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  • Post Scan Mail's "Virtual Mailbox" is the BEST!

    I can't say enough about how much I love PostScan Mail and the convenience of having all my mail delivered to my virtual mailbox. PostScan Mail weeds out all the junk mail and lets me see my mail usually within 24 hours of delivery from the USPS and any other carrier I get packages from. I then decide if I want it opened and the contents scanned or if I want it shredded or even just stored in my mailbox. I researched a few virtual mail forwarding companies before I chose Post Scan Mail and what I found in my research that makes Post Scan Mail stand out from the rest is not only their pricing, but they also provide excellent customer service. The few times I've called, I actually get a live person and not a recording. Once I had a minor discrepancy on my account so I called and explained this to the customer service rep who was very courteous and immediately processed my refund request. It was credited back to my card within 24 hours. Other companies nickle and dime and charge you outrageous fees for scanning and storage. Post Scan Mail is by far the best value and service available for virtual mail forwarding. I highly recommend Post Scan Mail to both individuals and to companies for all their mail receiving/forwarding as well as fully functional mail room needs.

    Pros : Inexpensive, excellent customer service, user friendly and they have premium P.O. boxes available in all the major cities (i.e. Los Angles, Miami, New York, Dallas, etc) nationwide throughout the US.

    Cons : They're closed on weekends, so no customer support is available on weekends.

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    Sluggish, clumsy and dishonest

    PostScan Mail has been painfully slow for me from the start. Slip-ups happen regularly and their customer service can not be taken seriously. My delivered mail takes at least three days to show up in my account, and it takes the company another three days, minimum, for them to finally forward my mail. For two of my items, it took PostScan Mail over a week to acknowledge the receipt of my packages!! On one occasion, a mail item from another PostScan Mail client showed up in my account. On another occasion, one of my mail pieces never showed up in my account at all. To make matters worse, their customer service did nothing but lie to me about their processing times. A customer support agent had explained to me by phone that their upper time limit for mail items to be processed was 48 hours. Yet I have never had the fortune of having my mail processed within their stated time frame. Yesterday, AGAIN, I was assured over the phone that my mail would be forwarded on that same day, which was 48 hours after I had placed the forwarding order. It is now the following day and my mail is still stuck in my outbox and has not yet been forwarded. It takes the same amount of time, or longer, for PostScan Mail to get my mail out of their frickin' building as it takes the postal service to deliver my shipments to an address on the other side of the planet!! UNACCEPTABLE! My experience with PostScan Mail has been mostly NEGATIVE. I can not emphasize enough just how frustrating their slow processing times have been for me. The company's flat-out clumsiness and dishonesty were equally unacceptable.

    Pros : PostScan Mail is convenient 25% of the time.

    Cons : PostScan Mail is extremely inefficient, very slow and dishonest 75% of the time.

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    No Junk with postscan mail

    My husband has a home-based business. We used to receive a lot of business mail and junk mail. Me and my husband had to spend at least 2 hours every week to sort it. I am really grateful for that friend of his who suggested postscan mail. It´?¢s a really cheap service that spares you the trouble of sorting mail. Now, my husband has a business address and I have a clean house. Way to go.

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