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iLinc’s online meeting software allows users to share visuals like slides, documents, spreadsheets or Web pages. It enable real-time collaboration on files or documents during meetings, which can then be saved and distributed to all meeting participants. iLinc meetings promote brainstorming through capabilities such as white-boarding, text chatting, VoIP or teleconferencing and live user video streams.

The iLinc web conferencing service is loaded with video and audio conferencing features. This service is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Participants on both platforms will have access to the same audio, video and screen sharing, and you can even share keyboard shortcuts and remote support among platforms. That feature alone makes it easy for hosts and participants to quickly start up web meetings with iLinc.

This conferencing service allows for every size of meeting, whether it's a large online meeting or a simple teleconference call. The pricing structure of this product is confusing, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what licenses and conferencing package your company will need.

The features iLinc offers in terms of video conferencing are extensive and include polling, notification of hand raising, participation meters and private chat features. Because control can be shared with every participant, the participants can lead and play videos for their segment of a presentation. When someone new takes control, their profile picture shows in the top left corner so participants can clearly see who is controlling what portion.

Be aware that this web conferencing service does not offer a unified communications approach, so participants have to find partners and compatible telephony and video communication modes on their own. The absence of mobile capabilities also hurts this service. However, the interface used to display videos, view presentations and conduct whiteboard sessions and learning modules is well organized and intuitive to use.

We like the fact that you can create unique profiles that display photos, a bio and contact information for other participants to view. This allows hosts and participants alike to become familiar with co-workers and business partners.

iLinc uses industry standard security protocols, both SSL and AES, to ensure your online meeting is safe and secure. This web conferencing service also offers an impressive degree of firewall-friendliness without requiring additional plug-ins or add-ons.

iLinc offers several options for technical support, user training and general inquiry. There are instructor-led classes that range from precise functions to general program instruction, as well as topically organized community forums. iLinc web conferencing also offers an in-depth FAQs section and additional telephone and email contact information for further technical support or inquiry.

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  • Linc is an easy to use web conferencing application that has all the features you need (and many you don’t).

    Pros – Advanced recording and editing features. Shared web browsing. Multi-point video.

    Cons – Licensing and pricing models are confusing. Expensive compared to other online meeting applications. Lacks a dedicated communication network.

  • As an interface and hub, iLinc web-based conferencing is almost without comparison. It is intuitive, which makes it easy to use, and it has a nicely organized feel to it. In addition, it is visually appealing and fully customizable. However, without a unified communications approach, integrating various telephone, video and chat elements can be difficult, and can often require the use of additional service providers.

  • iLinc provides top of the line, easy to use conferencing solutions with flexible purchasing options to suit all types of businesses. With iLinc conferencing solutions, companies save money and time while benefitting the environment. With iLinc’s revolutionary green meter, users can track the amount of harm they are saving the environment while they are saving money conducting their web meeting!

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