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How to Make the Most Out of Your Professional Videos Software Options

There are all kinds of reasons you may want to take and post videos online. Perhaps it’s to share milestones in your family’s lives with extended members and friends. A lot of times, it’s about documenting a specific pastime or hobby. As far as companies are concerned, taking and posting videos is an absolutely essential way to produce content, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses. However, while just about everyone probably has the means to take a fairly good video right now, simply posting it is generally not a good idea. Without using professional video software, you may post movies online, but no one is going to want to watch them. Before you purchase any software, though, consider which market you fall into.

Casual Video Takers

If the only hardware you plan on using to take movies is your phone, you’re probably a casual video taker. The same goes for those who may have received a camera as a gift, are using a digicam, or simply the webcam on their computer. Chances are that if you’re not looking to invest a great deal of money into your hardware, you’re probably not looking to spend a lot on software either.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free options out there that can handle all your video editing needs. For those who favor a PC, you can download Windows Live Movie Maker and enjoy a surplus of features for absolutely free. Mac Users will find iMovie, which came with their device, similarly helpful. You can also use Google’s photo editor and leverage the fact that it easily sync’s with Picasa’s online presence.
Anyone who may still be a bit intimidated by the above platforms should check out YouTube Video Editor, which is just about as basic as it gets. Nonetheless, it will do a fine job of cleaning up your media. Plus, you’ll probably be posting it on YouTube anyway, so this one saves you a trip.

Intermediate Videographers

Alright, whether you’re actually an intermediate videographer or you simply want to be, this group is for you. If you’re the type of person who wants to someday get paid for their movie editing skills (or already does), the next class is probably a better fit.
This group of software will still lend you plenty of professional options though, for those willing to deal with the learning curve. Your reward will be professional-looking transitions, cool effects and capabilities like picture-in-picture. One great title that can offer all this and more is CyberLink PowerDirector 9.
Another popular choice is Corel VideoStudio Pro X4. This well-designed offering has a surprisingly user-friendly interface, awesome tools and high-speed functionality.
Adobe Premiere Elements also makes the grade. A unique and truly helpful feature this title brings to the table is the ability to tag your clips. As time goes on, you’ll have a whole library of videos. Aside from simply naming them, however, with Adobe Premiere Elements, you can actually describe them in a way that makes searching out the footage you need incredibly easy.   

This is a very robust section of the market, meaning we could be here all day discussing other popular options. However, if the three we just listed don’t cut it, try Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate, Avid Studio, Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD, or Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.

Professional Editing

Finally, this software is for professionals or those who are hoping to become professionals. Without further ado, the three main titles in this category come from Adobe, Apple and Avid.
The cream of the crop is still considered Avid Media Composer. If you are a professional editor this is probably what you’re already using.

However, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is far more affordable and still has plenty to offer. It’s also extremely user-friendly considering the tech-savvy crowd Apple targeted with it. If you’re willing to put in some time, this option could really do amazing things for your videos.

Adobe’s Premiere Pro C5 is also a great option, though it’s far more expensive than Apple’s. However, with industry standard options onboard, it has a good argument for its price tag. Everything from multicam to 3D editing is possible, though you’ll definitely need to study the manual intensely.
While videos are easier to take than ever before, you need the right software to make the most out of them. After all, there are also more videos online than ever before, meaning yours better stand out for the right reasons.

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