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Telestream Flip4Mac  allows you to import WMV and WMA files to your Mac for conversion to QuickTime and QuickTime compatible formats. Convert Windows Media for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iTunes with applications such as Flip Player Pro, QuickTime 7 Pro, QuickTime X 10.2 in OS X 10.8, iMovie, Keynote, PowerPoint, Compressor or Episode. Flip4Mac Player Pro also unlocks Pro features in the free Flip Player (included with Flip4Mac). Flip4Mac Player Pro 3 supports OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. 

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Plans & Pricing

Flip4Mac Player

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime applications
  • view Windows Media content on the Internet using a web browser.

Flip4Mac/Flip Player Pro

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Playback of all popular formats
  • Non-intrusive playback controls
  • Step, skip or jump forward/reverse navigation
  • Instant replay navigation
  • Loop
  • Dim Lights background dimming feature
  • Export preset templates for applications (iMovie, iPhoto, Mail, Episode, ScreenFlow, Wirecast)
  • Export preset templates for iPhone, iPad, AppleTVandMac
  • Premium editing features (Rotate, Visual Scaling, Visual Cropping, Trim)
  • Advanced navigation control (JKL playback, command/period stepping, slow motion playback)
  • Added export options for iPhone Ringtones and Final Cut Pro (ProRes) exports

Flip4Mac Studio

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Includes all the features of Player Pro
  •  create standard definition (up to 768 X 576) WMV files
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    Nick Thorsch

    I purchased the Flip4Mac Pro version ($29) because for my work I've sometimes needed to convert wmv files to mov or mp4 files for editing on my Mac. Flip4Mac worked like a charm. I was surprised that this wasn't included in Quicktime or as a paid add-on. Maybe some licensing issue with Microsoft. But Microsoft has openly endorsed Flip4Mac as Windows Media Components for QuickTime on their website. It's pretty much the only known component for OSX that supports Windows Media Video and Audio. That format itself is a dying breed, where the preference now is mp4. Mac's native format is mov, and web browsers are now also using webm and ogv. So with all of these formats, being able to convert between them all is crucial. Uploading to YouTube generally does the job for you, but sometimes there are cases if you're viewing a video on your computer or editing, using a standalone player or a website theme and you need to convert the files on your own. The WMV and WMA formats are what Microsoft Windows Movie Maker uses, which is the free program distributed with Windows (kinda like Paint is for images), so it's still widely in use especially amongst Windows users. There are several pricing levels that are both affordable and make sense: - Flip4Mac Player which allows you to play Windows Media files - The Pro version allows to you to import and convert using QuickTime - The Studio version has higher dimensions - The Studio Pro HD has higher quality with two-pass encoding

    Pros :

    - Converts WMV and WMA files to Mac formats for editing or viewing - High-quality, affordable price - Handles other files formats too like ASF - Can do high dimension and high-quality encoding

    Cons :

    - Costs money, but worth it to get a more quality product that's updated over time - Doesn't work with DRM content, but DRM really isn't in use any more anyway.

    • September 26, 2015
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Telestream Flip4Mac

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