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What to Look for in Professional Image Software

In our media-rich society, a premium is put on content that features high-quality images to help tell a story or make a sale. You just won’t get anywhere with content that’s nothing more than words. Even blogs look silly with just a title followed by a few paragraphs. But while you can probably take a decent photo right now, posting it online is most likely a mistake until you send it through image software. Fortunately, there are a number of options to choose from that will not only produce a superior image, but reflect well on you or your company too. Here are features you should look for in each one.


Chances are that most of you don’t have degrees in photography or years of experience under your belt. Even if you do, many image software titles out there would give you plenty of challenges. For some, you practically need a degree just to enjoy the majority of their benefits.

So always look for user-friendly applications. Given all the things these titles can do, don’t expect that you’ll simply be able to install one and have it mastered within the hour. If anything, that would suggest the title you’ve purchased is a bit too simple and lacking in overall benefits.

However, it is reasonable to expect that the title you choose will come with tutorials by way of videos and other handy features. It also helps if the title has a robust online following that can help you out with certain questions or problems you’re having.

Handles All Major Formats

The pictures you intend to edit could come from any number of sources. Yes, they might come right from your own camera. However, they may also come from a client’s camera or some other source. You might be pulling the image from the Internet or importing it with some other format. In any case, you want software that will support these many options. Look for ones that are capable of handling JPG, GIF, PDF, BMP and TIF, amongst many others. Obviously, if there’s a specific format you often use, you want that one to be available.

Editing Tools

It should also go without that your image software should come with editing tools. However, there are titles today that go far beyond the basics. You’ll most likely find it’s worth investing in those extra options now, even if you don’t need them. In the future, having such editing tools handy—and already being familiar with them—could make a big difference.

Basic editing tools should allow you to crop images, correct poor lighting and add in various color schemes. You should be able to combine photos, remove images within a photo and add text as well. As with the format considerations, understanding what you’ll be using the software for will make it easier to pick the right one. But, again, it might be worth it to spend a little extra on other features too.


After a while, you’ll probably have enough images in your collection that you’ll need an effective way of organizing them all. However, image software should also provide you with a way to organize all the images you have used prior to editing them. You should also be able to store images you haven’t yet used or edited, but may want to in the near future. Then the software should make it easy for you to tag and categorize these images so finding them is no harder than using a search engine.

Otherwise, you’ll need to sift through your library searching by the date you uploaded them. This is far from ideal, especially when the alternative is typing in “4th of July”, “fireworks” or something else you may have tagged an image with and immediately coming across the one you wanted.

Easy Sharing

Image software these days should make it rather simple to share your finished product. Whether you want to email it to a client, upload it to your website or share it on social media, the software you choose should allow you to do so with the click of a button as soon as you wish. This does away with unnecessary steps and allows you to keep the images saved on your software and nowhere else.

So while you have countless professional image software titles to choose from, don’t forget the above features. Looking for titles that have them will make your search much easier and ensure you get the desired result.

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