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An Introduction to Review System Software

When Amazon deputed its customer review system so many years ago, most people, including ecommerce experts, saw a company putting nails in its own coffin. They mused that this was a business not long for this world and, worse still, that they only had themselves to blame. After all, who had ever heard of a business advertising negative reviews of products they were trying to sell? Most made every attempt to only ever publish the kindest of words about their merchandise.

Nowadays, of course, this is practically an industry standard. As of 2010, Amazon housed more customer reviews than any other business on the planet, yet they didn’t seem to be suffering too much for it.

Just because you decide to use review system software doesn’t mean your business will turn into Amazon, of course. However, without this vital aspect on your website, you can safely bet one of your competitors will soon overtake you as customers leave you for them.

What is Review System Software?

Review system software allows customers to leave their thoughts on products you sell on your site. Generally, this means leaving a certain amount of stars (typically, one through five) and then writing out a comment to justify the rating they left.

Those reviews then come up whenever someone finds the product on your site. Usually, there will just be a running average next to it. However, if the customer chooses to look into the product more closely, they’ll see a list of reviews including the comments. This allows them to learn more about the product aside from what the manufacturer has to say about it. Understandably, customers tend to trust this information more than the ad company.

What a lot of customers don’t know is that this software generally has a backside to it as well. This means your company can benefit from all kinds of analytics and reporting from these reviews. Obviously, as you’re getting raw opinion from your market, this information can be incredibly helpful.

With the added benefit of cookies, your website can recognize a customer as soon as they log on. Then the software will automatically present them with products they’re most likely to enjoy based on their past reviews.

Not only will this software help you attract more customers (they know they can trust your company), but it will help you convert them again and again too.

Major Goals of Review System Software

The main purpose of review system software is to attract customers, as we just said. However, it would be just as accurate to say that it’s to help your company’s website look current. Just about every B2C business these days that sells products online have review system software working for them. If yours doesn’t, expect that customers are going to be thrown off and probably convinced to shop elsewhere. Oddly enough, they’ll most likely purchase a product with a low rating from a site using review system software than buy it from your site if it has no ratings at all.

Next, this software is designed to help you track customers and give you better feedback about them. Analytics are always central to ecommerce, so why would this be any different?

However, these days, this software is taking things a step further by giving you eyes on social media and other forms of traffic too. Knowing how your customers rate products is definitely helpful. If you know how their habits continue throughout the day, though, you could do even more.

Choosing the Right Version for Your Company

Given how vital this software is, you’d be right to assume that there are numerous versions to choose from. While having some type of review system rating platform is better than not having one at all, you still want to make sure you get the best option for your business.

At its core, this is a fairly simple type of software. It lets customers leave reviews and ratings. Therefore, you’ll have to really dig into each option to see if it’s potentially right for you. Check out all the extra features available. This is one time all the bells and whistles are really worth your attention. They will probably turn out to be the difference maker between two very similar forms of software.

When you look at review system software titles, keep your customers at the forefront of your mind. Envision how they shop on your site and how they’d like a review system to function.

One really cool feature some platforms are beginning to offer is the ability to monitor reviews regarding your company or products that show up on other sites. You’ll get updates any time a customer weighs in, so you can actually adjust your entire company’s web presence as necessary to meet customer demands.

Without review system software, your business will look outdated at best. However, it could be losing you a lot of business too. This simple addition to your website will have your business looking up-to-date and give you even more information on your market.


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