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Best Camtasia Alternatives

Camtasia is a video software solution that works like a video camera. It allows you to capture videos using its advanced screen recording functions and lets you import videos from other sources, such as a camera.
It offers a free mobile app, so you can easily import your mobile photos and videos to Camtasia for editing. Camtasia also comes with a media asset library that carries a range of special effects to keep your audience engaged.
On top of other noteworthy features, Camtasia has a Green Screen Effect functionality that lets you superimpose yourself on the videos you create, making it look like you’re exactly where the action is.
While Camtasia promises to be a video app worth investing your time in, there are, of course, other software titles out there that you can look into.
In no particular order, we’re outlining 10 of those video apps below:

1. MAGIX Video Pro

MAGIX Video Pro is an audio and video editing solution tailored toward meeting both the professional and ambitious demands of users, offering tools that render broadcast-ready quality results.
It’s also one of the first editing programs with the full version of proDAD Mercalli V4, a high-quality plugin that's embedded into the user interface and ensures topnotch image stabilization.
MAGIX Video Pro includes the following key features:
  • Native 64-bit application where audio codecs and the video engine use more than 4GB of RAM for complex projects to enable more processing control
  • Movies that can be embedded in other movies as objects
  • Support for 4K and UHD formats, such as those created by Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HERO3+ Black Edition, Canon DSLRs with Magic Lantern, and Canon EOS-1D
  • Four measuring instruments for color correction and grading: vectorscope, waveform monitor, histogram, and RGB parade
  • Video effects that are GPU-optimized, plus new effects that include the high-dynamic range (HDR) effect
Editing with MAGIX Video Pro is simple and straightforward, and the smooth workflow it provides makes using even the advanced tools easy.
It has broad output options and supports single-click operations via a redesigned toolbar in the timeline.
MAGIX Video Pro is affordable and a great alternative for video editors who may not have the most sophisticated editing abilities.

2. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is a do-it-yourself video editing application that allows businesses and non-artists to produce quality animated videos for a variety of purposes, such as on their website’s home page, marketing content, emails, social media, and so on.
The app supports various video formats and incorporates background music and special effects. With its drag-and-drop interface, GoAnimate makes creating professional-looking videos simple and fun even for first-time users. 
Key features include:
  • Animated videos that are created directly online, without the need to download files that eat up space on your computer’s hard drive
  • Automatic lip-sync or text-to-speech option that lets you type out exact conversations in a dialogue box or text in the narration box
  • The ability to import images, sound files, and other videos when putting together a new video, adding voice-over to an existing video, or putting the finishing touches
  • Tools for collaboration, as collaborators can review and comment on your work, even take control of the process, if necessary
  • An extensive library of backgrounds, props, characters, actions, sound effects, and music tracks
  • Whiteboard animation themes containing different props and backgrounds
With GoAnimate’s drag-and-drop interface, animation of scene fundamentals is simple. Characters and resources can easily be found and modified in the menu section of the app.
Customizable templates provide thousands of pre-animated characters, props, backgrounds, and actions, allowing you to create your first video within minutes. Built into the app are sound effects and music libraries, characters can be customized, and lip-sync is automatic.

3. Moovly

Used by organizations like Cisco, the European Commission, and UNESCO, Moovly is a drag-and-drop video editing tool that enables users to create animated videos, video presentations, interactive infographics, and other multimedia content for business, educational, and personal purposes.
Its preset library of images, videos, and sounds allows users to produce different video projects and publish them on multiple internal or external platforms.
Moovly’s key features include:
  • Creation of an unlimited number of videos
  • Maximum resolution of 1080p (HD)
  • Storage bandwidth of 1 GB or 200 items
  • Export to YouTube and Facebook
  • Vast choices of sound and music objects
  • Full content design and copywriting services to help you craft the best possible version of your content
  • Voice-over services to have your transcript recorded by expert voice-over artists
  • Creation of new objects or libraries that meet your graphical requirements
Even for a first-time user, Moovly is intuitive and lets you work with ease. All in all, the app employs easy-to-use tools that let you efficiently capture the interest of your audience, regardless of your animation creation or video editing background.
Ideal for business advertisement animations, Moovly makes objects appear more interactive because of the wide collection of animation options provided.

4. Limelight

The Limelight video platform is an integrated cloud-based application that provides a simple yet comprehensive interface for managing and publishing high-quality video on various web channels.
Syndication rules allow you to control who see your videos and which regions of the world they can be available. Because Limelight integrates with YouTube, you can easily copy and paste videos to blogs and other platforms.
Limelight’s key features include:
  • Analytics for videos in various platforms (web or mobile) to help publishers assess and optimize video performance
  • Live video streams to different devices, including mobile, expanding your viewership and enhancing customer relationships
  • Code to automatically detect the requesting device and provide the best possible viewing experiences
  • Ease of sharing video content using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Integrated buttons to share online video and playback capability on social media sites
  • MediaVault integration to ensure that your content remains secure
  • Closed captioning that displays text on the video screen to communicate spoken dialogue (especially for individuals who are hard of hearing) and shows subtitles for non-native speakers of the video language
Limelight allows for the efficient sharing of any digital story and provides a host of other essential services such as cloud storage, DDoS security, and website acceleration.

5. Adobe Premiere Elements

A tool specifically created for inexperienced video editors and everyday consumers, Adobe Premiere Elements helps you edit videos like a pro.
It offers in-app guidance, automated options, and special effects to turn your rough clips into incredible movies, which can then be shared to different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.
Videos can be exported to various file formats, so your movies look great on just about any device, whether it be a big-screen 4K or HD TV, an iPod, iPad, or other smartphone brands. Video files can also be burned to DVD discs.
Notable features Adobe Premiere Elements carries are:
  • A button bar that offers basic editing, color modification, light alteration, music, and graphics tools
  • Video stabilization from either the Quick or Expert mode by choosing the shake stabilizer option from the Adjust panel
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs via Guided Edits to create effects that are more complex than just a button press or slider adjustment
  • Color adjustment and footage enhancement using various photo-blending techniques
  • Image adjustment to its best-guess fix
  • Title animation and addition of soundtracks
  • The ability to quickly trim your videos so only your best footage remain
Adobe Premiere Elements lets you add several new options to your movies, including placing a video inside titles, and use masks to apply effects to selected portions of the screen.
Adobe Premiere Elements versions are available for both Macs and PCs.

6. ScreenFlow

Created for educators, app developers, bloggers, and marketers, ScreenFlow is an award-winning screencasting and video editing software that lets users create high-quality videos for their different needs, such as reviews, guides, trainings, software tutorials, and various other presentations.
ScreenFlow can record everything – the contents of your video camera, what you say on your microphone, your entire computer screen, and even what’s coming out of your computer’s audio speakers.
ScreenFlow’s intuitive editing interface then allows you to artistically edit your video, and even add text, music, images, and transitions to make it more professional-looking.
Key features ScreenFlow delivers include:
  • A recording monitor that allows you to view your current recording time, volume levels, plus a preview of your webcam while you record
  • Snapback actions that let you easily return a clip to its previous state
  • Markers that can be added while recording so you know the points in your video where you need to edit
  • Cleanup of unused media library items
  • Batch export to save you time in exporting multiple projects
  • Upload to YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, and other platforms
To sum up, ScreenFlow is easy to use, but when issues occur, their top-rated customer support team can help you get back on track.
With ScreenFlow, just pick an area of the screen, or all of it, and you can immediately begin recording. Versatile tools are available, and post-production is relatively pain-free.

7. CyberLink Director Suite

CyberLink Director Suite is a multimedia content creation and editing package geared toward creatives, ranging from beginners to high-end moviemakers.
It provides tools for quick video editing (PowerDirector), advanced audio editing (AudioDirector), and creative color grading (ColorDirector). Each tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the others to create more professional-looking videos.
There’s even a PowerDirector Mobile video editor for Windows tablets.
Key features the app provides include:
  • Multi-cam editing that supports multiple camera viewing, as it allows you to switch between multiple cameras while editing your video
  • Support for up to four camera angles
  • Import, edit, and export functions for videos and photo slideshows in 4K resolution
  • Content-aware editing functionality that evaluates your recording and spots the most important scenes such as those with faces, motion, zoom, speech, and more
  • Video quality improvement by correcting poor lighting and shaky video
  • Mobile video editing that lets you start a project on your mobile device and continue with your desktop, a feature available on Windows tablets
  • Motion tracking that lets you add effects to moving people or objects in a footage, a technique commonly used in sports videos
  • Automated dialogue alignment when you need to redub your audio
  • Global and regional blur effects
CyberLink Director Suite’s editing tools support the latest technologies. Also, there’s no need to wait long to preview videos, and component applications are available separately.
It offers fast rendering speed, a large selection of special effects and transitions, and effectively improves SD video to HD-like video quality.

8. Anime Studio

Anime Studio is a fun and affordable 2D animation solution that’s complete with tools that artists and hobbyists need to craft 2D movies, cartoons, anime, and cut-out animations.
While Anime Studio is perfect for professionals looking for a better alternative to slow and tiresome frame-by-frame animation, it’s also a great tool for entry-level artists who simply want to express their creativity.
Ideal for any age group, the app’s comprehensive video tutorials let you quickly learn how the various animation tools work, and preset characters and content allow you to get started with your projects right away.
Key features the app carries include:
  • Improved sketch/drawing tools, as more and more functions are made available to produce and attain great results
  • Multiple document support that allows you to work with multiple documents at any one time and switch from one document to another
  • Combined bone tools for a more streamlined working experience
  • Selecting and editing of multiple layers, as well as different types of layers
With Anime Studio, every feature serves a purpose, either to save time, keep things organized, or improve the quality of the animation.
Anime Studio offers two variants: Anime Studio Debut for beginners and Anime Studio Pro for professionals.

9. Cyberlink Media Suite

CyberLink Media Suite is a multifaceted multimedia application that allows you to create, edit, play, convert, and burn onto DVDs any type of video, audio, and image file stored on your computer. The produced files can then be uploaded to social sites from within the program.
CyberLink Media Suite lets you play Blu-ray and DVD movies, organize your media library, and burn content to discs for backup.
Key CyberLink Media Suite features include:
  • Ultra HD 4K video capability that allows you to create and watch Ultra HD 4K videos
  • Media playback tools, including H.265 playback
  • Fast editing with 64-bit support
  • A unique PowerStarter launcher that lets you quickly access and manipulate any Media Suite application
  • Creation of stunning and dramatic HDR effects by combining up to five bracketed images
  • Apps for Android, iOS and Windows
CyberLink Media Suite is ideal for both inexperienced and expert digital media enthusiasts. It offers smart content-aware editing and removal tools, and even allows you to stitch together image sequences to create breathtaking panoramas.

10. Wondershare Filmora

Originally Wondershare Video Editor, Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly video editing package that lets you highlight, enhance, and completely transform videos into professional-looking clips. 
Because it’s powered by drag-and-drop technology, the app’s user interface is extremely intuitive that even non-editors can produce video projects they can truly be proud of.
Wondershare Filmora’s effect library carries 300+ handcrafted titles, filters, overlays, and transitions. Basic and advanced editing features let you create engaging and professional-looking videos for a host of purposes: home videos for family and friends, marketing videos to spread your brand’s messaging, and so on.
Filmora offers versions for both Mac and Windows computers.
Filmora lets you create incredible movies using your compilation of images, videos, and music.
It gives you the ability to add production value with built-in effects. There’s always that perfect touch for your footage with new features such as overlays, picture-in-picture effects, and tailored transitions.
Filmora’s scene detection functionality, which is an advanced editing feature built into the app, automatically splits movies into sections based on the transitions between shots that the app detects.
Movies can be shared via different channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo and work on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


Camtasia, with all its enticing features and functions, is a very good editing tool for creating professional-looking videos. But if you’d rather use another app for your video editing needs, the above alternatives are worth exploring.

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