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No matter what you're working on, Snagit helps you capture great looking images and videos with just a few clicks. Easily customize your screen captures with effects, or show off what's important with Snagit’s markup tools. You can also create quick videos by recording your screen.
Snagit is a powerful screen capture and editing tool that allows you to capture, edit, and share anything on your screen.  Inside are videos, tutorials, guides, and more to help you get the most out of Snagit.

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How to Get Your Snagit Free Trial

Launched in 1990, Snagit is a screenshot program created and distributed by TechSmith that can capture audio output and video display. It was initially used for Microsoft Windows operating systems, but recent versions also offer compatibility with Mac OS. The program is also available in Japanese, Korean, German, and English versions and comes with a range of features to enhance user experience with regards to screen capturing. These include integration with Chrome, a quick toolbar to increase capturing speed, and a preview window to show zoomed views of shots captured. Do you plan on using Snagit to capture screenshots? If so, follow these tips to get a free trial:

Step 1:

Snagit Free Trial Process Step 1

Enter https://www.techsmith.com/snagit into the URL of your browser and survey the website to understand how to use the tool for capturing images, video, and audio output. Once figured out, click on the ‘Free Trial’ option, centered at the right corner of the page (highlighted in blue) to get started with the free trial process.

Step 2:

Snagit Free Trial Process Step 2

After clicking on the ‘Free Trial’ option, you will be redirected to the full version download page. You can notice that there are two options: Windows Download and Mac Download. Click on the suitable option to move on with the download process.

Step 3:

Snagit Free Trial Process Step 3

Once you click on the download option, you will be redirected to the following page. The download will start automatically. Once completed, follow the simple steps to install the software. For those using Chrome, the Snagit.exe file will appear in the bottom right corner. Firefox users have to click on the download box (highlighted in green) and then click on the Snagit.exe file. Internet Explorer users have to download only the file, go the destination folder and double click on the Snagit.exe file.

After the installation is complete, you will obtain a 15-day trial for Snagit. Make sure to test out all the program functions and features before the trial period expires.

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Critic Reviews

  • 83

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    Rating based on 57 Critic Reviews

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  • Snagit Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSnagit has been implemented in all areas of our organisation. The sales team are using it to insert content into their reports, the support team now has imagery of client issues, and marketing are using it to complete tasks and projects. This allows everyone in the business to be completely familiar with how to report an issue, create suitable content for their reports or even to grab content from various places for our Development meetings.

    Pros : Video CaptureImage CaptureSending video or image captures in an easy way

    Cons : Whilst the constant open bar is an amazing feature I feel that sometimes it can be somewhat too obtrusive.

  • Taking everything into account, Snagit proves to be a resourceful photo capturing tool whose features and configuration parameters should meet the requirements of those looking for an all-around application.

  • Despite lacking a revert function, Snagit is beautifully-designed, reliable, and efficient app that does just about everything a screen-capture app should do. Rival screen-capture products like Ashampoo Snap 7 effectively perform basic screen-capture functions, but none matches SnagIt's flexibility and power. Of course, if you're using Windows, you can find a built-in Snipping Tool for fast-and-easy screen captures, but that won't be enough for most serious screen-shotters. Snagit remains our favorite screen-capture app on Windows, and once again is our Editors' Choice.

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User Reviews

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    David Glow

    My team uses SnagIt daily. It allows us to capture and share software screens to troubleshoot issues, and to share training resources. It is fast, easy to use, and enables us to capture screens and/or video that can be edited and shared quickly.

    Pros :

    • It is fast, light, easy-to-use, allows you to capture images or video. You can capture full screen, regions, decide to capture cursors or not, and so much more. It can capture image sets simply without needing to capture a screen, paste it, then capture the next and paste that, then the next....
    • You can set time-delays, capture audio, and also offers the most useful image editing features (add text, callouts, shapes, resize) to edit the captured screen.
    • I have a background in graphic design and worked with a lot of elearning tools for screen capture. This is one of my favorites for two reasons:
      • It is very well-featured (as noted above)- for the price, it is hard to get as many features from a tool BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY!
      • Folks just get it. I've used these tools for some time. Some work for folks, and others have a steep learning curve. Of all the tools, I see SnagIt being used with competence by users very quickly when compared to alternatives.

    Cons :

    • This is not as much of a "con" as a clarification of functionality. Some screen capture tools- especially on the high-end- create HTML5 or other outputs where you can really adapt the code to create different interactions, send data about how screens are being interacted with, and more.
    • SnagIt is really more on the front end of the capture (where it is perhaps the best tool). It does have great export options (PDF, SWF, many image formats and snag files so you can continue editing), but it doesn't export fully interactive video or HTML5 code files. You may need a different tool if that is your goal.

    • June 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Asad Bawa

    In my opinion, this software essential for work, and use it several times a day, without fail. Having the ability to take screenshots in such dynamic ways helps to improve the ability to communicate with others by e-mail, and increases the quality of reports and training materials created. The ability to easily take a screenshot, make a few changes (highlight, add arrows or text), and paste into an e-mail, all within seconds makes follow up with colleagues fast and clear. These versatile screenshots can easily be changed without having to re-do what you want to keep, unlike other software where you have to re-start from scratch. And no need to save each screenshot!

    Pros :

    • You can take screenshots seamlessly by pressing the Print Screen button.
    • Screenshots can be taken for windows that require scrolling, by adjusting the settings on the main screen.
    • You're also able to set a timer to take a screenshot.
    • One of the best features is being able to highlight, add arrows and text, and being able to move them after you placed them on the screenshot.
    • The images are saved automatically, and if you close out the program, you can still edit your previous screenshots upon re-opening the application--no need to re-do any of the edits you made.
    • You can easily search for screenshots within the application by date. In our department, we request to have this software installed for all new hires on day one, because it's so useful.

    Cons :

    • When taking a screenshot using the full-screen option, you are unable to choose which monitor, when you have multiple monitors setup. The workaround is having to capture a region, but you manually have to click and drag to capture the full monitor.
    • When taking a screenshot the number of pre-loaded stamps are very limited, and most aren't useful. To get more stamps, you have to download and install them manually.andnbsp;

    • April 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Tommy Boucher

    Snag-It is more than a screen captor software. Not only it can take snapshots, but it can also record your screen, including audio, making it possible to create nice tutorial or training. It is a complete suite, including an editor, and a lot of integration to export and share your picture and videos taken. You can create many profiles with workflow like copy to clipboard & save as file & copy on google drive & open it in the editor, with the same capture click. You can select the zone you want to capture based on presets or objects, zone, application, screen, etc. You can assign many hotkeys to cover all the scenario you need in your day to day work. The editor is simple but effective, you highlight, point, erase, etc. You can take a full-screen capture, and then zone captures, and get it all together to create a fake screen, very useful when you do documentation or training. I like to keep all my captures on my Google Drive, in case I need to go back in time, so my favorite combination is copied to clipboard, and save to google drive. I use it every day when I install or configure a new system, taking hundreds of screenshot that will go in my snapshot folder (with date stamp). When I’m over, I simply rename the folder with my project name, so I can come back weeks later and write the appropriate documentation based on my real installations, faking the fields to keep it general. A cool feature I just found is the capture history in the Editor, where you can filter your screenshot based on the source (application, website, etc.) you took the shot.

    Pros :

    • Good zone/object detection Many screenshot destinations with many profiles (disk, clipboard, integration, etc.).
    • Simple but effective editor

    Cons :

    • The orange icon is big, taking a lot of space.
    • The Zone detection is based on object, it won’t work inside a remote desktop session.

    • November 26, 2015
  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

    If you need the simple screenshot of the desktop, you can press the PrintScreen key or use the Snipping tool into Windows 7 or higher. The resulting image is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into a new document of any graphics editor. But this method doesn't always work. These standard tools usually can't help if you need to take a snapshot of a frame from a movie or a computer game. Such problem can be solved using Snagit, which is considered one of the best utilities for screen capture. This program can perform a whole screen capture, the selected region or an individual menu item in any application. The principal advantage of this software is that Snagit gives you the ability to automate many routine activities. First, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Secondly, you can create macros that can record a sequence of actions. For example, it can automatically add the watermark to all screenshots. Also, Snagit can do capture of the long page using the scrolling. It may be useful when capturing web pages. Another neat feature — saving all image files within the selected web page. In addition, the program allows you to perform file conversions from one graphic format to another (more than two dozen formats are supported), crop, rotate, adjust colors, add various effects to the screenshots. For example, you can make the ragged edges on the image, place it in the frame, etc.

    Pros :

    • Quick-access toolbar for screen capture.
    • Screencasts are also supported.
    • They can be seamlessly uploaded to the screencast.com website.
    • There is the extension for Google Chrome A lot of flexible capture modes.

    Cons :

    • No free version (just trial), but you can use Jing from the same publisher instead.
    • Jing has limited editing options and only two ways to export files, but keeps the quality of TechSmith's products.

    • October 25, 2015
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