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  • Reduce your support time and increase your productivity with Snagit

    Snagit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSnagit has been implemented in all areas of our organisation. The sales team are using it to insert content into their reports, the support team now has imagery of client issues, and marketing are using it to complete tasks and projects.  This allows everyone in the business to be completely familiar with how to report an issue, create suitable content for their reports or even to grab content from various places for our Development meetings. 

    Pros : Video CaptureImage CaptureSending video or image captures in an easy way

    Cons : Whilst the constant open bar is an amazing feature I feel that sometimes it can be somewhat too obtrusive.

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    Snagit has it

    Snagit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOur IT and business development departments use Snagit, mostly for screen captures. For IT, we use it mostly for snagging screenshots for helpful user documentation during training. We also find it extremely useful for documenting screen captures of error messages during software deployments for our help desk to address. The built in capture profiles that allow us to easily capture a scrolling window make that so much easier than it would be otherwise, leaving us with one image of the entire error message instead of multiple images we attempt to paste together ourselves. We've used the video mode several times to document a simple how to process for user training and to document a sequence of events that produced errors for software vendor support departments. Our business development department just implemented a new company website this year and they used the web page captures to easily communicate our issues and overall performance to our developers.

    Pros : My favorite feature is the image capture called Scrolling Window. There are lots of applications that open an error message screen that only displays a few lines, then gives you a scroll bar and a window that you can't resize. Using this Scrolling Window capture allows me to not only get a screen shot of the entire message for myself to read more easily, but to quickly send on to support as one image to upload to a support website instead of three or four. It's super simple and it always works.F

    Cons : This is both a strength and a weakness. I love the library. It not only keeps all my captures easy for me to find in one place, but it automatically groups them by year, month and date - way before the iPhone started doing it. Being able to go back and find my captures from the last version of a software installation to compare to the upgrade has made it easier to show my users what's new or looks different. What I don't like, is that the library isn't easy to locate or just pick up and move to

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    SnagIT and why you need it now.

    Snagit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSnagit is installed on all PC's / VM's in the organization.  It allows our users to quickly convey something on their screen to another colleague via email or IM by performing a screen scrape and then allowing them to draw an arrow, highlight or quickly point out something.   

    Pros : Easily highlight something of importance on your screen and convey it.Point out something of importance quicklyEasily direct someone else to illustrate your point of view on something

    Cons : A wizard for first time users would be nice, although the concept of how to use it is easily grasped

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  • Taking everything into account, Snagit proves to be a resourceful photo capturing tool whose features and configuration parameters should meet the requirements of those looking for an all-around application.

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  • Despite lacking a revert function, Snagit is beautifully-designed, reliable, and efficient app that does just about everything a screen-capture app should do. Rival screen-capture products like Ashampoo Snap 7 effectively perform basic screen-capture functions, but none matches SnagIt's flexibility and power. Of course, if you're using Windows, you can find a built-in Snipping Tool for fast-and-easy screen captures, but that won't be enough for most serious screen-shotters. Snagit remains our favorite screen-capture app on Windows, and once again is our Editors' Choice.

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  • Techsmith, is a full-featured image and video screen capture application that should be at the top of your consideration list.Given its $50 price, especially considering that gets you both Mac and Windows versions, Snagit is an excellent value. It does much more than the $69 Snapz Pro X (), from Ambrosia Software, and works more reliably than the $30 Voila from Global Delight. If screenshots are a large part of your business, you should definitely give Snagit a try.

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  • Although Snagit is a feature-rich application which seems to work nicely for both screenshots and video capture, the $49.99 price tag seems a bit much for what this product can do. With a bit of Google searching, free alternatives such as HyperCam for video and Greenshot for images are around and perfectly capable of performing the same functions as Snagit. They might not handle the tasks with as much finesse as Snagit, but unless you can get this app expensed at your workplace as a productivity enhancer, the slightly better integration and uniformity isn't really worth nearly half a Benjamin in my estimation.

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  • What do you like best?

    There are hundreds of ways to take a simple screenshot, but nothing compares to the options in this full-featured screenshot software. Snagit lets you edit, comment, annotate, and more with a simple UI.

    What do you dislike?

    No "blur" tools.

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    What do you like best?

    The ease of use and ability to grab screen captures to place in emails, presentations, etc. Scroll down feature to grab entire screen is really nice.

    What do you dislike?

    Memory hog .. not very fast.

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    What do you like best?

    Everything. The user interface is very simple and easy to use, in spite of all the different input and output options. The post-capture toolset (annotations, text, etc) makes it very easy and quick to mark up a screen capture and save. It does exactly what I want, and saves me time as well.

    What do you dislike?


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  • Snagit has more features than most people will ever need, but if you capture screenshots regularly and create still image or video tutorials, it's pretty much perfect.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Think that there's no way to improve the world's best image- and video-capture program? You're wrong. The new version of Snagit adds video-capture and video-output tools and a variety of other more minor features to its already considerable set of tricks, and the result is an even better program that anyone who needs to capture images or screen animations will want to use.

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  • Snagit is intuitive and requires very little training to use. Most users already familiar with any kind of photo editing software will have little trouble adapting to its interface. If users do have questions, there is a wealth of knowledge available through the Learning Center, accessible through the program’s Help menu.

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  • Snagit 11 is a great app; it is by far the best screen capture tool that is available for Windows. If you have skipped a version or two, there is a lot to draw you into splashing out on the latest version. Snagit 11 retails for $49.99 and supports Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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