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When you are developing a new website or mobile app product, you will inevitably need to use a wireframing software program at some point. Rather than moving immediately to developing and coding your software, you want to use wireframing software to sketch out and refine your ideas first. This will help you save time later and avoid unnecessary mistakes when you are creating the final product.

Sketch It out First

You have a great idea for a new website or mobile app. You have already spent a lot of time thinking about how and why it will work, and now you want to start designing the interface and other features. The first thing you will want to do is sketch out your website on a piece of paper. The best wireframing software is flexible and will give you many options, but using software and choosing from the templates before you’ve sketched it out on paper will constrain your design ideas. Sketch everything out first and think about how you want your website to look and feel. Once you have a rough sketch and plan for how your website will look, it’s time to use a wireframing program.

What is Wireframing Software?

Wireframing software is a type of prototyping software that will help you create a clean looking prototype to show to partners and investors. With this type of software, you can create a clickable mock-up that will give you a better idea how the website will look and feel to a first-time user. Generally, this type of software lets you first pick from a variety of website and mobile app templates. Then you drag-and-drop different widgets to complete the mock-up. The best wireframing software has many different widgets to choose from such as search bars, comment forms, and areas for charts and surveys. With a flexible interface, you will be able to place the different components of your website in the exact places you want them, so that the mock-up closely resembles the design you sketched out earlier.

Features of Wireframing Software

Many different wireframing software products are available, and they all offer a different collection of features and tools. You will want to understand what features are offered, and which features are most important for your own planning and creative process.


Some wireframing software will create clickable prototypes, but not every software out there offers this feature. With a clickable prototype, you will be able to get a much better feel for how the website will work. It will also give a more realistic impression to your clients and partners and help get you more detailed feedback. That being said, it is not always completely necessary to have that clickability, so you may be fine using a software program that doesn’t offer it. Most programs that do not create clickable prototypes will instead let you create mockups of the individual pages, which you can then export as JPG or PDF files.

Multiple User Interface and Collaboration

Wireframing vendors know that you often work on prototypes as part of a larger team, so many have created their software to facilitate collaboration. This type of software will allow multiple users to log in and work on the same mock-up. Sometimes this software will also allow you to send comments and feedback as well as set tasks and reminders. Obviously, this feature is very important if you are working in a team to develop your concept. Otherwise, it would be unnecessary.

Feedback System

Even if you aren’t working with a team directly to create and develop the mock-up, you will want to get feedback from others. Many times, you will miss problems and not see obvious ways to improve your concept. Getting feedback from others who are farther removed from the process will help give you ideas you may never have come up with yourself. Some wireframing software is specifically designed to facilitate collection of feedback. They will make it easy for others to quickly give you detailed feedback within the mock-up and then present the feedback to you in an organized way.

Connectivity with File Management Systems

Almost every company and development team uses some online file management system such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You will want to choose a mock-up that integrates with the file management system that you use. That way you can quickly move files and documents back and forth between both programs without having to download and re-upload them. This will help you wireframe your concept more easily and in less time.

Web-Based Platform

Finally, using a web-based platform for wireframing has many distinct advantages if you are developing a website or a mobile app. It will already be online, so it will be very easy to test it out and see how it looks on different browsers, computers, phones, and tablets. A platform that isn’t web-based is only more useful when an internet connection is not available, but that is usually not a problem. Choosing wireframing software that is web-based will make it far easier and faster to test it out.


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