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An Introduction to Lead Management Software

Every company needs customers. That much should be obvious. However, as you may already know, not every business can just rely on customers walking in on a regular basis. Even behemoths like Amazon and Walmart have to do some advertising to get the public’s attention. However, your business may have to take things a step further and actually generate leads—potential customers you’ll take through your sales funnel. Nowadays, your plan for doing so should involve lead management software. Just like anything else in the digital age, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with technology. Generating leads is no different.

What is Lead Management Software

Before your company can make a sale, it needs a customer. Usually, before they’re a customer, though, they’re a lead, someone who has simply shown interest in your product or service. In the past, sales teams were in charge of finding these leads and then selling to them.

In some ways, the digital age has made this easier. You have a much larger pool to generate leads from, for one thing. There are countless ways to do so too.

However, one dilemma you may experience is that you generate more leads than you could possibly sell to. This might seem like a nice problem to have, but it’s still a very real one. It would be like if a brick-and-mortar store was flooded with customers, but they weren’t buying anything.

Lead management software, then, doesn’t just generate leads. It also helps your sales team manage and track them. This way, you always know where each individual is in relation to your sales funnel, so you know what your next move is.

Major Goals of Lead Management Software

The major goal of any lead management software should be to make your sales team’s job easier. Any platform that deviates from this goal should be discarded. If you’re a one-man operation or your company is otherwise too small for a true sales team, this software should help you keep pace with larger competitors.

After that, your choice in lead management software needs to help you actually generate those all important leads. This is easier said than done, because, as you may already know, every lead isn’t worth the same. You want software that will help you generate quality leads with a realistic chance of converting. Any software can cast a wide net, but that usually doesn’t make for a very good investment.

Then your software should be tracking these leads. This means you’ll be receiving information on your entire pool of prospects and in real-time, so that any change in their behavior is immediately accounted for. Software that can do this is invaluable. How else could you possibly make the most out of all the customers you can potentially attract online?

Analytics are important here too. You don’t just want raw data you’ll need to invest in combing through and making sense of. Instead, you want software that will handle the interpretation for you and then deliver a result that is immediately actionable.

While your sales team will still need to play an active role in lead generation, you should be able to trust your software with the process of nurturing them. To do this, a title must be fairly customizable so you can make it act just like one of your salespeople would.

Automation should be a part of just about any business software you use. This goes back to the points we’ve made about allowing your sales staff do more with less. Aside from pulling prospect data, your platform should make it simple to execute entire lead generation campaigns with less effort. If you find a platform that can do this, imagine how many campaigns you could launch every year and the results that would have.

Just because you’ve completed a sale doesn’t mean your work here is done. Companies that succeed online generally know how to get more from each customer. Quality lead management software will monitor your leads after they’ve finished their purchase, so that you can follow up with them and find out if there are any other opportunities for profit.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Company

The first thing to think about is the size of your company and its resources. If you have an actual sales staff, you’ll have more options. Those with little to no sales team will want software that is all about automation and that you can essentially program once and then send on its way. This won’t have the same benefits as the alternative, but it will give you far better results than no software at all.

Also, analytics can’t be stressed enough. Lead management software is only as good as the people behind it. You want analytics that will be straightforward, yet potent, so that you can make the most effective decisions possible.

Lead management software can help turn a floundering business into an outright goliath. Just take your time deciding on which platform to purchase so you’ll have an easier time reaching this potential.


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