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An Introduction to Icons Software

When it comes to computers, icons may be, well, one of the most iconic images we have. Aside from a manufacturer’s logo, most of us associate software primarily with the icons it uses (along with what it actually does, of course). They’re a helpful and fun way of taking the concept of a button and introducing it to the digital world. If you create software, websites, apps or any other type of product for use with a computer, you most likely need icons. Much like fonts, you don’t want to be limited in your options or your finished product will suffer. Instead, utilize icons software to ensure you have more than enough to choose from.

What is Icons Software?

Icons software is pretty straightforward. Most versions serve as a collection of icons you can choose from for your various projects. Again, it’s helpful to think about font software in this regard. The icons are usually organized into different categories, so you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect match for whatever your needs are.

There are also programs that will make it easy for you to create your own. Most people will probably be happy with the hundreds of options most icons software makes available to them. However, if you have an especially unique project, this may not be good enough. Being able to simply design your own will make it possible to get whatever icon you have in your head.

Keep in mind, too, that many companies have very basic requirements. They just want very well-known symbols that represent specific meanings so that they can incorporate them into their project.

Obviously, all of these icons come royalty-free. This is one of the main reasons people purchase this kind of software; they can get hundreds or even thousands of icons with the licenses to use them. You can’t simply go online and decide to extract the ones you want without getting in trouble. Likewise, while some free versions may exist, they generally aren’t of the highest quality.

Major Goals of Icons Software

When it comes to this type of software—the kind that offers a collection images—one of the most important features it can have is the sheer number of options. You wouldn’t want to pay for a program like this and get through all the icons it has to offer within a week or two.

However, having thousands of icons to choose from really isn’t much of an advantage if you have no satisfactory way to get through them all. You could have the perfect icon thanks to a program you purchased, but end up settling for second best because you simply never found it. Therefore, a major goal of this software should always be to make finding the right icons as easy as possible.

More and more, they’re also providing customization options. This only adds to the number of icons you can get from one title. Really, your choices are limitless with customizable icons.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Company

Most forms of icon software don’t focus on one specific niche. You won’t find a program that makes icons specifically for government websites or companies in the toxicology industry. One possible exception to this rule would be videogames and perhaps apps.

This means that you’ll most likely want to make the number of icons available your main metric for choosing a platform. It stands to reason that the more options you have to peruse, the more likely you’ll be to find the perfect icon for your project.

For some, customization will be a bigger deal than for others. Having thousands of icons to choose from should make this tool irrelevant for most. A lot of people also just won’t have the skill set to make a visually appealing icon on their own.

When we talk about options in terms of icons, we’re not just referring to the objective visual either. You also want to know that you have a number of sizes to select as well. Every icon provided should come in different pixel sizes to accommodate as many needs as possible.

Also, 10,000 icons are great, but 1,000 icons that fall into 100 different collections are generally better. If you’re creating an app to do with snow sports, for example, you want several different icons. Already having snow-themed icons grouped together for you will be a lot more helpful than trying to go through thousands of them and handpicking as you go.

Lastly, as we’ve touched on above, make sure that the software you choose comes with an optimal search function. It should be easy to explore all the icons available as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re creating a website, app or software, you’ll need icons to make it user-friendly and visually appealing. Fortunately, if you take time selecting the right icon software, this doesn’t need to be a challenge.


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