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  • Protecting our core values

    We have been very lucky to experience rapid growth due to our unique approaches in our industry. Unfortunately, rapid growth is very dangerous for many companies, because the growth distracts them, and they lose sight of what made the successful in the first place. We were desperately searching for a solution that would allow us to retain and promote our culture in a simple, but powerful, knowledge base platform. We tested many products, but Knowledgeowl was the simplest and most effective to use. In addition, the support has been incredible. I really feel like they are in this with us, not just selling a product. I highly recommend this product!

    Pros : Clean and simple user interface Powerful back end Incredible support

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    HelpGizmo is great and easy to use

    Using Helpgizmo for our company's knowledge base is the best decision we made. The pages are easy to edit and manage. I was able to add pages at my first login! It really makes it easier for users to access the data they need, so you won't have to go over and over the same set of instructions to different sets of customers daily.

    Pros : Excellent customer support: Quick to reply on any issue and are very enthusiastic to help you. If you need guidance or have a suggestion for a feature, Marybeth got you covered! If the top score for support is 5, these guys deserve a 10!

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    HelpGizmo is a great product with a great team at a great price.

    We were using Zendesk for our knowledge base because they were also our ticketing system, but I got frustrated with slow development timelines for some features core to our organization. We reached a tipping point and needed an alternative solution. After looking into over a dozen options, I discovered HelpGizmo. Not only did they already have the core features we needed, they were genuinely interested in building the best product possible and asked about the other pain points that existed with our previous service. They were willing to iterate on their product quickly and excellently to make it something even better than the great product I had discovered. It was such a different experience to see how quickly they responded and rolled out really great features that create a lot of value. Best yet, we still use Zendesk for ticketing but HelpGizmo is now our knowledgebase and Helpgizmo integrates with Zendesk so we get the best of what each company offers. Going with HelpGizmo was a great decision and working with their team has been a true pleasure. Highly recommend!

    Pros : Permissioning by article level Great article WYSIWYG editor Outstanding customer service Variety of layouts Fantastic price Integrates with Zendesk ticketing Fully customizable with a little CSS

    Cons : Truly can't think of any

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  • HelpGizmo can meet the documentation needs of a number of job roles in any industry. The app serves small business needs as much as it does enterprises. HR departments benefit greatly from the ability to create training manuals and company handbooks, customer service reps benefit from creating self-service portals and FAQs, internal IT service desks and operations can use HelpGizmo to create knowledge bases for staff, while software developers and technical writers can create software guides and user manuals for products.

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