if another user is logged into a session.GoToMyPC provided great options with adjusting settings to fit the user's needs.

    Cons : The ability to make a full screen on the remote computer. If this feature is enabled I think it will be a great asset.

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  • GoToMyPC is probably the best known package of its type, and it works just as well as it always has, but it does suffer from usability issues such as defaulting to the “Downloads” folder and just not feeling as intuitive as some of Citrix's other products.

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  • GoToMyPC is an easy to use remote access application that can help you keep connected to the documents and files on your computer while you're away. The application can also work great as a troubleshooting tool for the IT department further increasing the efficiency of your staff. Although there is no truly free version of the application, the price is comparable to other options that are available. However, this may not be an ideal solution for small organizations that may not need all of the bells-and-whistles this program has.

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  • GotomyPC - One of my most used pieces of SaaS

    What do you like best?

    I can access the software from any personal computer while on the road or from my laptop, tablet or phone. I use GotoMyPC almost every day to access my office computer from home, or from down the hall or while traveling. They've made the software relatively user friendly and have made advances over the years.

    What do you dislike?

    I guess the fact that it logs me out for inactivity after 15 minutes is a pain in the neck, but I totally understand that doing that is a best practice for security reasons. I still can't really (it doesn't work well) play sounds on my host PC and hear them on my local (the one I'm using to access my work computer) PC.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    If you're thinking about using another remote desktop software application definitely give gotoMyPC a free trial run. We've used other Free alternatives and they didn't have the same ease of use and feature set (Remote and Local printing is huge) that this software has. Citrix (the company the develops GotoMyPC) has been around for a long time and they specialize in remote desktop and remote communications platforms for Enterprise level firms. In fact my wife's hospital uses Citrix software to securely allow doctors and nurses to access patient data from afar if needed. Very secure is the biggest selling point. You won't see the security in your day to day use but it's there and in today's world of hackers and data breaches you really can't afford to have someone else logging into your machine.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    It allows me to access my computer from home so I'm not stuck at the office and I don't have to copy all my files and work each day to my laptop. I can go home for lunch and then log into the office and pickup where I left off before lunch. This sort of technology allows you to virtually be two places at once. That's the big value to me.

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    Easy to use, but understandably slower

    What do you like best?

    Seems to be one of the better remote access tools on the market. It's easy to log into my work computer when I'm on the road, with only access to a computer, say, in a hotel business center.

    What do you dislike?

    It's understandably slower than if you were running your own computer.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Security, security, security. When you need to access sensitive documents, but on a secure network and computer, it's the way to go. (Not every company allows you to access sensitive files on a shared drive from Starbucks.)

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    Effective remote desktop software

    What do you like best?

    I'm speaking as an end user to logs onto GoToMyPC for work. It is very easy to use, just log onto their website, run the Java app, and you have access to your desktop PC at the office.

    What do you dislike?

    You can't take screen captures and can only view one screen at a time. If you have a multi-monitor setup you can't make full use of it. Also, it needs Java to run through a web browser, which I am hesitant to do these days because of the zero-day vulnerabilities in the Java platform. I keep Java disabled on my browser except for when I'm logging onto GoToMyPC.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    You gotta use it if you have to. I would recommend disabling Java in your web browser when you're not using though.

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  • In many ways, GoToMyPC is similar to LogMeInPro2. Both offer a quick and easy way to access your desktop remotely. While LogMeIn Pro has more robust tools for analyzing your notebook, GoToMyPC Pro gets a slight edge only because we prefer its slightly faster log-in process and its superior performance in Google Chrome.

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  • In its day, GoToMyPC was an admirable piece of software, and it's still a basically decent remote-control product, with laudable remote printing capabilities. In many ways, however, Citrix's software and service has fallen behind the competition. It offers fewer fancy remote features and less usability, and there's no free version—even the trial requires a credit card. It's easy to understand why Citrix might not want to give away this service, but the fact is, remote control Editors' Choice TeamViewer 5 is a better service, and it's free.

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  • In isolation, GoToMyPC is really quick and simple to use, and lets you get on your Mac from anywhere in the world in an instant. However, once you look at the pricing and the additional features of GoToMyPC's competition, it looks less economical.
    GoToMyPC for Mac works really well, but the cost is just a touch too much for our liking. It scores highly on usability, but fails on value for money.

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  • GoToMyPC for Mac works really well, but it's much more expensive than its rivals for not much in the way of innovative features.
    The lack of audio support is a bit of a let-down, although the developer says this is coming in a future edition. Neither can you drag and drop between desktops.

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  • During the review period, we experienced noticeable latencies with GoToMyPC processing keyboard and mouse input. Testing indicated that in every other aspect the program is as fast as its competitors. Audio streaming quality was a disappointment even considering that Citrix clearly compresses audio visual information during normal operation.
    But considering that GoToMyPC is one of the most expensive remote access solutions we’ve reviewed, we expected a little bit more in the performance department.
    Maybe Citrix was having a bad day. Try it before you buy it.

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  • With its slightly unfriendly user interface, GoToMyPC is best for those that wish to work remotely but don’t need to share files with others. The service is useful for remote troubleshooting.

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