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Just like on the iPad, the iPhone app lets you view Powerpoint presentations stored in Slideshark's cloud service. It's particularly useful for having continual access to presentations as they're updated, and sending them to large screens to share with a group (either via adapters or streaming via AirPlay to an Apple TV). Now, you can pitch your slide deck right from your pocket.

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  • Powerful analytics
  • Account administration
  • PDF Support
  • Personalized content
  • Broadcasting
  • SlideShark Anywhere
  • Single Sign-On
  • Team Storage



  • 1 GB of online storage (with option to refer friends to earn more)
  • File management with your own secure, cloud-based account, plus option to import from leading cloud storage providers
  • Offline access to presentations – no internet connection required when presenting
  • iPhone remote control and laser pointer capabilities when projecting from your iPad
  • “Presenter Mode” – see your slide notes, timers, animation counter and next/previous slides when presenting from your iPad
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    Luca Campanelli

    In the workplace using Windows environment, widespread in most companies, it often happens, especially in marketing, sales, and more, to work on business presentations or presentations that will be presented to customers and end users.

    One of the best-used software to create presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint, and then to show a PowerPoint presentation requires a Windows environment to work on and you need to bring a notebook or find a way to make the presentation available outside headquarters. How to do if we want to play a slide show on a portable device such as an Iphone or an Ipad? The answer is Slideshark. To start using the product you can make a register on the website, once registered you can begin to evaluate the product and you will have 15 days (30 for business license) to decide whether to buy it.

    You have two different Plans: For Individuals, the license is sold at a cost of $ 8 per month, single user and you have 1GB available to you For Business: Unlimited Users, available space starts from 5GB By Slideshark you can easily manage your PowerPoint presentations directly from your mobile devices.

    Pros :

    • SlideShark App is available for iOS systems and uses the proprietary web service through which you can manage all of your presentation that you have loaded
    • Once you have uploaded the presentation, you can run directly through the app, the service automatically converts your PowerPoint into a proprietary format that allows you to easily reproduce them in a very attractive way.
    • You will not have any type of misalignment or loss of information, all graphical tools remain unchanged, animations, fonts etc.
    • You see your slides even using a PC using the most common browsers (tablet with Windows 8 Included) There are several display modes, you can change the presentation, even via mobile device with several limitations.
    • The graphical interface is very simple, attractive and easy to use, you'll immediately available your slides and once clicked on the play button you'll have the slide in full screen on your tablet, you can set the autoplay (if you do not want to interact manually) and select the waiting time between a slide and another.
    • You can decide whether to be looped presentation, you can view the level of advancement of the slide (seeing in this way the next slide that is coming) etc.
    • Your slides are then stored on SlideShark servers in a secure environment and data backup.

    Cons :

    • It would be very helpful if you could interact more able to freely edit the slides directly from the mobile device.

    • March 12, 2016
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