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About Balsamiq

Balsamiq Mockups is a graphical user interface mockup builder application. It allows the designer to arrange pre-built widgets using a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor. The application is offered in a desktop version as well as a plug-in for Google Drive, Confluence and JIRA.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Low-Fi Sketch Wireframes
  • Click-Through Prototypes
  • UI Components & Icons
  • Export to PNG or PDF
  • Quick Add for Speed


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Australia,  Canada,  United Kingdom,  United States
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Balsamiq integrates with JIRA and more than 2 other solutions. View details
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Balsamiq Integrations

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Project Management

Balsamiq integrates with Jira. Jira is an amazing issue tracking and project tracking developed by Atlassian. The dashboard prov...
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Atlassian Confluence

Online Community

Balsamiq integrates with Atlassian Confluence. Give your team one place to share, find, and collaborate on information they need to get work don...
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Critic Reviews

  • 69

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  • I'm not a web developer, but I do work with customers to work out what sort of stuff they want on a page of a web application. Using Balsamiq enabled me to make sure I was capturing the data items they wanted in a logical order, and (after checking with the customer) I had a clear outline to pass it to the web development team for implementation and usability suggestions. Didn't use customer service but there isn't a "not applicable" option.

    Pros : Widgets for most things - drop-down lists, calendars, radio buttons and so on. Easy drag-and-drop into place.

    Cons : Nothing springs to mind...

  • What do you like best?

    It has all of the objects needed for software mockups pre-built. It's all drag and drop with enough options to be flexible but not too many that it's overbearing. Almost zero learning curve, anybody can jump on it and produce decent mockups.

    What do you dislike?

    Mostly geared toward mobile

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User Reviews

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    Nick Thorsch

    Balsamiq is one of the most popular mockup tools, however not the only tool that can do mock ups. Alternative tools are Adobe Photoshop/Indesign, Powerpoint/Keynote/Google Slides, and a picture of pen on paper. The real advantage then is the built-in tools Balsamiq has available. The tools in the alternatives I mentioned are mostly boxes, circles and arrows = very limited. Balsamiq has web and application interface tools we're all familiar with and specialized to various niches too: checkboxes, select pop-ups, buttons, calendars, player controls, drop-downs, etc. That is its key differentiator in my opinion. Granted, I now leave the mock up work for websites to my designers, who create full color graphics with images, font types, logos and more in Photoshop, which is far superior and more impressive to clients than a black & white mockup with no actual content filling it in.

    Pros :

    • Built-in tools specific to websites and applications.
    • Free tria.
    • Better than other basic apps that can be used for mock ups.

    Cons :

    • Black and white.
    • A professional designer can create way better mock ups in full color with image.

    • September 25, 2015
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