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ArcSoft Portrait+ is one of the best photo retouching software programs available. 

Save your time and cost on portrait retouching? Try out Portrait+. Automatic face detection and advanced skin smoothing tech ensure the work is done quickly and accurately. Editing portraits has never been that simple.

Editing portraits includes many aspects, such as color effects adjustments, background changes and removing unnecessary objects in the photos. PhotoStudio can help you easily achieve these goals. When talking about portrait photoshop, there are also many other photo editing applications that provide numerous tools. But tools alone often aren't enough. You still aren't sure which tools can help you get the ideal effects. Hours of work may turn into ruins. ArcSoft Portrait+ provides a solution based around intuitive pre-defined styles for portrait photos, and combines them perfectly with select general purpose editing tools.

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  • The first auto portrait retoucher
  • Super-efficient batch processing saves your time and money
  • Accurate faces detection and natural skin-smoothing technologies
  • User-friendly workflow lets anyone create stunning portraits
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  • Arcsoft's Portrait+ software is an easy to use software that can take your portraits from good to great in just a few clicks. It is light on resources and offers an excellent user interface, but its steep price tag and reliance on an active Internet connection are far from ideal. I'd think Portrait+ is an excellent option for a budding photographer who seeks simplicity and can stomach the high cost.

  • As good as I am at retouching, Portrait Plus is a bit of a game-changer. An intuitive, user-friendly Photoshop plug-in, Portrait Plus can seamlessly add a whole new dimension to any photographer’s editing arsenal.

  • Whether you want to perform minor facial touchups or major photographic surgery, the prowess of ArcSoft Portrait Plus is unmatched. With this photo retouching software, you can turn ordinary photographs into front-cover-ready portraits. Portrait Plus goes beyond just improving the coloring and lighting of an image; this photo retouching program allows you to take full control and get the results you want.

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