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  • GoToAssist

    I used GoToAssist for about 5 years. It was a good product and I never had any trouble with it. Getting users to connect was never a very difficult process.

    Pros : Reliable connection. Great screen compression technology -- very quick response.

    Cons : "fastsupport.com" was hard to understand over the phone. :) The cost is a little high compared to a few other options on the market.

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  • GoToAssist - remote access - customer service

    GoToAssist Use Cases and Deployment ScopeGoToAssist allows me to access my customers computers securely to support them.  They may need to know how to set up or use a Sage 50 software feature which I can show them remotely and they can get the job done immediately. They may also need me to troubleshoot for problems they may be experiencing with their Sage 50 or other software.

    Pros : Quick access to customer computers via email links or giving them the access code over the phone.Notes area where I can record the details of the remote session.Reporting - I can retrieve a monthly report of all my remote sessions (including notes) which helps me monitor usage, provides billing information and allows me to save a copy of the report locally.

    Cons : Perhaps some pop up notices on screen when waiting for a reboot to finish and reconnect.I would like to know how to handle screen sharing when I want to share my screen, I haven't taken the time to explore for instructions.I would like to know how to use the drawing tools, I haven't taken the time to explore for instructions.

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    Goto Assist top rated in my book

    GoToAssist Use Cases and Deployment ScopeUsed to connect with remote customers to either troubleshoot or to connect to help the customer transfer data from an old computer to new computer.

    Pros : Connect to remote customersTransfer files or programs to remote customersBeing able to reboot without having to reconnect

    Cons : May not need as many columns or have them editable

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    GoToAssist, it just works!

    GoToAssist Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCurrently my colleagues and I, in the IT department, use it to support users when they are remote or at times when we are. We have many laptop users at our firm that travel both inside and outside of the United States for work. It is very helpful to have the ability to assist users no matter where they are. In our new image, we will begin to deploy the unattended support portion so that we no longer have a need to send users links, but instead we can connect to their machines and rectify issues when they are not in front of their computers.

    Pros : Being able to remotely restart a users PC and be reconnected without seamlessly is something that is particularly important at times.Being able to pass off a users session to another technician is great in the sense of escalating a user problem to the correct person.Very simple to use for both the technician and the user.

    Cons : The administration web interface can be a bit cumbersome.Would be nice if I had the option where I did not need to tie an account to a email address. It may work fine for companies of a tremendous size for ticketing purposes, but for my firm we just would like to use it and share 3 seats. It is not cost effective for my entire team to use a license as we will never all use it at the same time, but we could all benefit from using the product.We could benefit from a scaled down version that only e

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  • GoToAssist, with its comprehensive remote assistance functionality and cross-platform support, is quite a nice tool to have for all IT support personnel, especially when dealing with customers from outside your organization. With prices starting at $69/month per technician, it's not a bad price all things considered. And, if you're on the fence about it, a 30-day risk-free trial is available for download at the GoToAssist website.

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  • Citrix GoToAssist can offer companies of all sizes a well-rounded, easy help desk product. Support professionals can effectively control a customer’s computer and move quickly to resolution–allowing them to both keep customers happy and quickly move on to the next issue. Users will see optimized resolution times and lower support costs, while their customers will enjoy a better customer experience.

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  • GoToAssist Express gives small businesses an affordable, robust, and simple way to support remote users. The service is easy to set up, and fast and comfortable to use; anyone with some troubleshooting skills can provide assistance in minutes. It's an excellent solution for companies looking for inexpensive remote IT support.

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  • GoToAssist is the go-to remote PC access software for many businesses large and small and technical support professionals. With its user-friendly interface, unattended support and many features, it’s no surprise companies are taking advantage of GoToAssist and saving themselves, as well as their employee’s time and labor. To handle your technical support needs, give GoToAssist a try. You will not be disappointed.

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