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  • Unique social business tool having nice features for collaboration & communication on Social Ne

    Zyncro Use Cases and Deployment ScopeZyncro has helped me in getting the team work to be more smoother and flawless in terms of collaboration and communication. Collaboration and communication with coworkers as well as clients improved tremendously. It increased the collaboration among the company’s employees by offering relevant information about the employees on their profile which can be seen by others. All the information is shared securely within the organizational network, along with a social blog environment and document repository for keeping files and documents. 

    Pros : Zyncro’s white label feature provides unique customization where every single organization can have their own design for log in as well as layout as they are free to choose the screen space for different sections/functionalities and great customization for integrating banners/links to any external application.Zyncro is a multi-platform business tool which can be used on Windows, iPad, Android, and iPhone devices with ease.Purchase cost is very nominal with 1 GB free storage for up to 5 users and

    Cons : More number of third party apps or external applications should be integrated in Zyncro or they can even increase their own number of add-ons in the tool.There is scope of improvement in the synchronization section with the external applications.While integrating with external applications, there is a dependancy on Java being installed on the machine otherwise it can't work.

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  • Zyncro looks to be a very innovative and powerful work media tool, and the company seems to be headed in a great direction toward more open following and a wide spectrum of use cases supported by the integration of third-party apps and Zyncro’s own add-ons.

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  • Great app!!!

    Great business application = Zyncro!! Now my company colleagues are really into social collaboration... months ago it was really utopia ;)

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    Extremely useful!

    I was using a combination of Yammer and Dropbox to communicate with the team and share files but then I found Zyncro and it made our lives much easier. We do everything on the platform. As a team of freelancers spread over the globe, it has been a life saver!

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    Great app!!!

    I tried other corporate social networks, and certainly, I prefer Zyncro. Easy to use, simple and intuitive interface, integrated with the applications I need daily ...

    Pros : Easy to use, Intuitive interface, Integration with a lot of apps

    Cons : Perhaps somewhat slow, but with all the amount of information displayed, it is understandable

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