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AutoCAD Design Suite visualization and design software extends the power of AutoCAD. The suite includes AutoCAD Raster Design and visual communication software.

Desktop Subscription gives you access to the latest updates and releases, 1-on-1 web support, priority support in the forums, and flexible licensing.

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    Laura Palumbo

    AutoCAD is currently the best software for the production of two-dimensional drawings, in architectural and engineering field. The file that is produced is a vector document, therefore, in contrast to raster documents, you can scale and zoom without losing its resolution.
    As regards the interface and the use, it is really very simple and extremely intuitive. For this reason, it is used in high schools to introduce the subject to students.
    The projects can be saved in the original DWG format, but you have a lot of other possibilities to save it in different formats.
    Something very important, for my work, is its compatibility with Illustrator, which allows me to easily edit paths. It is not very effective, instead, his production function of three-dimensional drawings, for the purpose of which I think there are several other programs best suited.
    There are also versions dedicated to different trades (AutoCAD Architecture or Mechanical, etc.).

    Pros :

    • Fundamental: it was recently introduced the import of PDF documents.
    • Compatibility with Adobe Illustrator for editing and possible integration of tracks.
    • If you are studying, you can download it for free, but it can not be used for commercial purposes.
    • Its interface is extremely intuitive and almost perfect. AutoCAD is the first software I learned to use, in high schools, so I can honestly say that this is one of its best features.

    Cons :

    • The DWG format is changed about every three versions, but it is incompatible upwards and not downwards. This means that the latest versions can open older files, but not vice versa.
    • It is not very suitable for the production of three-dimensional projects. If you are going to design something like that, I think you should look for some other better product.
    • One of the things I don't like is that there is not the autosave function. I think it's very important to improve this, because it happened a lot of times that my computer crashed.

    • June 2, 2016
  • User review from

    Nikola Banjac

    User Industry: Architecture, creating various vector drawings. On the first look, AutoCAD can be very scary and confusing. This is not much far from the truth, user can't just sit down and start using it, You need months (sometimes the years) to master the program. But the average user can do a lot of stuff with just basic understanding of AutoCAD. I'm using AutoCAD 2D workspace everyday in office since 2002. And there are bunch of sections that I never used.

    Once mastered, working with AutoCAD is very easy. Program can do literally everything for everyone. It's quick and precise with a lot of handful options and shortcuts available. There are a lot of custom workspace options at Your disposal, and once You get familiar with logic of how to use AutoCAD properly, You'll be able to produce great drawings in no time. Overall Impression: If you want top results this is must have software.

    Pros :

    • Simple and intuitive drawing and editing command.
    • Great correspondence with other software such as any Autodesk product, Adobe, even Google SketchUP.
    • Creating custom blocks is very handful, user can quickly edit them. Also using the dynamic blocks is even more user-friendly.
    • Using xrefs (referenced drawing) can involve multiple users to work simultaneously on one drawing.
    • If you are professional, you can use AutoCAD for any kind of design.

    Cons :

    • Program has nasty habit to crash quite often (praise be the Autosave option).
    • AutoCAD freezes on second or two when performing Autosave.
    • Hatch tool has issues with creating hatch for non-standard shapes. Also, hatch can display improperly sometimes, it's very frustrating for users with OCD ;)
    • Default .dwg to PDF exporter is not working very well, I recommend using third party program such as CutePDF writer.
    • Smart tables are not so smart if user edit drawing later ( in that case tables often display wrong values).

    • May 3, 2016
  • User review from

    Nemanja Jablanovic

    Autodesk Design Suite is a powerful tool for the design of digital prototypes which requires the development of conceptual drawings, through checking functionality to photorealistic visualization with intensive communication with customers to design the final solution.

    Autodesk Design Suite is a comprehensive solution for digital prototype by offering tools to design, visualize and simulate the entire engineering process. It provides a flexible set of special tools for 3D CAD design, simulation, modeling of complex surfaces, plastic parts with their tools, design of electrical installations, visualization, preparation of technical documentation and internal and external collaboration. These tools enable users to evaluate and optimize conceptual design in digital form until the continuous exchange of engineering information during the design process.

    By combining Autodesk design suite able to work on the digital prototype with advanced tools to design, visualize and Cloud services, Autodesk Design Suite supports the creation of better products and dramatically reduces the cost of its development.

    Pros :

    • Design suite includes easy molding and assembly of products which are an integrated part.
    • Movement of products can be simulated, and also, burden. Simulating the stresses and movements can be optimized and validate product design in real conditions before the product is made.
    • Autodesk Design Suite is compatible with Autodesk programs dealing with:
      • Industrial design products (Autodesk Alias ​​Design, Surface and Automotive), design of energy plants (Autodesk Plant Design Suite),
      • Designing installations for buildings (Autodesk Revit MEP) design tools for plastics (Autodesk Moldflow),
      • FEA analysis of products (Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, Autodesk Simulation CFD, Autodesk Nastran),
      • Visualization and presentation of products (Autodesk Showcase), programming CNC machines (Autodesk Inventor HSM).
      • Data management (Autodesk Vault) .
    • Also, Autodesk design suite can be integrated with other software systems of other companies such as ANSYS, InventoCAM, SigmaNEST, Woodwork4Inventor.

    Cons :

    • Hardware requirements.
    • Each new version requires more resources, and it is expensive to constantly upgrade your pc.
    • Biggest problem is changes in licensing terms.
    • Autodesk will no longer sell individual programs instead we'll have annual rental plan (subscription).

    • May 2, 2016
  • User review from

    Veljko Andjelkovic

    AutoCad...should be the perfect software for draft, generation of technical documentation, etc. In reality, if you buy AutoCad you will be fascinated by its simplicity and ease of use, its flexible user interface, keyboard shortcuts (or hotkeys)...lots and lots of positive features. To make it short:

    "AutoCAD is a backbone of the industry, a perfect for 2D projects absolutely world ace for this purpose, but go to the 3D and you will learn his dark side, everything is still possible just much much harder". If you keep it cool and work just draft you are the king but if you dare to go in dark side of the software you would be surprised how things are not going that fast, but never the less in 3D mode it is still good and stable.

    Just do not expect 3D performance that can be meet with other parametric software. Verdict : PERFECT 2D / AVERAGE 3D.

    Pros :

    • Perfect user interface, with modern ribbon style, no overkill with icons and shortcuts, inside properties classical options that are very useful. Very very useful software very versatile for general and professional usage.
    • Projects have never bean so simple to execute.
    • Still the biggest thumb up is the possibility to do anything that you want without boring error messages and constraints, annotations that arrived from heaven, easy way for changing a vast array of properties in just one click, perfectly healthy sense of layers, etc.
    • Realty God gave software for everyday engineering.

    Cons :

    • Hmm...if you need an easy to use powerful every day for every need software, then this is for you.
    • If you are the type of users that urges for 3D performance, easy 3D features, you want advanced easy to use wireframe capabilities, etc... STAY AWAY FROM THIS! This software can do all of this but at the cost, high cost if you ask me, you need a lot of time and effort to achieve a feature that can be done in a matter of seconds in 3D Parametric software like Catia or ProE or Inventor, etc..
    • Still good for everyday work.

    • April 30, 2016
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