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An Introduction to Phone and SMS Software

Most of us wouldn’t make it very long without our smartphones. In fact, the vast majority can’t make it an hour without looking at theirs, unless they’re fast asleep. When it comes to your business, though, there might be a very good reason for this. That phone may equal dollars and cents, meaning you need to optimize it as best you can to get the most for your business. Fortunately, like just about everything else these days, there’s software out there specifically designed to help you do more with that device. Phone and SMS software could be a big part of your business having its best year yet.

What is Phone and SMS Software?

Phone and SMS software is essentially anything that helps you leverage your phone or those of your company. For anyone who doesn’t know, SMS stands for Short Message Service. Most people know it as text messaging though.

One example of this would be allowing your phone to send 1,000 or more text messages at once (or, say, just 10). Doing that with your phone right now would be impossible, unless you wanted to spend your day imputing numbers into the text message. However, depending on the business you’re in, you may need to send out a text to that many people. Most people don’t check their emails nearly as much as they do their texts, so you can spread important information this way in a more effective way (even if it’s just to say, “Everyone check your email”).

That’s far from all this type of software can do though. You’ll also be able to do things like send out mobile coupons to people for your business. This can play a central role in developing a mobile strategy for your company. It’s also a good way to build a contact list and generate leads. Customers give you their numbers and, in exchange, you send them coupons.

You could also send out appointment reminders, announce new services, schedule sales, etc. This software makes it possible to collect as many customer numbers as possible because you can actually offer them a valuable service.

Phone and SMS software also allows customers to join the conversation or leave it whenever they want. You can provide them with a keyword to send to a specific number. As soon as they do, they’ll be brought into a text messaging conversation, just like a conference call. Then they can leave whenever they like.

Just like with an email campaign, this software will allow you to schedule calls and text messages as often as you like, automating an otherwise tedious process and eliminating much of the risk that comes from human error.

Major Goals for Phone and SMS Software

As we mentioned above, the goal of phone and SMS software is to help you reach more people with your phone and engage them better. For businesses, this means making the most out of every customer number they can obtain.

There are also all kinds of software platforms meant to help companies get clearer phone calls, better service and lower rates. The big one right now is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software. It essentially sends phone calls through your IP, much like your Internet service would. This comes with all kinds of benefits. You can have mobile phones hooked up to the company’s VoIP, allowing them to take business lines wherever they go, for one.  Functionality is extremely customizable as most VoIP providers will give your business a GUI or some other kind of user control interface to use. Despite all these benefits, VoIP is almost always the more affordable option.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Company

With so much phone and SMS software to choose from, it can be tough knowing which platforms will be best for your business. The first step is deciding what you need most. Many platforms will give you a number of different services. However, for VoIP and the SMS services we mentioned above, you’ll need two completely different titles.

Obviously, if your company works in B2B, you may not have much use for the mass text messaging services and related features. That would make more sense for companies in need of B2C marketing. Likewise, VoIP is probably best for B2B companies that have numerous conference calls every day, though some B2C businesses may benefit from them.

Take your time looking into what each platform actually offers. You should also research what other businesses entrust these platforms with their needs. If you see recognizable names from your own industry, that’s a promising sign.

Lastly, you want software that will be user-friendly. SMS and phone calls are about as easy as it gets, which is one of the reasons using them for all kinds of business needs makes so much sense. Any software that complicates things unnecessarily isn’t worth your time.

Phone and SMS software is a tremendous investment in taking even more control over your digital environment. It could easily become a force-multiplier for your business.


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