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Email Management Software Alternatives for Mailplane


35 Expert reviews

Contactually turns your contacts into relationships, all over email. We know when you email a new lead and reveal what we previously kn...
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10 Expert reviews

ToutApp aspires to solve the repetitive email problems efficiently. The app is useful for users who send a large number of outbound ema...
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2 Expert reviews

Turn emails into actions for better email management Effectively manage your inbox, reduce email overload and maintain inbox zero with ...
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4 Expert reviews

FreshMail gives you all the essential tools to launch an email marketing campaign. The web-based software doesn't require any coding skill...
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9 Expert reviews

Mandrill (developed by MailChimp) is an email infrastructure service that you can use to send automated one-to-one email, as well as cu...
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18 Expert reviews

Yesware is a sales productivity company that provides email analytics, tracking, CRM integration, and more to lead data-driven decision...
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Office 365

20 Expert reviews

Office 365 is a cloud collaboration service that affords a special and safe location to save, share and edit files and documents. It al...
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34 Expert reviews

Relenta is the simplest method to create email, contacts, and activities, and indeed get everything finished rather than allowing thing...
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30 Expert reviews

Gmail is an intuitive email platform, practical, and helpful. It holds 15 GB of storage, less spam, and it is mobile access. It is a free ...
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Microsoft Outlook

23 Expert reviews

Microsoft Outlook provides a free calendar and email service that lets you get things done and stay on top of what matters. This soluti...
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4 Expert reviews

Postbox is an email application made for Mac and Windows desktops. The Inbox is where all the action happens; where you communicate, ke...
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13 Expert reviews

SaneBox is a cloud-based service that filters email. The service uses both filtering algorithms and user-trained preferences to spot us...
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5 Expert reviews

Hiver turns your email into a simple, powerful collaboration tool. Hiver gives you Shared Labels and Shared Notes in your Gmail,...
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PostScan Mail

13 Expert reviews

PostScan Mail allows businesses to manage their postal mail as they would email. All company mail is first stocked and scanned, and the...
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4 Expert reviews

Xobni makes your address book and inbox smarter. Xobni and its Smartr product suite, finds our all the people you've ever emaile...
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3 Expert reviews

Postmark gives users the ability to deliver and track transactional emails for web applications of any size in a reliable way, with min...
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4 Expert reviews

SimplyFile is an intelligent filing assistant for Microsoft Outlook. It helps you file email messages in your Outlook folders quickly a...
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3 Expert reviews

SmarteMail provides Exchange-level email server software and IM at an affordable price. With superior stability, reduced maintenance co...
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Alternatives to Mailplane

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