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Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an experienced designer, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is your trusted graphic design software solution. With its content-rich environment and professional graphic design, photo-editing and website design software, you have everything you need to express your style and creativity with endless possibilities.

Quickly feel at home with built-in help, training videos and professionally designed templates. Then, create with confidence everything from distinctive logos and signs to custom websites, web graphics, billboards, car wraps, flyers and more! Show your true design style!

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Plans & Pricing

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

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  • Redesigned, fully customizable interface
  • Advanced workspaces
  • Total control over fills and transparency
  • Vector and bitmap pattern fills
  • Easy font preview and advanced character tools
  • Special effects and advanced photo editing
  • Precise layout and drawing tools
  • High-resolution and multi-display support
  • QR code generator
  • Built-in Content Exchange
  • Learning materials and expert tips
  • Easy color harmony editing
  • Easy, professional website design
  • Compatibility with the latest file formats
  • Royalty-free, quality content
  • Exciting mobile apps
  • Advanced OpenType support
  • Complex script support
  • Document styles
  • Custom-built Color Harmonies
  • Creative vector shaping tools
  • Page layout tools
  • Native 64-bit and multi-core support
  • Premium Membership
  • Redesigned color management engine
  • Web graphics tools
  • Easy bitmap-to-vector tracing
  • Built-in content organizer
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Critic Reviews

  • 71

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  • CorelDraw creates vector graphics that scale up and down more gracefully than the bitmapped graphics produced by Photoshop and its descendants.


    • Powerful vector-graphics editor with many advanced features
    • Can customize workspaces to adapt the interface to your skill level
    • Includes a QR code tool to help you create and verify barcodes
    • Can handle multi-page documents
    • Includes an impressive collection of images, templates, fonts, and training videos


    • Expensive
    • Can be difficult to use without study or training

  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is a stand-alone video editing tool that provides a straightforward editing interface for newcomers, a quite accessible interface for additional customization options, 64-bit performance, and some additional bonus features, all at a price well under $100.

  • CorelDraw's core vector drawing tools are fast and precise, and various automatic snapping functions help keep designs neat and tidy. Simple things such as the ability to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel make light work of fine-tuning details.

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User Reviews

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    Alejandra López

    It's been few years since I first used CorelDraw so I'm not exactly up to date on it's strengths or weaknesses, I used CorelDraw when I was starting to learn the basics of vector illustration and continued using it through version 8, but I reached a point where I grew out of it, got a Mac, met Adobe's Creative Family and moved on.

    I truly believe that CorelDraw is a good vectorizing platform. However, I wouldn't even consider switching back to it from Adobe Illustrator.

    Pros :

    • It's a very simple software, very easy to use, you can basically open it for the first time and work on intuition. There's no need to look for tutorials, videos or books for the basics, you also won't need a high level with vector graphics.
    • The tools are similar as the ones on Adobe Illustrator, so if you have used this platform, you'll have no problem adapting to CorelDraw and start vectorizing.
    • I would recommend Corel mainly for freelancers (graphic designers / architects / web designers) as an inexpensive professional vectorizing instrument, basic features are a lot like Adobe Illustrator.

    Cons :

    • Adobe Illustrator is the greatest industry standard for vector illustration, and some of the benefits of using an industry standard program are: sharing files is more simple and efficient, there are much more resources available, more features and updates, also if you are looking for a job then is very likely that you'll be asked to use said program.
    • Outdated, CorelDraw seems stuck in time, there hasn't been a Mac updated version in years, which is a HUGE problem.
    • Also, the program lacks a good memory manager, the RAM memory is constantly filled and need to be cleaned manually, so it crashes all the time and may lead to corrupted files.
    • It lacks screen and print color precision.

    • April 20, 2016
  • User review from

    Stefan Boeykens

    I have been a long-time CorelDRAW user in the past, using versions 6 till 9 intensively. I've used newer releases (12 and X7) less frequently, since I moved to OSX, alas (there once was a Mac version, but that was quickly abandoned). I've seriously considered it and my wife is still using it to create illustrations for her Math classes. CorelDRAW especially is very efficient for technical drawing and illustration, although it is not a real CAD drafting system (it lacks some of the essential snapping tools and works less efficient for this type of drafting - besides, they provide CorelCAD for that, although that is a completely different software). The good control over grids, snapping and shape/curve editing make it a professional environment.

    It used to come with some other applications (CorelDREAM for 3D, R.A.V.E. for Flash), but the only constant companion software seems to be PhotoPAINT, which is a very usable alternative to Photoshop. A little less convincing, but still very usable and complete. I remember being spoiled with a huge clipart collection and a PRINTED catalog, back in the days.

    To me, CorelDRAW really shines when it comes to refined, precise technical drawings, combining curves, text, filled shapes, gradients and even integrating images. It is a good DTP system although less popular than Illustrator, which is its closest rival. For longer, multi-page documents, it becomes less handy, but for brochures, leaflets, manuals, calendars and all other documents with one or a few pages, it works really well. I also like the layer system, which allows you to define layers which don't print, layers which are repeated and all pages alongside the regular layer options such as show/hide and lock. The text system takes some getting used to, but you have full control over fonts, kerning, sizes, spacing and even linking boxes to flow the text.

    Pros :

    • Very complete and professional vector editing.
    • Also includes PhotoPAINT, as an alternative to Photoshop
    • Good control over color, shape merging and combining.
    • Also usable for Multi-page documents (although not a full DTP system).
    • Snapping and Grids and precision editing work fine.
    • Fair Price and better-licensing options then Adobe.

    Cons :

    • Less supported in the industry, which is focused on Adobe software.
    • If you compare with the full suite of Adobe tools, you only have Vector and Image with CorelDRAW
    • Not available for OSX.

    • January 7, 2016
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