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About Marketo

Marketo provides a complete marketing automation software solution that is powerful and easy to use for fast-growing small companies and global enterprises alike.

Built for marketers, by marketers, Marketo is designed to allow companies to launch their first campaign in days and scale to meet the needs of the most complex global enterprise. The solution delivers everything a marketer needs to deliver more sales leads with less work, including inbound marketing, lead management, social marketing, event management, instant CRM integration, sales dashboards, and marketing ROI reporting and analytics – all in one place.

With proven technology, comprehensive services and expert guidance, Marketo helps thousands of companies around the world turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue driver.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Landing Pages and Forms
  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Marketing


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English, French, German
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World Wide
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  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Mobile App Android
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API is available. Protocol / Formats : XML, SOAP .
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Plans & Pricing


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Includes all of Standard
  • Advanced revenue analytics
  • Advanced email analytics
  • Time-series data warehouse
  • Advanced custom reports
  • Social sweepstakes and referrals
  • Role-based permissions
  • 20 sales insight users (total)



  • Email marketing
  • Customer engagement engine
  • Communication limits
  • Lead management / nurture / score
  • Event marketing and webinars
  • Marketing calendar*
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social boost
  • CRM integration
  • 5 sales insight users



  • Includes all of Spark
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced lead scoring
  • Advanced dynamic content
  • Progressive profiling for forms
  • Extended CRM integration
  • Marketing program analyzer
  • Revenue cycle modeler
  • Revenue analyzers
  • Integration package and API
  • 10 sales insight users (total)

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Critic Reviews

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  • Marketo Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMarketo is being used by the marketing department to nurture leads and develop marketing automation growth within the company.

    Pros : Provide InformationPersonal Growth

    Cons : The Marketo site can be very buggy at times.

  • Great tool for marketing automation and pretty much is one of the tools that are helping define the standard in this market. It is a great tool with lots of possibilities but it's not easy to use and ramping up can take some time. That is expected though from such a type of tool.

    Pros : Many possibilities when it comes to emailing, profiling and working with lists, integration with SFDC and other CRM systems. Landing pages also offer great possibility.

    Cons : Because of its nature, it can take time to ramp up and caution is recommended before giving licenses away at the company. Training is necessary and a strategy for the companys marketing execution.

  • What do you like best?

    I'm used both Marketo and Eloqua extensively. I have been admin over both systems for the last 2 years. Having used Eloqua, the "Cadillac" of marketing automation I've got a good insight into what Marketo is and is not.

    What do you dislike?

    Having used Eloqua, I know how nice their campaign/program builder is. You can drag and drop build your campaigns on a canvas type layout. It's great because it's easy, gives a better top down view of your campaign, and helps you display a campaigns functionality to your executive team. Infusionshoft has something similar. Why Marketo hasn't adopted a similar format for building programs is beyond me.

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User Reviews

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  • anonymous


    One of the greatest players in marketing automation market is Marketo, a Silicon Valley company with a very large customer base and some pretty recognizable ones amongst them. This system delivers everything in digital marketing: web tracking, lead nurturing, social monitoring, A/B testing and account targeting, basically everything the modern day digital marketer needs in order to succeed with the job.

    Pros :

    • The technology is very intuitive and easy to use and it offers a wide range of features.
    • As new to Marketo you can get an immense amount of training material from online forums and from help books to take you through your journey of using Marketo.
    • The system is extremely good for segmenting your database and choosing exactly which audience to target and when.
    • Marketo uses smart lists in a user-friendly interface to gather your data, which is a feature I really like.
    • Another feature I really like is the feature of using dynamic content and taking your customers through clever streams of targeted messaging.
    • The system integrates really well with CRM systems which is an absolutely must in these days of selling and managing your customer relationships.
    • In terms of lead generation and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Marketo has got some really clever features where it scores your pages and guides on how to improve SEO.

    Cons :

    • While the system is great and advanced, one major con for me is the layout. To me, it’s outdated and reminds me of the way a Windows desktop is set up on my PC.
    • I would love to see a much fresher looking design and it seems pretty dated. From a user perspective, this would be a massive plus for me.
    • Also, when choosing the right marketing automation systems for your team/business, you need to make sure you get team adoption, which is much easier to achieve if the interface is sleek and nice looking.

    • October 21, 2016
  • anonymous


    I used Marketo Spark with Marketo Sales Insight. Overall, Marketo is not a very user-friendly marketing automation software compared to what I was using previously (Hubspot). It in not intuitive and requires a lot of training and support. I was using the first level (cheapest) package, which left much to be desired. Customer support was slow and impersonal. Product documentation was insufficient to answer questions. Reporting is also not easy in this tool. The biggest strength I would say is the SFDC - Marketo integration and its use cases

    I also used the Marketo Sales Insight tool, which is a tool for use by salespeople, and was much more straightforward. My team got daily reports on their email performance open rates and clicks and were happy with those. There are some little things that could make the Gmail- Marketo- Salesforce template integration more smooth, but overall it at least worked.

    Our open rates were really low using this software, especially compared to when we used Salesforce Mass Mail, and this was our main gripe with the program. Our emails were not getting through to people and we tested so many different methods, eventually pointing to Marketo as the one with the issue.

    We were on 5 different calls with customer support and their deliverability team before we actually got any sort of suggestions as to what to do, and a lot of it had to do with upgrading the product and paying even more for probably a similar situation.

    Pros :

    • The biggest strength I would say is the SFDC-Marketo integration and its use cases.
    • Marketo Sales Insight is a good and useful tool even though it still has some kinks to straighten out.

    Cons :

    • Customer support was slow and impersonal. Product documentation was insufficient to answer questions.
    • Reporting is also not easy in this tool.
    • Marketo Sales Insight tool for Gmail has a hard time formatting emails to the way you want them.

    • May 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Cecelia Fresh

    I am fairly new to automated marketing software; though I am glad that Marketo is my first full experience in using this type of software. For our division, I wasn't responsible for selecting or implementing this software. It was already in use when I've joined this division at this company. My first impression of it was; WOW. I have so much to learn. And little by little, I have learned just enough to be effective and understand the value of what this software has to offer. It honestly has incredible capabilities and when fully used to it's potential is probably the best marketing automation software currently available.

    Pros :

    • There isn't much that you cannot do with this software. Our division is merely scratching the surface with how we use it, which is currently to send out e-blasts to various lists we have built; we use it to establish landing pages to connect our marketing campaigns and efforts to our ads; we use it to establish drip campaigns and develop as much of the marketing funnel as we can since we are a B2B business with a sales channel and global distribution partners.
    • You can use this software for so much more, though.
    • Social media efforts; reporting; connecting it to a CRM such as Salesforce; link tracking; and more.
    • Honestly, I've just scratched the surface with knowing what it is capable of and using the software. This level of software is for advanced marketing pros and enterprise businesses - for sure.

    Cons :

    • As mentioned above, I have barely scratched the surface in using this software over the last 2 years.
    • It is a full suite of software and can be quite complicated to operate.
    • The user interface is actually pretty simplistic in nature, but is fairly complex in navigating.
    • Though they have many training classes and offer support specialists just for your account; it does take time to get up to speed on operating this software.
    • Make sure you have blocked out sufficient time to either train or provide training to your team and employees if you plan to implement this software for your company.andnbsp;

    • April 16, 2016
  • User review from

    Jacco de Bruijn

    Marketo helps us generate new leads, nurture existing leads, and automate this process to save time. While all the functionality is there (and more), the overall user experience is challenging because it's not intuitive and simple.

    Pros :

    • Marketo provides a wide range of marketing features including landing pages and email.
    • There are a lot of options but you need to have used them already, pay for onboarding/consulting by phone or expect to spend some significant time before you are fully implemented and using all of them
    • Once you're able to use them there is great potential to generate benefits from your marketing and save time doing so.

    Cons :

    • Because of the plethora of options and the lack of an intuitive user experience, there is quite a learning curve.
    • While Marketo provides onboarding content, it is hard to realize the full benefits of the program without paid support by phone or in person.
    • Genuine customer support and success could be improved.

    • April 8, 2016
  • User review from

    Robert Belton

    Marketo had a lot of nice features and functionality, but their customer support team was absolutely terrible and was the epitome of "sign and skip" I've ever experienced. Anytime we had an issue whatsoever; we were given the runaround and blame was deflected to a different department within Marketo internally, and the issues persisted at our expense.

    Pros :

    • The ability to nearly automate all of the outbound marketing efforts including email blasts, analytic collection, and review, and tracking prospect activity and behavior within the website was awesome.
    • If implemented correctly and used the right way, these features alone make any subscription worth the cost annually with no hesitation.
    • The ability to have real-time push notifications sent to your email and as a text message when a target prospect was engaging in content on your website was and is invaluable to any organization.
    • When used in conjunction with best practices (not IMMEDIATE contact so as to not freak a prospect out), your contact rates will inevitably rise and conversion rates may as well since you’re among the first to contact the client which has been proven to be a huge factor in edging out competition.

    Cons :

    • The absolute worst customer service team I've ever experienced.
    • They would trash their own employees and throw co-workers under the bus for blame if it meant they could transfer you and didn't have to "deal with you" anymore.
    • We were told several times that issues we had with connecting our CRM (SalesForce) and lead management would be fixed, and they absolutely ignored the problem and our requests to cancel our trial subscription leading them to automatically enroll us in a yearly subscription at the end of the trial and refusing to do anything to waive the fee of this.
    • We have yet to resolve our problems with them, and not amazingly, they are quite responsive now when it comes to their money but ignored our requests for help throughout our entire time with them.

    • March 4, 2016
  • anonymous


    I've used Marketo for a few years and they have definitely improved their platform based on customer needs. One example of that is more education and how-to articles. Having a clean CRM is extremely important in using Marketo effectively, otherwise contact information for your leads will get changed, deleted or duplicated. I use Marketo primarily for email marketing and lead generation - both of which can be as complicated or as simple as you choose.

    I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to build complicated programs based on web traffic and email clicks, etc. There are also a ton of reporting options so you can track web traffic, clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and what efforts are performing the best.

    Pros :

    • Most of my email programs are very similar so having the ability to clone programs saves A TON of time and is much more efficient than trying to recreate efforts over and over with the same template and lists.

    Cons :

    • I could really use a better tool for creating images/logos/calls to actions.
    • A lot of people using Marketo don't have much experience with HTML and simple tools to create nice graphics really do improve the look of marketing efforts.
    • I also think that Marketo needs to improve their customer service. They aren't great with following up in a timely manner.

    • November 23, 2015
  • User review from

    Amanda Wolff

    Before we began leveraging Marketo’s lead management software fully, we reported on vanity metrics.... likes, shares, clicks, opens, and we used marketing automation software for email deployments and an occasional landing page. After investing in the infrastructure to support a more robust usage of the platform, we were able to quickly implement a valuable lead handoff process and closed loop reporting. It's been an extremely important tool for us in helping us transform our marketing organization. The integrations with their launch point partners, and especially with the CRM (in our case, Salesforce,) and the ability to customize lead scoring models are the primary reasons we have experienced success with the platform, over other automation systems.

    Pros :

    • Marketo provides the framework my team needs to be successful. Coming from a cross-sell/upsell business model, we needed to customize our usage of the tool to provide a more meaningful lead hand-off process to sales.
    • With the help of some consultants, we created a multi-product lead scoring model that leverages Marketo lead lifecycles and lead scoring to help identify the leads that truly mattered most to sales.
    • And with the help of numerous Marketo launch point partners, we have a tech stack that funnels data back into Marketo in a ways that easily enables us to report on the metrics that matter most to leadership -ROI and Revenue for Marketing activities.

    Cons :

    • My only dislikes are related to the "net new" nature of lead generation. We operate with primarily "known" customers, upselling numerous solutions to them. Our known customers are constantly in contact with our sales force supporting various previous and current purchases. However, Marketing’s role engaging the customer in new product interests, is an important one.
    • So, we've had to do a lot of customization with the typical lead scoring models that come off the shelf, since the application wasn't tailored to that model. As Account-Based Marketing becomes more widely embraced, this need to redefine lead handoff becomes essential for a lot of businesses, not just those with niche business models.

    • November 23, 2015
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