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Best Prezi Alternatives

Creating presentations today is a necessity of business, and it takes more than just throwing up some simple slides if you hope to keep the attention of the audience and to get the point across.
It helps to be entertaining and to have quality slides to make a presentation stand out from the rest.
Many people have been using Prezi to create their presentations. They claim that there are more than 300,000 presentations created each day through their site.
Both companies and individuals find the presentation system very helpful and effective. It allows for visual storytelling, which is inherently more interesting than boring slides.
The site offers a number of templates, and it allows you to add your own content to those templates.
The presentations created are available anywhere in the world and on all different types of devices as well as desktops.
The information is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible. It works with many different file types, allows for image editing, and more. Users are even able to show their presentations offline.
Prezi has three different options available for users to purchase based on their needs. The Enjoy plan, which is currently $4.92 per month and billed annually has 4GB of storage. Users can access their files on any device and will still have premium support.
They can also control the privacy settings. The Pro option has those features, as well as the image editing tools and the ability to work off line. Currently, it is $13.25 per month and billed annually.
The Teams option, which is appropriate for larger companies, offers the aforementioned benefits, as well as central account management and Prezi training. It also costs $13.25 per month billed annually.
Of course, while the site is a good and popular option, you can find plenty of Prezi alternatives that do many of the same things. The following are some of the most popular of these options that might work for your needs.

1. Haiku Deck

This presentation software promises that they can make your storytelling in your presentations "simple, beautiful, and fun". Their system is available on the web through browsers, as well as through the iPad.
Haiku Deck has two different options available for users. Their free version, Haiku Deck Public gives you the ability to create and edit decks, but nothing beyond that. The decks will also feature the Haiku Deck branding.
It is a good tool to use to learn the ropes and to see whether it will work for your needs. If it does, you can then move up to the paid version, called Haiku Deck Professional.
The paid option currently costs $9.99 monthly, or $4.99 when billed yearly. This option will allow you to export the decks as full PowerPoint presentations and PDFs.
You will be able to make the decks private, and will remove the branding so you can replace it with yours. It has unlimited cloud storage, and you will have access to Haiku Deck Zuru Beta.
The site makes it easy to develop high quality presentations that are fun and interesting, as well as beautiful to observe.

2. PowToon

One of the best Prezi alternatives is PowToon. Instead of creating boring, static images that you will often find with so many of the other presentation tools, you can create presentations with animation. These are far more likely to grab and hold the attention of the audience.
The company offers three different options for buyers. Their free version includes Slides Basic, ten royalty free pieces of music, 11 different styles and the ability to create presentations that are up to five minutes long.
This may be all that some users need, but you will not be able to download your creations. Those who want more can look into upgrading to the other versions, but it may be a good idea to try the free version first just to get a better idea of how it all works.
The Pro plan is currently $59 per month, or just $19 a month when billed annually. This features Slides Pro, removal of the watermark and the PowToon outro, privacy, premium support, 20 royalty free songs, 18 different styles, and the ability to create presentations up to 15 minutes.
You can get an HD download of the presentations you create as well. However, when it comes to commercial rights, you will only be able to use the presentations for your business.
The Business plan offers much more. You can record presentations that are up to 60 minutes in HD or eight minutes in full HD. It offers 24 styles, and unlimited royalty free music.
You can transfer your creations to a third party, and will be able to download full HD versions of the presentation. Currently, the cost is $127 per month, or $59 per month when billed annually.

3. RawShorts

Rawshorts takes pride in being easy to use for their customers. You will start by choosing a video template from their large library, add your own media and customize the template, and then export it and share.
It is quite simple, and intuitive. However, users will still be able to walk away with professional looking presentations.
They offer a free version, where you will still be able to build, save, edit, and share your creations. You can upload them to YouTube, upload your own media, and have access to eight libraries from which to choose.
It has some music available and 25mb of storage space. The resolution for these presentations will be 480P in standard low resolution. The presentations created with the free version will include the RawShorts branding.
However, they also have "Export Pack" options for those who only want to create and export a limited number of presentations.
They also have a subscription model available for those who have greater needs. Their Premium plan currently costs $49 per month, and you can cancel at any time. Users will be able to upload their own media, upload to YouTube, download their video, remove the watermark and outro, and have access to 36 libraries, and the premium music library.
The plan has a max resolution of 720HD, and used will be able to export 25 presentations. It has 250MB of storage. The presentations are for use solely with your business though.
The Agency plan, which is currently $39 per month billed annually, has all of the same features as the Premium version, along with third party transfer rights, 50 HD exports, and 1GB of storage.


Functional, fun, and easy to use, Slides makes it simple to create a variety of presentations within your browser. The work you create is then stored on the company's servers, and is easy to access no matter where you might be, as long as you have an Internet connection. The presentations created can be viewed through any browser, as well as on tablets and phones. You can present your creations online or offline, create private decks, and even control them remotely.
While they have a number of themes available, it is also possible to use their custom CSS editor to make changes in real time.
You can keep track of the revision history of the presentations, share your decks, and sync them with Dropbox to ensure you have a copy offline. has three different plans available. The free version offers 250MB of storage, but users are only able to create public decks. The Pro version is $6 per month when billed yearly, or $7 when on a month-to-month basis. With this plan, you will have access to 2GB of storage, private decks, the ability to share privately, present the creations offline, export to a PDF, sync with Dropbox, utilize Google Analytics, and use custom CSS.
The Team plan has everything that's available in the Pro plan along with quite a few more features.
It has unlimited storage, custom branding, a theme editor, shared themes, a shared media library, shared slide templates, the ability to clone decks, and priority support.

5. Moovly

Creating animated videos and presentations is easy thanks to this Prezi alternative. It is a popular option for many individuals, as well as for some large companies including Cisco, and UNESCO.
Users are able to make their creations using objects from the library and the free templates. You can also add your own sounds, video clips, and images. You can manage and edit the presentations, and then share the videos with the office, teammates, friends, and even put them up on YouTube and Facebook.
It is also possible to download them for offline use. They offer solutions for personal use, businesses and educational institutions.
Moovly has three plans available for users. The free option will still allow you to create an unlimited number of videos.
However, they can only be up to ten minutes long, and the resolution is only 480P in standard definition. You will have access to two standard libraries and will have 100MB of storage. You can render one video at a time.
This version will still allow you to export to Facebook and YouTube. You can upload images, sounds, and add a voiceover.
The Plus plan currently costs $9.95 per month billed on an annual basis. Again, you will be able to make an unlimited number of videos, and they can be up to 30 minutes long in 720P HD. Users have access to three standard libraries and 500MB of storage.
They also have access to priority rendering and can render up to two videos at the same time. The Plus plan offers all of the other features of the free plan, as well as the ability to upload video clips, and to remove the watermark and the outro.
The Pro plan allows users to create an unlimited number of videos at any length and comes with 1GB of storage, access to four standard libraries and the three extended libraries. They can render three videos at the same time and can have a resolution of 1080P HD.
These users can copy and save scenes, and they will be able to use their creations commercially. This means that you could sell the videos to third parties, or use them to generate income through ad revenue.

6. VideoScribe

VideoScribe could be another possible Prezi alternative for users looking for a way to make their presentations more interesting.
One of the differences from other presentation options is that these are "whiteboard presentations", allowing you to create interesting animations without needing to know anything about design or the technical aspects of the creation.
It is extremely easy to create fantastic looking presentations that have been proven to capture the attention of audiences.
You have several options for purchase. They have a plan that is $29 per month, as a recurring payment, which you can cancel at any time. In addition, you could choose the annual option, which is $144, and is a recurring payment. Those who feel they will be using the tool regularly may want to pay just once and have full access forever. The current cost of this is $665.
You can use the 7-day free trial of VideoScribe to determine whether you want to actually purchase the product or a subscription.
The trial will give you a good idea of what you can expect when you get the full version. However, there are some notable differences.
When you purchase VideoScribe, you can use the creations commercially and you can work offline. You can increase the resolution to HD quality, and remove the logo and watermark.
Users can export videos in a number of different formats as well including WMV, MOV, and AVI. They can also export them as JPB or PNG sequences. When you buy, you will also be able to render the videos faster and use the premium images in the gallery.
Buying will also provide the user with Tawe, which can turn photos and images into animations quickly and easily. It is possible to download VideoScribe to all of your computers and log in to work.
However, it is only possible to be logged into one computer at a time.

7. SlideShare

This simple slide hosting service is very simple to use, and could be all that some people need to be a viable Prezi alternative. It is possible for the users to upload files privately and publicly in PDF, Keynote, OpenDocument, and PowerPoint.
The slide decks the user creates can be viewed on the SlideShare site, or they can be embedded into other sites. The site allows users to view and upload presentations, infographics, documents, and videos.
Individuals use the site to create fun and informative slides, and businesses are utilizing it as a means to generate more leads. For both business and individual users, the service is free.
While it does not have the same number of features and options as many of the other Prezi alternatives listed, or Prezi itself, it can still be a very useful tool to consider.

8.Microsoft PowerPoint

Of course, when talking about presentation software, it is impossible to forget Microsoft, PowerPoint, the software that most people think of when they think "presentation".
Today's PowerPoint offers a number of features that can help to make it a viable option for businesses and individuals who need to create presentations. It is one of the most common programs used for this purpose, and it is available online and offline from Microsoft.
The software has a number of drawing features, fonts, and the ability to upload your own images. However, it has received a reputation as being "boring" given some of the other presentation options available on the market today.
With the right creators though, it is possible to create interesting slideshows and presentations thanks to the features it provides. The most recent version of the software is $109.99 for the standalone. It is also a part of the online Office 365 Suite, which you may already be using.
While it is powerful software, one of the issues that some users have is the high learning curve. Creating simple slides is easy enough, but fully learning how to utilize all of the options and features can take some time.

9. Keynote

This software is only for use on Apple products, but the latest version will actually allow you to collaborate with people who are working with Microsoft PowerPoint. It could be a good Prezi alternative for those who are using a Mac.
The system is relatively easy to use thanks to the visual tools. You can add photos and video, reflections, frames, charts, and high quality transitions. There is only a single price point for the software - $19.99, currently. Businesses and individuals alike can use the software.

10. Apache OpenOffice Impress

Those who are looking for a free option that is similar to Keynote and PowerPoint, and that could make a good Prezi alternative, will find that Impress from Open Office could be a good choice.
You can use 3D and 2D clip art in the presentation. It offers animation options, drawing tools, and even some special effects.
It supports multiple monitors, a number of fonts, a number of different views (slide, outline, note, handout), and more. It is also possible to create Flash versions of the presentations if you wish.
The software is entirely free to use, but it has a learning curve similar to that of PowerPoint. The tools themselves are simple enough, but putting everything together can prove difficult for users who have never created a presentation before.
Some time spent with the software should help to make creating quality presentations easier though.

11.Presentation Tube

The software is somewhat different from other presentations packages. It provides users with screen recording software, and a video sharing platform.
You are able to capture what is happening on your screen, and you can narrate PowerPoint slides and add a number of different visuals for more interest. Users are able adjust the size of the video, the frame rate, and the quality, and they can add and control their web cam with the presentation.
It supports a number of different types of layouts for video presentation including single, mixed, and side by side.
They have two options for potential users. The free version does not contain any adware, but use is limited strictly to educational and personal purposes. The Professional version is just $11 currently for a single license.

12. SlideDog

Here's a bonus tool that you may want to consider using.
This application is a bit different from other presentation makers, and it makes it possible to combine a number of different types of elements into a single presentation.
It is actually possible to combine Prezi presentations, PowerPoint, and more without any downgrade or conversion issues, which could make it a great option for those who want to make their presentations entirely unique. Users are able to create custom playlists of media and files and share in real time.
The free option does not require any registration, and you are still able to try out the Pro features for 15 minutes at a time. This plan provides you with single screen mode, a SlideDog background image, and community support. The Pro version, which is $14.99 monthly, $99 per year, or a $249 one-time payment, offers single and dual screen modes, the ability to use your own background image, looping and auto advance, live sharing, remote control, and premium support.

These are some of the most impressive Prezi alternatives that are on the market today.

While some of them have very similar features, many have unique features that make them special. When you are choosing software for your presentations, think about the types of creations you want to make and then choose the software that you believe will work the best.
Since they have free versions and trials available, it is in your best interest to try the software before you actually buy it. This will ensure you know how to use it, and that it fits your needs.

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