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Characteristics of High Quality Email Management Software

Email management software is essential these days, whether you’re in the market because of your business or for personal accounts. In either case, you probably receive far too many emails to keep them all straight, which is where reliable software comes in handy. However, before you invest a large sum in that best-selling platform, consider the following features you should be looking for.


Quality software is more affordable today than ever before. This is especially true where email management software is concerned when you consider how many titles are out there for absolutely free. Major companies have email management software that won’t cost you or your company a dime to use, yet still brings plenty to the table. So any company that’s hoping to charge you for their offerings better be offering something pretty great.


Implementing any new type of software in a company is usually a challenge. This is definitely the case with email because everyone is a preexisting customer nowadays. However, this means one of the major challenges with implementation is bringing over all the old emails and folders from one version onto another. Look for titles that come ready to sync up with all your current forms of communication and any email software you were previously using. Otherwise, there will be a lot of manual moving and organizing to be done before you can really start using this software.
When it comes to synching, one of the easiest ways to do this is to purchase email management software that’s part of a larger suite. If you’re already using other titles under that umbrella, using email management software from the same company should be an easy choice, as it will sync up immediately and without issue. You’ll probably also save money on the entire suite of products.

Search Functions

When you consider how much information winds up in your email inbox and how critical this information can be to the wellbeing of your company, it only makes sense that you should have an email management software that makes finding anything you need as easy as possible. While it makes sense to organize all your data into different folders to help with finding information later, that sometimes isn’t enough when the clock is ticking. Instead, consider email management software that comes with an impressive search function, making it easy to track down any email you need.

Multiple Inboxes

Often times, employees have their own personal inbox related to the company and then a separate one they’re in charge of monitoring, perhaps for their department. There could be a number of other reasons, too, for why it makes sense to have multiple inboxes at your disposal. Although each and every employee may not need this option, it can make a difference when it means setting up inboxes for certain groups, tasks, departments, etc. and ensuring they’re regularly monitored.
Furthermore, if you’re a small business, this kind of thing can be essential. It helps give your company a professional appearance and ensures organization where your emails are involved.

Templates and Customization

There are many reasons you may want to ensure that your company’s emails easily differentiate themselves from others. This can mean adding a template to them or simply making sure none leave without an appropriate signature. Whatever the case, with the right type of email management software, this will be a no-brainer.
Like with the multiple inboxes, this option also means you should have the ability to customize different types of emails. You don’t want your employees to be wasting time on manually altering the aesthetics of a message before emailing it out.


Lastly, a lot of your business emails are going to have to do with your schedule. Whether they’ll be about meetings, appointments or just times and dates you’ll want to be aware of, it helps a lot if your email software can pick up on this and update your schedule as necessary. If you already have scheduling software, this is where the aforementioned synching plays such an important role. Otherwise, expect that your email management software will include this feature.
While there are countless platforms out there for email management software, the above features are ones they should all have in common. Make sure you consider every option carefully, however, and look for any other features your company may need specifically.

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