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Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Create and edit presentations
  • Import rich media
  • Zoom and pan on one slide
  • Group editing
  • Shared folders
  • Remote "hand-over" presenter tool
  • Present on desktops or mobile devices
  • Offline presentation mode


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese
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World Wide
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  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
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  • Storage 4GB
  • Control privacy settings 
  • Access on any device
  • Premium Support


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  • Storage Unlimited
  • Control privacy settings
  • Access on any device
  • Premium Support
  • Image editing tools
  • Work offline


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  • Storage Unlimited
  • Control privacy settings
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How to Get Your Prezi Free Trial

Established in 2009, Prezi is a renowned cloud-based presentation software application that offers businesses of all sizes and home users efficient storytelling and animation tools to present ideas in the form of a video. It uses a unique zooming user interface (ZUI). It enables users to navigate through presentations within parallax 3D space and zoom in and out of their presentation media to edit and make them look more attractive and appealing. Do you plan to use Prezi to create effective presentations as well? If so, go through these simple tips to get a free trial.

Step 1:

Prezi Free Trial Step 1

Enter https://prezi.com/ into the URL of your browser and check the website to gain information regarding how to use the application and make great presentations. Once completed, click on the ‘Give Prezi a Try’ button highlighted in blue, which is below ‘The presentation software for when it matters’ title at the top of the page.

Step 2:

Prezi Free Trial Step 2

After clicking on the ‘Give Prezi a Try’ button, you will be redirected to the pricing page that provides you valuable details regarding each package and their features available. There are three packages: Enjoy, Pro, and Teams. The Enjoy package works best for businesses that have just made their way into the market and are looking to create a professional presentation. The Pro package is for large organizations and enterprises that need to make professional presentations consistently. The Team version in addition to the standard features also comes with Prezi training and central account management. Select the one that satisfies your needs the best and then click on the 14-Day Free Trial.

Step 3:

Prezi Free Trial Step 3

Now, all you have to do is pick a payment plan. The $10 per month option doesn’t provide a free trial, but the $59 per year is not a bad choice. Therefore, click on the year plan and fill out your first name, last name, email, and password to continue with setting up your profile and gaining a free trial for 14 days. Now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, obtaining a free trial at Prezi won’t be a problem.

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Critic Reviews

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  • Using PowerPoint is simply outdated! Love the graphic capabilities when using Prezi! Clients love the ability to get a better visual of presentation as well.

    Pros : Easy to use, beautiful presentations!

    Cons : Can't think of any, it meets all of my current needs.

  • Unique and dynamic, Prezi is freeform presentation software that's terrific for informal and unstructured information. But if you're looking for a slide-based PowerPoint-like alternative, this isn't it.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • A nice alternative to desktop and other online slide software that produces elegant presentations.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    emily josh

    Prezi is a completely different presentation making software it is far unique and I don't think it can be compared to any other presentation maker. I am a physics professor at a privately owned college and as you might as well know, teaching physics to students require their complete and utter attention, they must understand what they're dealing with and learn the dynamics of every object, this purpose is fulfilled quite clearly by prezi.

    Starting off, it is quite simple to make a presentation once you start getting used to all the nifty little features, even the hidden secret ones which are difficult to use. Once you get past that phase, your presentations start glowing, I know when you're done with the first one, you are quite relieved that after all the time it consumed, you finally did it, and believe me, your students are going to keep on asking you from where did you make such a miraculous presentation.

    Every single thing, from your text to your drawings are transformed into an elaborate art through Prezi and the results are quite noticeable. The thing that bugs me is that when you have the $10 subscription, you can only do limited things through it such as only being able to work online, that drives a person to go on for a $20 a month subscription and it might be a tad expensive for an average person. I think it needs to work on making the offline version accessible cheaply as I have already seen a few pirated versions out and about in the market. The video can be outsourced into a mp4 file which makes all the secrets kept a secret(I meant Prezi).

    Pros :

    • Amazing tools which made the whole process swift for any presentation.
    • The way a presentation ends up looking like is fairly different from the competition.
    • A video format available.
    • Ah well the presentations can be made online too, although it requires a computer with a lot of resources.

    Cons :

    • It might be a tad too expensive.
    • The basic version for $10 is not completely justified as you are limited to only working online and when you're on the go on your laptop, you can't work through it

    • August 14, 2016
  • User review from

    Enmanuel Durán Salas

    Prezi is a different way to create virtual presentations, it's really been original in the way that shows the information and switch between slides, it's easy to use and learn and also free which is always great. It has a web version and desktop, both versions working very well. The idea behind it is original and the results are not like a typical power point presentation, it's mostly used by students (In my country at least) as an alternative to power point or similar monotonous software.

    Pros :

    The following are some things that I like about Prezi:

    • Transitions: The effects when you are switching between slides are really cool, they're like 3D simulations, and often people get some fun from it when making a presentation, I'd say this is pretty much the best part of Prezi.
    • Free: Unlike other similar software Prezi is free and you can use it since the moment you get registered (I think it has a payed version but I haven't used it yet)
    • Easy to understand and use: Prezi's user interface is really simple and easy to follow, you'll understand most of the tools by watching the icons and others you just have to read their functionality to catch them.
    • Web support: I've always said this, if the app has a web version then I'll prefer to use this app instead of others because you don't have to install software that you will use only a couple of times per month/year maybe.

    Cons :

    • One of the things that I think Prezi needs to do better is the User Interface when you're linking slides, it's good but sometimes you can get confused and mess up some things that you've already made, it has happened to my sister a couple of times and it's completely understandable once you see why it happened.

    • June 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Steve Blankenship

    Presentations have become a vital part of any meeting, whether your selling a product, having an internal discussion, or presenting an idea. The downside to having a presentation is they can be dull with simple cut transition or unimaginative fades and text crawls. Prezi allows for the audience to be taken on a virtual journey and feel engaged with the presentation. It's flashy without being ostentatious. Prezi is also available on multiple platforms, allowing you to present to any audience at any location. You can also store your Prezi's in the cloud so that you may access it at anytime from any device, rather than having to carry around a single device.

    Pros :

    • I have always been bored by viewing slides with nothing more than words and pictures. Prezi is a way to present to an audience in a story-telling format.
    • One of the greatest features provided by Prezi are the numerous templates available. If you're looking for a way to present, but are not very artistic, you can use one of these templates and edit it to your liking.
    • I also like the communities where you can share your presentation and get advice from other users and experts.
    • Being able to access my presentations from anywhere is very important as it allows me to travel without having to store it on my hard drive, forcing me to have my computer with me at all times.

    Cons :

    • The only serious issue I have with Prezi is that it takes awhile to learn. It's not as easy as creating text boxes and adding pictures.
    • There's more to understand, like creating a path and knowing which transitions to use.
    • If you aren't careful, your presentation can become rather overwhelming to the audience.
    • Too many snazzy transitions can force the audience to lose interest or become overly enamored by the presentation they miss the point of the subject itself.
    • It's important to really understand what you're doing, and I would recommend presenting to a friend or colleague for feedback before presenting to your intended audience.

    • March 29, 2016
  • User review from

    Alec Bruns

    Prezi is a free and unique presentation tool. No download is required to use this software. It is all done via a web applet. Flash is needed so make sure that is installed and up to date before trying your hand at Prezi. Unlike PowerPoint and other Presentation software, Prezi does not use the slideshow format. Instead, it works by creating shapes with your important text in them and pointing to the next one on a large canvas. Each time you want to go to the next slide, the presentation will move to the next part, whether it be to the side, zooming in, or zooming out. This allows for a unique experience that differs from the normal and sometimes bland slideshow presentations.

    Pros :

    • -Prezi is completely free. There is no cost to using it and no worry about it taking up any space on your hard-drive.
    • You do not even need to download a file after completing it.
    • It is all saved in cloud software. I find that this helps out a ton with keeping my own files clear and always having it on hand.
    • All that is needed is the link saved, which can be stored in an email or a note. In addition, Prezi has a great ability to be very open ended.
    • There are many more possibilities for design in terms of the presentation as opposed to something like a slideshow or poster presentation.
    • With Prezi, a presentation can literally go in any direction you want.
    • I find this feature very useful, and it really does make the program what it is.

    Cons :

    • Prezi can be too much sometimes.The same open endedness that makes it so great also hurts Prezi in a professional workplace.
    • Prezi as a whole is a very delicate software and can look unprofessional at times.
    • Do to the lack of structure and how one must build a structure themselves, a professional powerpoint is sometimes hard to create on Prezi. andnbsp; andnbsp;

    • March 15, 2016
  • User review from

    Maurizio Mangiavacchi

    Prezi is really a great and new software to create, show and share your presentation. I've always used Microsoft Powerpoint, but when i discovered Prezi... I've found a new way to do my presentations: less time, more efficacy. With Prezi, you have something like a canvas where You can create your presentation. You can use pre-built templates to create your own presentation, or of course, You can create a new one.

    There are a lot of cool templates, and a lot of them are customizable. You can create something like "a path", rotate the canvas or zoom in and out to a specific point in the canvas. Everything in your canvas can be like a Powerpoint slide.

    Pros :

    • You can add images, text, youtube videos, icons or also videos from your PC.
    • It's really easy to make cool and dynamics presentations with Prezi.
    • Prezi allows the user to create presentations in the cloud (prezi.com), but it's also available a desktop tool to create, modify and view presentations. It depends on your subscriptions.

    Cons :

    • Sometimes, when working on the cloud and downloading the presentation on your desktop, some picture it's not properly visible. -It's really hard to search for available templates, and if you're using a "free" subscription all your Prezi presentations are public; that means, everyone can see your presentation on prezi.com website.
    • Moreover: there is only a little set of icons; it could be really useful to have more icons to add to presentations.
    • I think that another defect of Prezi is: when adding videos, there isn't a simple way to make videos auto play or stuff like that (see for examples videos in Microsoft power point).
    • There are really few formatting options.
    • Sometimes it's a little bit slow worning on the cloud with Prezi, but ok it's not a big issue.

    • February 28, 2016
  • User review from

    Luca Campanelli

    Prezi is a great product that allows you to make maximum impact presentations, quickly and with a guaranteed result. You can download the free version (Public) by going to the Prezi.com site, this version (license) has some limitations in terms of megabytes available and as for the share on the cloud, basically once you have created your presentation and shared on the cloud, then It will be public.

    Of course, you will have to register with a username and password. You can initially use the template that is very useful to start using the product easily. Otherwise, you can start from blank (empty) Prezi.

    Pros :

    • The power of this tool is to allow you to interact with the presentation as if it were a unique graphics artboard, then imagine that you have a unique drawing area where you draw using various graphical tools to represent your objects.
    • With objects, do not just mean graphics ( images, text, lines, circles, etc.) but also dynamic objects such as the incorporation of a video, or URL addresses clickable.
    • Once designed entirely your "artboard", with all the objects you want to show, you can create a "line" of exploration staring each point of the artboard in sequence (something very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint slides).
    • It's very interesting and very effective that you can set the zoom level on the single object, and working with vector objects will not have any type of pixelated image problem.
    • You can then browse your entire presentation making zoom freely at will on the whole "artboard" or by following step by step the points of the presentation according to your developments.

    Cons :

    • There really is little to object to this product. If you really want to be picky, being it a very oriented to the graphic product, it could have a few more graphical tools or effects to be as professional as possible.
    • The price of the Pro version should be a bit more economical: it costs 18 € per month if it is billed monthly and 11.67 € per month if it is billed annually.

    • February 12, 2016
  • User review from

    Derek Rose

    Prezi is a game-changing tool. I first used Prezi when I was preparing for a team meeting in which I had to give a presentation to 100 people. I wanted to engage each team member, provide information, and make the meeting interesting. And Wow! Using Prezi helped tremendously! My presentation caught the interest of team members, and I then had their attention to present the material in unique and creative way. My overall impression is that Prezi can help with creating exciting presentations as an alternative to Power Point. By using Prezi, the creator of the presentation can control the flow and tempo of how information is presented to the audience.

    Prezi is a powerful tool. Rather than just “view” presentations, audience members can actually “experience” the presentation. The creator of the Prezi presentation takes the audience on a unique ride – flipping, flying, and even entering into the text of the presentation.

    Pros :

    • One of the pros of Prezi is that it is truly unique. Once learned, one can create a different and unique presentation experience. Users fly, zoom, and travel through the presentation.
    • I like how Prezi offers different packages for different users. For example, there is a “FREE” Prezi option which I have personally used, which allows free access to Prezi, but there are other options with paid subscriptions. This is especially useful for businesses, churches, and professional speakers.
    • Another pro is that users can search through public Prezi presentations and get ideas and get inspired for their own projects.
    • One of the pros of the paid subscriptions is the access to training, support, and working offline
    • Prezi is a top notch presentation program.

    Cons :

    • One of the cons of Prezi is the learning curve. It takes a little bit of time to gain an understanding of putting together a Prezi and utilizing all its features. But overall, I give it a couple of thumbs up.

    • January 23, 2016
  • User review from

    Robin Ruetenik

    Prezi is the wicked awesome distant cousin to PowerPoint. It’s a slick and fun way to make presentations, that are both interesting and informative. It’s completely customizable, so the usage of logos and color schemes is easy to incorporate. Prezi is online software, so you can work on and access it from anywhere, preventing the possibility of leaving a presentation on a local machine or thumb drive (although the Prezi file itself is downloadable if-needed).

    Pros :

    • Easy and fun I'm looking forward to using this program! Using Prezi is much like creating an eCard or eNewsletter by clicking on the section you want to edit and typing text or choosing an image.
    • Plentiful font options and manipulations exist as well.
    • Themes, ready-made and customizable There are dozens and dozens of templates to choose from, and there’s no shortage of ideas! I haven’t created my own theme because I haven’t needed to with all of the pre-designed ones.
    • Online software. It’s there online wherever you go, and also features a download option into different presentation file formats, including PowerPoint. If you want to become really fancy, though, the themes can be changed so that the color scheme matches your organization’s or business’ color palette. Users also have the ability to add a 3D background and logo.
    • Impresses colleagues Whenever I use Prezi, people are impressed. They love the zoom-in-zoom-out animation and the hub-and-spoke features. It’s a great way to organize information in a logical way, which I've found generally improves the rate at which people learn.

    Cons :

    • Being on a Mac and using a magic mouse, I had to switch to a different mouse, because of the mouse's scrolling function. It tends to zoom out and in too quickly while working on a project. Aside from that, I’ve never encountered any other program bugs or inconveniences while using Prezi.

    • January 13, 2016
  • User review from

    Sam Gooch

    Prezi is a presentation tool like no other. The infographic-style presentation makes it easy to present a large amount of information within a single screen, by zooming in and out of a graphic to reveal hidden content. Prezi also gives the wow factor that will make your presentation stand, moving from the traditional PowerPoint presentation that uses the traditional ‘fade in’ slide transition, to a slick presentation that tells your story through a journey around the screen. I have to say that I used Prezi when tasked with creating a short presentation for an interview, and I got the job - I believe that Prezi helped me to stand out from the other candidates.

    Pros :

    • Choose from a wide selection of templates that can suit almost any theme of presentation
    • Enjoy a 14-day free trial to try out all of the features Reasonable pricing starting from under €5 per month, with a free account available if you don’t mind your Prezis being available to the public (and the search engines!)
    • Access your presentations from most devices
    • Ability to work on your Prezis offline (with a pro or team account)
    • Share your Prezis with other users via a share link
    • Access other public Prezis for inspiration
    • Upload your own images to further customize and brand your Prezis
    • Prezi provides a wealth of support through its knowledge base, with videos, tutorials, articles and example
    • Prezis, as well as a community of over a million users to help answer any questions you may have.
    • Prezi supports 9 languages, making it available to a huge audience spanning the globe

    Cons :

    • It can become quite disorientating when viewing Prezis that move around too much
    • It takes some getting used to, and I have found myself spending more time on the design and transition between content as time-consuming as creating the content itself

    • December 15, 2015
  • User review from

    anchal jain

    In today’s era of upcoming technology and thought provoking ideas, Prezi has come up with an extreme idea of developing presentations with effects that are not provided yet by any of the service providers of this product. It aims at providing a unique and a user-friendly platform for presenting one’s ideas and thought into a virtual model known as a presentation that could be considered for further evaluation purposes of any work or a project. It provides a unique platform of putting in the ideas as inputs over an amazing three-dimensional model with visual graphics that gives users an amazing analytic informative structure to figure out what is to be looked forward. Prezi ZUI, Prezi Collaborate, Prezi desktop, Prezi Viewer for iPad , all these products define that they have spread and made user to use the product as per their convenience. The best online platform for developing the presentations in the most advanced manner.

    Pros :

    • The online feature is the best and one of its kinds in creating the presentations.
    • The website provides a very clear and informative step to input your details and carry out the work with all the editing and the animations that are to be entered.
    • The three-dimensional graphic animations and tools provide me an amazingly phenomenal experience while working with this website every time.
    • The sound animations are clear, and the audio quality is good as compared to what is provided by its competitor.
    • It is an overall package of editing and developing the canvas model of our ideas into a virtual package.

    Cons :

    • The Prezi desktop version is highly expensive, but it contains all the features that a package must have for preparing a presentation of ideas into the model that one could see.
    • The online feature could be provided with some more of the features that the pro feature of the desktop version os is having so that users could be able to develop and edit their presentations offline.
    • The private feature is what has made me restricted for a certain time to buy this product.

    • December 2, 2015
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