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Screen Capture

There are a lot of screen capture products available on the internet. Although most Windows and Mac computers can perform screen capture without additional software, these new screen capture programs make the process easier, faster, and more powerful. It may seem like a very simple technology, but screen capture actually has many important uses, and if you are looking for new screen capture software, you will want to use one of the best products available.

Uses of Screen Capture Technology

Screen capture is used when you want to show others what is on your screen and what you are doing on your computer. Typically it is used as part of tutorials because it can be much easier to follow visual instructions. Including screen capture into your tutorials will make them much more attractive and effective. Screen capture normally consists of saved images of your screen, but some programs will also help you record video of what you are doing. This can be really useful when you are trying to explain a very complicated process, and some people prefer to learn by video.

IT Support

One of the common uses of screen capture is for IT tutorials. With this software, IT experts can show the less tech-savvy how to fix problems or make their operating system run better. For those who are not personally knowledgeable about IT, fixing their computer can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Screen capture helps because it will show them exactly what their screen should look like and what they should be doing.

Design Tutorials

As design software gets more powerful and complicated, the processes and techniques become more complicated too. The most powerful software has so many tools and effects, and screen capture will make those tutorials easier to follow and understand.


When developing new computer software, screen capture programs can also be very useful. You will need to explain your concept to large groups of people including potential investors. This software can help show what your product will look like and how it will work. Providing realistic pictures can help people visualize what you are working on and will result in more effective presentations. With screen capture software, you can save images of your entire computer screen to show how the program will look when it is working or you can save images of specific parts of the screen to highlight certain features of your prototype.

Video Game Walkthroughs

Tutorials for video games are a growing presence on the Internet. On Youtube, you will find thousands if not millions of video game tutorials and walkthroughs. There are a number of individuals who have developed loyal followings of thousands of people who consistently watch their gaming videos. Most of these videos are meant to teach techniques or strategies to complete in-game objectives, but there are also many videos that simply depict people playing games for fun. Screen capture technology has been adopted and championed by this growing group, because without it, their work would be impossible.

Screen Capture Software Features

Most computers can already let you copy and save images of your screen, but the wide selection of new screen capture products have additional features that make the process easier and more customizable.

Crop and Resize

When you use the basic screen capture functions on your computer, the whole screen will be saved as an image and you will have to open up a photo editing program in order to adjust the image. With screen capture software, you will be able to immediately crop the image, so that you are only saving the portion of the screen that you need. You can also resize the image which can be useful if you want to show a smaller image of the entire screen or a larger image of a certain part of the screen. These crop and resize features make the capture and editing process faster and easier by letting you do both steps in the same place.


These screen capture programs also let you annotate the images and add captions and graphics. This can be very useful for tutorials as well as project demonstrations because you can add clarifying details and highlight the important parts of the image. You can more quickly create a tutorial by using a program that can capture and edit the image at the same time.

Recording Video

For those who are interested in screen capture videos, it is a very good idea to look for a well-reviewed screen capture program. Not all computers can record screen capture videos without additional technology, so you will need to find a program that can specifically help you. Many of these programs will also let you easily add audio narration which will make the video more interesting and easier to follow. This is useful for all types of tutorials, but especially for the video game tutorials that are growing in popularity.

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