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Why Your Website Needs a Live Chat Component

Without giving customer service the attention it deserves, your company can never hope to reach its potential. In fact, it may very well fail for not placing enough emphasis on this essential component. Customer satisfaction isn’t always an easy thing to come by, of course. But this is just one more reason you need to approach it from every angle. One important way to do this is by outfitting your company’s website with live chat software. It’s a simple, but effective way, to address your customers’ needs online.

What Is Live Chat Software?

As the name suggests, this type of software is designed to allow customers and company representatives to speak to each other online. If you’re imagining a chat room or messaging platform, you’re not too far off. However, you might think this is a fairly antiquated way of addressing customer problems in the digital age.
But think about how many people prefer texting over phone calls. We often reach out to our best friends through social media instead of ringing them up. The truth is that, despite the many high-tech options we have available for communicating, sometimes the best ones are the simplest. Live chat software certainly has convenience going for it.
Plus, issues are often difficult to describe, especially when they involve one’s computer, software, other digital product, or Internet. It can be much easier to simply cut and paste error messages or other long strands of information than try to read the whole thing off over the phone and hope the representative on the other side heard it all and/or wrote it down.

How Does It Work?

Every website is a bit different, but just about every option has a few elements in common. For example, the majority of websites advertise that they support live chat right on their home page. That should give you some idea of how popular this service has become. The link for live conversations with company representatives is usually placed right next to their phone number, email, etc.
When a visitor clicks on it, a typical chat box will pop up, with a customer representative on the other side. For busier companies, sometimes the initial chat box comes with some kind of notification alerting the visitor that the next available representative is busy and how long the wait will be.
Once a session starts, it’s not so different from texting. The user and the representative type their entire conversation out, whatever the subject may be.
Live chat software can also be helpful in enterprise solutions when you have employees who may need help from your IT department. Instead of tracking someone down, emailing their issue or tying up phone lines, they can instead just open a text box and begin explaining their issue.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Live Chat Software

Of course, just because this is a great option for your website doesn’t mean that any old software will do. In fact, there are many versions offered online for free. However, you can kiss all the benefits involved goodbye if you don’t make sure they come with the following features.
One important characteristic every live chat software should provide is the ability to customize the interface. If a chat window pops up and it doesn’t look anything like the rest of your site, customers may question whom they’re actually speaking to.
Secondly, while it’s important that each customer feels special and unique, it’s also unlikely that that will be the case for most companies. Instead, software should make it easy for customer representatives to deal with numerous users all at once.
Likewise, a third necessary component is that your software can handle large amounts of traffic and, if you so wish, go 24/7 without issue. A frustrated customer is only going to get worse if they can’t reach someone or their chat gets cut off early.
Fourth, while it’s important to be able to chat with customers, you should also be able to use the technology for other purposes. Group chatting with customers can be important, if several departments need to be involved. Chatting from rep-to-rep could be beneficial too.
Lastly, not enough can be said about oversight. Just like most companies monitor their employees’ phone calls and emails, you need live chat software that will make it easy to get reporting on what’s actually happening out there.
With the right live chat software, it won’t take much to provide your customers with the assistance they need and, in turn, see greater amounts of satisfaction.

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