Snagit Software Alternatives

Best Snagit Alternatives

Snagit is a screenshot program with the ability to capture images, as well as video.
It is simple to use to capture anything that is happening on your screen. You simply click and drag to increase the size of the capture box and then you will be able to record or take a snapshot.
It has a wealth of editing features as well, including special effects and stamps. You can share your content through a number of different platforms, and integrate the images and video with the cloud through Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
The unlock key will work on Mac and Windows alike. The Windows version does have some extra features though, including setting up profiles, enterprise resources, and a library. You can save images and videos in many different formats. The default format they use is PNG, but you can also choose JPG, GIF, and PDF, and more.
They have a free trial available for Windows and Mac. The current price for this software is $49.95, although when you buy in volume (for an entire team, for example), you can save more money.
While Snagit is a popular option for taking screenshots and video of what's happening on your screen, it is not the only choice on the market. Let's examine some of the most popular and promising Snagit alternatives to see what is available.

1) Greenshot

This free screenshot tool works only with Windows and offers some fantastic features including the ability to take fast screenshots from selected regions of the screen, or the entire screen. It is even possible to capture scrolling pages. You can highlight and hide parts of the screenshot, or you can annotate them. You can save the file, send it to a printer, copy it to your clipboard, or upload the image to photo sites.
Those who are looking for a simple to use tool will like Greenshot. It is also open source and free for both personal and commercial use.

2) Icecream Screen Recorder

This tool will allow users to capture any area of their screen as an image or as a video file, similar to Snagit. People are using this tool for taking screenshots, recording reviews, podcasts, software tutorials, games, and more. You can choose the area of your screen that you want to record, or you can record or take a snapshot in full screen.
They have drawing tools, so you can add arrows, text, or draw right on the image or video while you are capturing. You can add your own watermark, add a webcam, and choose the video output quality. You can record audio while you are capturing, save shots to your clipboard and share them instantly, and send the screenshots to Icecream Apps servers and then get a short URL you can share.
It works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.
The free version of the recorder has a ten-minute record time limit, and the output format is only WEBM, and can change the output video codec to VP8. The Pro version is a one-time fee of $29.95 currently. It has no time limits for recordings, and you can export as MP4, WEBM, and MKV, and change the output video codec to VP8, H264, and MPEG4.
You can schedule screen recordings, add a watermark, and turn off the countdown before recording. In addition, this provides you a license for two computers, and will allow you to use it for commercial purposes. It also features priority support.

3) Screencast-O-Matic

This tool features many of the same options as Snagit, and could be a good alternative. Many people making videos on YouTube use the tool, as do students, tech support, teachers, and more. It will work on both Mac and Windows without needing to install anything. All you need to do is click to start recording.
The Free plan has a maximum recording time of 15 minutes, as well as free hosting for up to 15 minutes per upload. You can record the screen as well as your webcam, publish to YouTube in HD, and create MP4, AVI, and FLV movies. The Pro version currently costs $15 per year and allows you to have hosted HD videos up to 15 minutes long.
It has all of the features of the Free plan, as well as the ability to publish to Google Drive, Vimeo, and other sites. You can publish screen shots, remove the watermark, and password protect uploads. The Pro version also offers editing tools, script tools, a screen shot tool, an audio recording system, webcam only recording, and draw and zoom while recording.

4) Bandicam

Bandicam claims that it is the "most advanced and easy to use screen recorder and game recording software on the planet". It does offer a number of excellent features including the ability to capture games that use DirectX/OpenGL graphic tech. As with other programs, you can also choose to capture only a portion of your screen. You can capture with a high compression ratio and keep the video quality quite high.
It is possible to capture in 4K resolution up to 120 frames per second. It also has lower lag when recording than many of the other similar programs that are available. It only works on PC, and the current price for a single PC license is $39. You can get a license for two PCs for $59.
While this tool is excellent for capturing fast motion on your screen, it may not have all of the features you are looking for, as it is geared mainly toward gamers. Still, the high quality of the recordings and the fact that you can record anything that's happening on your screen may be enough to sway you.

5) Fraps

Fraps is similar to Bandicam, and they are one another's main competitors. It also only works on Windows machines, and captures games that use DirectX/OpenGL technology.
It can show the number of frames per second you are getting, and you will be able to take a screenshot with the press of a single key. You can capture the screenshots in PNG, JPG, and TGA formats.
Like other programs, it can record everything that's happening on your screen easily, and the quality of the videos is always very high.
You can download a free trial of the program to see whether it works well for your needs or not. In addition, you can purchase the program for $37 currently. Any updates to the version you buy are free. Again, this tool is mainly for gamers, but it has enough options that could make it useful to others as well.

6) FastStone Capture

This program has a number of features that allow users to capture screenshots as well as record video of what's happening on their desktop. You can capture windows, menus, choose the region you want to record, and more. You will be able to record the audio that is happening on screen as well.
You can send the elements you capture to an internal editor, clipboard, file, printer, and more. As with other similar programs, you can annotate the screen with text, arrows, highlights, and more. Add effects including drop shadows and torn edges, and resize the image, and more.
The current price for a single license for FastStone Capture is $19.95, and $49.95 for a family license for up to five computers. It is a one-time purchase for the lifetime licenses.

7) Shutter

Shutter is a screenshot tool that works for Linux-based operating systems. The users are able to take screenshots of a specific area of the screen, or the entire screen. It has drawing and annotation features you can use to highlight areas of the screenshot as well.
While this tool only takes screenshots and does not record video, as Snagit and other programs can, it can still be a good alternative. If you only need to capture still shots, it does the job quite nicely. Since it is an open source program, it is entirely free to download and use, although you can donate to the developers if you choose.

8) PicPick

This screenshot tool has a number of useful features, allowing you to take screenshots of an active window, the entire screen, scrolling windows, or any region of the screen you wish.
You can then highlight and annotate the images using shapes, text, and other elements that are a part of the image editor. In addition, it is possible to add a number of effects to the images, such as watermarks, motion blur, brightness, and drop shadows. When you finish editing, you can save the images and share them.
It is possible to send the images over with email, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and more. All of the tools and features help to make this a very robust tool for those who are only looking to capture images on their screen. It doesn't have the ability to record video.
The free version is for personal use only and it does not include any technical support. When you update it, you will have to do so manually. The Business plan currently costs $21.99 and can be used for personal or commercial use. It offers an easy update feature, technical support, lifetime upgrades, and no ads.

9) ShareX

ShareX is a Snagit alternative that allows you to take screenshots and create screencasts. You can upload it and receive a URL for the upload all with the single press of a hotkey. This is a freeware tool, so you will not have to pay to use it, though the developers have a donate option.
Even though it is a free program, it has a substantial number of features that help to make it a good solution for many who are looking for a screenshot and screencast tool.
You can capture in full screen, an active window or active monitor, the window menu, or a specific region. You can draw areas of the screen you want to capture using the freehand tool.
It is also possible to record a part of the screen and capture it as a GIF. Scrolling capture and webpage capture are available as well. Users can add image effects and watermarks, print the image, save it as a file, save a thumbnail image, and more.
For a free program, it has a lot of features and tools, and the developers continue to add to them and keep updating the software.

10) Lightshot

Lightshot is available for Mac as well as Windows. You can download the app through the Chrome Store, as well. It allows you to capture any part of the screen.
After you capture the image, you can share it on Twitter and Facebook. As with other programs, such as those available for Windows, you can use the image editor to create text annotations and add lines and images to the screenshot.
It is an easy to use application with a very simple and intuitive interface that does not have a lot of clutter. In addition to being so easy to use, it also happens to be entirely free.
Those who are looking for a quality screenshot and annotation tool that do not need to record any video of their screen may find it works for their needs.

11) Screenshot Captor

Another high quality tool for capturing, annotating, manipulating and sharing screenshots is Screenshot Captor. The tool has a very clean and easy to use interface, making capturing just what you need easy.
It is also easy to add text, arrows, and more when you are editing the image. This tool will also allow you to take snapshots from webcams. If you choose to use the ESR add-on, you will also be able to record video, putting it more in line for being a good Snagit alternative. Some of the new features to the software are the scanner acquisition tools and the scrolling capture tool.
They also have new special effects that you can use when editing the images. The tool is free to download and use.

12) Flamory

Flamory is a screenshot capture tool that has some features that are a bit different from the other programs out there. You can determine the area of your screen you want to capture, or capture the entire page.
It will save the web page and you can then find it again by searching for any of the words it contains, which can actually help to make this useful for research. It then groups your related snapshots into different topics, and again this can make it useful for those who use the tool to help with their research.
While it is not a traditional screen capture tool, and it doesn't have all of the same features, it can still be beneficial. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, and mobile platforms. It is a free download, and it could be worth trying.

13) Screenpresso

Screenpresso bills itself as the ultimate screen capture tool, and it does have some great features. You can take screenshots of whatever is on your screen, and you can record HD audio.
You can edit and highlight the screenshots, and you can share your captures easily. Drag and drop them into emails, share videos and images through Screenpresso Cloud, and even publish to YouTube, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
The company offers three different options for users. The Free plan includes image capture, HD video capture that includes Screenpresso branding, a limited image editor, a limited document generator and sharing features that also have branding. It is possible to use your screen captures and your videos commercially with the free version.
The Pro version has a full featured image editor, HD video capture with system sound recording, image capture, a document generator, sharing features, video clipping, multiple workspaces, Android capture, OCR, barcode and QR reader, color picker, and priority support. There is no Screenpresso branding with this option. The current price for the Pro version is $23.88 per user, and this includes a year of updates.
Companies may want to opt for the Site License plan. This option has all of the same features as the Pro version, along with an unlimited number of users, and policies so administrators can disable some features if needed. It also has Citrix support. Currently, the price for this option is $1490 for a lifetime site license and a year of updates.

14) Screenshoter

Screenshoter has a number of excellent features while still making it an easy tool to use. With the click of a button, it is possible to take a screenshot. You can choose to capture an active window, the entire screen, or just a select area of the screen.
You can choose whether you want to have the mouse cursor shown on the screen or not as well, which can help to keep your images cleaner. Once you take your shot, you can save it as a BMP, PNG, or a JPG.
The tool has automatic filenames as well. It will add the number, time and date to the shot, which can help to make it easier to find later. It only features the tools that you need to create quality screenshots.
While it is easy to use, some might find that the lack of additional tools doesn't give them everything that they need. However, the ease of use and the fact that the tool is free should be enough to get many to consider using it.

15) WinSnap

Here is a user friendly tool that can help you capture and edit your screenshots so they look as professional as possible. With WinSnap, you can capture windows, even if they are not rectangular, and enhance them using reflections, highlights, drop shadows, color effects, watermarks, and more.
Because of the quality of the shots, many professionals are choosing this tool to help make manuals, put onto blogs and websites, and to create presentations.
WinSnap has a very simple interface, good editing and annotation abilities, a highlight tool, color and blur effects, which make focusing on a certain area of the screenshot easier, and a number of built-in presets. This tool will only run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
There is a free download for the tool, but for those who want to use it in a commercial capacity, the current cost is $29.95 for a single license. When buying multiple licenses, they offer a discount.

16) HyperSnap

Another fast and easy way to take screen captures from your Windows computer is HyperSnap.
The tool is helpful for capturing high quality images of anything that's happening on your screen. Many use it to take images to use for training, tutorials, to put in manuals, for marketing, and more. Capture from anywhere on the screen and even from multiple monitors.
The tool also features annotation and image editing options, image timestamps, drop shadows, freehand capture, and more. One of the other benefits to using this tool is that it works well as an image viewer and converter. You can convert images to more than 20 different formats.
There is a free version of HyperSnap, but using it in any commercial capacity will require a license. Currently, the cost for a new license is $39.95.

Wrap up:

As you can see, there are a number of different Snagit alternatives on the market today, and many of them are actually free. However, it is important to remember that the features and capabilities of the various tools, as well as their stability, can vary widely.
When choosing a tool to capture screenshots and video from your screen, it is important to make sure the software you choose can meet all of your requirements. Check out free versions and trials of as many of the options as possible so you can get a better feel for how each of them works. Then, you can make your choice from these and other Snagit alternatives.

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