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Voipo is a service that is really getting people talking – in a literal sense as well as the metaphorical. As well as encouraging people to give VoIP calling a try, the service is interesting a lot of people by offering more than other services, including market leaders such as Vonage. It seems as though now is really the time to start paying attention, because if you get on the bus right now you'll be able to profit all the more from the service and the offers that Voipo is ready to give its customers. And this is something that you really need to know about.

There are reasons why people have been reluctant up to now when it comes to switching from regular phone calls to VoIP software. The home phone on a traditional network is what we have come to know and love, and a lot of people don't realize that getting hooked up to VoIP doesn't mean leaving behind your old standard phone. There are some calls that don't feel right on any other service than your traditional phone – but VoIP can cut your phone bills so dramatically that you don't feel any financial pressure in using your home phone.

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  • VOIPo overall seems to be an excellent choice for Residential VOIP in line of the numerous features which come with their package.

  • Overall I am very pleased with what Voipo claim and offer. I simply cannot ask for more while they have given everything. Not forget to mention that VoiPo is a leading provider for VoIP services in US.

  • VoIPo offers low priced services that include many additional features that are backed by U.S. based customer service and support. This results in exceptional value for both consumers and businesses seeking a VoIP based phone service.
    The lack of a mobile app for either Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) based devices could be an issue for some though, as more and more people want to have easy access to their phone service at all times via their personal smart phone device.
    In summary, VoIPo is an excellent choice for either home of business phone service.

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