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What is Remote Support Software?

Remote support software allows one computer to connect to a computer in a different physical location and control it. While it’s being controlled, the controlling computer, or client, has access to its keyboard, mouse, files, and applications. The computer that is being controlled, called the host, must first download remote support software before it can be controlled in this way. The client computer will need appropriate credentials or sometimes a special password in order to access the other computer.

Remote support software actually has a wide range of uses, both in personal and professional capacities. Even if you do not think you need to install this type of application, it might actually be a good idea that will benefit you or make you more productive.

Who Uses Remote Support Software?

The most frequent users are IT administrators and customer service teams. IT administrators must be able to help all their fellow employees with different software and hardware problems. Sometimes the IT specialists are in the same location as the other employees and can simply walk over and take a look at a system, but there are many other situations where this would be impossible or inefficient. Using remote support applications, IT administrators can help employees who are working in different offices even if they are in different states or even different countries. By remotely accessing the computer, they can check the computer’s diagnostics as well as directly fix IT problems.

Customer service teams use this software in a similar way, except that they are using it to access the computers of customers instead of fellow employees. Typically, this is a way for a computer or software manufacturer to help customers who are experiencing serious problems. Once the customer calls into the customer service line and describes his or her problem, the customer service representative will be able to connect to the host computer and fix the problem.

IT administrators and customer service teams are the most frequent users of this type of software, but the truth is that anybody can use remote support software. If you are working from home and want to access your office computer files, or if you are trying to access home computer files from work, remote support is the easiest solution. If your less tech-savvy relatives call you and ask for help with their computers, remote support can quickly get their problems resolved and get them off the phone. There are hundreds of uses for remote support software, and because it is so easy to use, anyone and everyone can potentially benefit from using it.

Possible Uses for Remote Support Software

  • Accessing Office Files and Programs from Home
  • Accessing Home Computer Files from Work or Somewhere Else
  • Helping Relatives or Friends with Computer Problems
  • Using Your Tablet to View Files and Media Stored on Your Computer
  • Accessing Files from Your Phone
  • Providing IT Support for Employees
  • Performing System Maintenance on Computers in Different Offices
  • Providing Product Support to Customers
  • Hosting Online Meetings and Presentations
  • Training New Employees Remotely
  • Transferring and Sharing Files Between Computers

Benefits of Using Remote Software

Support and Customer Service

The most obvious benefit of using this type of software is it will help you provide instant and high quality support. Whether you are connecting to the computer of a fellow employee or a customer, you can quickly identify their problems and resolve them. This is much faster and more efficient than dictating to them over the phone. This type of service helps improve productivity in the office by resolving problems more quickly, and it also helps improve customer service and satisfaction.


Now that you are able to connect several computers and devices, you no longer have to worry about copying every file and transferring it to your other computers. You will have the flexibility to access what you need when you need it, and this can make you much more productive at home and in the office. This can be especially useful if your office computer uses specific software that you do not have access to at home. With remote support, you will be able to use those applications whether you are working from home for the day or are addressing a work emergency after hours.

Cooperation and Teamwork

This type of software is also great for groups that need to work collaboratively as a team. It can be used to share screens which will help with team meetings and presentations. No longer does the whole team have to be in the same room to have a meeting. Meetings can be held remotely, and remote support software can facilitate effective meetings even when every team member is working in a different location. These services will also make sharing files and programs easier. A team may not necessarily need a separate version of a program for every member; instead, they can use remote access to share a program that is installed on a single computer.

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