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What is Fax Service Software?

Fax service software are programs that use servers to electronically send and receive faxes over the internet. Using a fax server, you will be able to send and receive faxes just as you would if you had a physical fax machine, but the server will receive the faxes and send them directly to your computer.

Fax servers can integrate into many applications, but they are typically integrated into email servers. When you want to send a fax, you would send your email to a specified email address. The email would then be converted into a fax and sent to the fax number that you indicated in the email. When someone sends a fax to your fax number, the fax server will receive the fax, convert it into pdf, and then send it to you in an email.

Fax servers are growing in popularity among large and small corporations because they offer a lot of benefits and are simple and easy to use. If you are looking to replace your office fax machine, or if you are just trying to make your office more productive, fax service software might be a solution to your problems. The benefits of fax servers are numerous.

Saves Time and Increases Efficiency

Fax machines are old technology and are simply not as efficient as modern processes in the office. When you want to send a fax, first you have to print your document, go to the fax machine, send it, and then wait for the delivery confirmation. When you are expecting a fax, you have to wait by the fax machine or constantly check on it, to make sure that you receive your fax when it comes.

Fax servers eliminate all these extra steps and the time wasted waiting by the fax machine. You don’t have to print documents to fax them. You can send them directly from your computer as word documents, pdfs, or emails. When you are expecting a fax, you can continue to work by your computer, and the fax will instantly be routed to your email when it arrives. Fax servers will make your office more productive and efficient.

Integration and Ease of Use

Once you have your fax servers integrated into your systems, they become extremely easy to use. You can integrate the server with your email, word processor, and other programs. You will then be able to instantly send documents from your computer, often at just the click of a button. Sending multiple documents as attachments or sending a fax to more than one person is actually easier than it would be with a physical fax machine.

Remote Use Capabilities

Because fax servers integrate faxing into email, it also gives your employees online access to faxing. If an employee is working from home, they can still fax documents from the company fax number, and they can still receive faxes even though they are not in the office. For the most time sensitive situations, your employees will be able to send and receive faxes using the email applications on their phone. None of these things would be possible if your office was still limited to using a physical fax machine. These remote use capabilities will give your employees greater flexibility and will also improve customer service by shortening response times.


The more functions you place online, the greater scalability your business will have. This applies to fax services just as it applies to everything else. In the past, as your business grew you would have to buy more fax machines, because it would be inefficient for an entire office to take turns on using only a few fax machines. This would continue to happen as your business expanded and you opened new offices. In addition to the upfront costs of purchasing new fax machines, you would also experience rising costs for maintenance and repair. With a fax server, you will have significantly increased scalability. As your business grows, you can easily scale up your fax server to serve the needs of new workers. One fax server will be enough for several workers, and if you need more capacity, it is very easy to expand service and use a second server. You will lower your upfront costs as well as your maintenance and repair costs.

Customer Service and Repair

Speaking of maintenance and repair, problems with fax machines and printers can be devastating to an office’s productivity. When these machines don’t work, you often have to call in repairmen and wait patiently for them to arrive and fix the problem. Sometimes the problems are more serious than they appear, and the repair or replacement takes longer than expected. Using a web-based fax service, you can minimize these losses in productivity. As long as you have internet access, your workers should have no problem sending and receiving faxes. If there is an error with the fax server and faxes are not being sent, you do not have to wait for repairmen to physically arrive, you just need to contact the customer service at the fax server provider and they will be able to quickly resolve the issue.

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