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  • crowdSPRING is a niche freelance platform that really provides “creative” services. While crowdSPRING has a solid user base and community we felt their 40% (average) fee was too high. If you’re specifically looking for design project, we recommend checking out crowdSPRING; however, if you’re looking for a broader freelancer and project base we recommend our other top-rated companies.

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  • crowdSPRING is a great place to cut your teeth in the freelance world and really step it up against some of the world’s best competition. After all, you won’t get any work unless you can prove beforehand that you can deliver the goods. On the flip side, if you need a design or creative project completed, there are fewer better places on the Internet to be. We recommend you give the crowd a try.

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  • CrowdSpring is a solid service through and through, with just a few small glitches keeping it from being a great one. This is apparent in usability, the creative brief and even the quality of the designs, which are good although unremarkable. In spite of all this they still offer a good service, especially when it comes to support, and the price is very good for a contest.

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