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  • CorelCAD may not be the software with the most features or tools, but is one of the easiest pieces of professional CAD software to use. The simple look and feel of the application puts your mind at ease and makes it easy to find basic tools. We expected to find a greater number of advanced tools in a professional CAD software application like this, but it does have the necessary tools for creating 2D or 3D designs. CorelCAD is ideal if you are looking for a cost-effective professional CAD application.

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  • The interface is very easy to use. Advanced features like drag and drop and custom tool bars enable you to quickly create a design. Overall, it's a great CAD software.

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  • As the first release of a new CAD package, CorelCAD has a lot to offer. It has all the features you’d expect, it works in the way you’d expect, and has the export facilities to allow files to be created however you wish. In common with similar packages you’ll get the best performance on a high-spec Mac but it should work with virtually all of them. On top of all of this it works natively with DWG files meaning that work created in CorelCAD will be fully accessible to those using AutoCAD and vice versa. It’s good value for money, and has much to recommend it.

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