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  • SmartDraw can't be beat for automating many types of diagrams and graphics, but it can be frustrating to advanced users.


    Many templates.
    Good automation.
    Integrates with Microsoft software.


    UI hard to read.
    No searchable help.

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  • If you're considering SmartDraw as a replacement for feaures in several other packages with which you're pretty much satisfied, such as the charting capabilities of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visio, then the answer is probably no. On the other hand, if you are tired of fumbling between different user interfaces with these already owned applications, you're likely to appreciate the common interface that exists in SmartDraw whether you are making a bar chart or a timeline.

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  • SmartDraw’s own description of its graphic application as a “visual processor” is obviously a take-off on the term “word processor.” A word processor lets you arrange words into a usable format. By implication, then, a “visual processor” would allow you to organize imagery into a usable format.
    Smart Draw 2012 is very good at doing just that. Beyond the huge libraries of chart types and color schemes that it offers, SmartDraw is able to automatically format charts and graphs. What’s more, it’s easy to export a chart or graph from SmartDraw into Word, Excel, or a PDF doc.

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  • Love the mind mapping feature!

    I've been using SmartDraw for about two months as a tool to help manage my projects. What I love about SmartDraw is the Mind Mapping feature, which allows me to create tasks in a visually friendly way that mimics brainstorming. It's been very helpful to me when starting out a project. I also really like the way we can add owners to each task in the same view. And the best part is, the information will get transferred to a Gantt chart or a timeline with the click of a button. Once you've filled in the details, you can push the information to a powerpoint slide to share with key stakeholders, again, with just a click of a button. There are many more features within SmartDraw that I am intrigued about but haven't had the opportunity to explore yet. I plan on playing with SmartDraw more once my current projects slow down.

    Pros : Well organized and very easy to move data to other Microsoft Office applications (including Microsoft Project) or Adobe .pdf. There are also some great graphics and geographic maps in the library for use with presentations, flyers, floorplans, etc.

    Cons : In the Gantt chart, there is a limited number of columns that can be used.

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  • What SmartDraw offers that Visio does not is the ability to customize maps, create accurate 3D charts and graphs, animate slides for PowerPoint, and generally draw anything quickly, efficiently, and relatively artistically. If this is what you need from a visual processor, SmartDraw is a great alternative.

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  • I was originally led to SmartDraw while looking for an easy program to sketch floor plans and home designs for a vacation cabin. I needed a program with lots of pre-packaged symbols and easy-to-use tools for drawing walls, doors, windows, furniture, etc., because I had no patience for creating all these symbols myself. SmartDraw certainly fulfilled these requirements.

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