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  • Slower than Wetransfer

    This program used to be good, but now is so slow I can't even deal with it. The upload speeds are as if I have dial up. I mainly have an issue with any file that is bigger that 50mb. I use the desktop app, still slow, so then I started using wetransfer as a comparison. What would (450mb file) take 5 hours to upload on Hightail literally only took 19 minutes to upload with wetransfer, so obviously the problem isn't with me, it's with Hightail. Oh and if you tell hightail that the upload speeds are mindnumbingly slow, they tell you it's your fault... which would be true if it weren't for wetransfer showing me evidence to the contrary.

    Pros : They have unlimited storage on the cloud.

    Cons : Bad customer service, and horrific upload speeds. When your main job of your app is to upload files to the internet, and you can't do that quicker than it would be for me to travel by horse and buggy with a hard drive 30 miles, I'm pretty sure you're failing at what you offer.

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    Affordable as You Send It but not now

    You Send It was a great service for small businesses offered at an affordable price. But now Hightail charges three times as much for the service, putting it beyond the price range for a sole proprietor. I'll explore Google Drive and other options now. Too bad. I liked it.

    Pros : Pro version allowed sending folders and multiple files

    Cons : Price has increased to nearly $200 a year, far too much for a very small business

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    Nice service... but promising more than it can accomplish.

    This service would be just the perfect cloud service out there if it could sync your files to the cloud from any drive on your computer through its sync service. Google drive does it, Dropbox does it and many others.... Hightail offers the incredible plan promising unlimited storage space. But you only can sync files located on your operating system main drive (not external or backup drives). On the age of SSDs their fantastic offer becomes somehow unusable and at a certain point cynic and unfair... So if it is just for sending large files, use the beautiful "wetransfer", cause the synching offer from hightail is just ridiculous limited. The preview system of the online folders is also not good. Very hard to browse through photos or videos on the cloud, no preview thumbnail is available and you have to wait a lot of time to preview a photo, video or pdf online.

    Pros : Clean interface Nice upload speed through the Hightail tracker app Nice download speed with the download link from the sending service Expiration date control of sent files and tracking about "by who" and "when" the file was downloaded.

    Cons : Unfair storage space offer (promising what they cannot accomplish). Only your main operating system drive can sync files to the cloud. Bad sync app not offering the functions that a sync app must have today. You can't preview files online easily.

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  • When it comes to sharing files, Hightail is definitely one of the best available. The unlimited number of downloads, uploads, sends and storage space in addition to easy web access from your desktop, laptop or mobile devices means you can share all of your favorite files, anytime, anywhere. The tracking lets you know instantly if your files are being viewed and who is viewing them.

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  • Whatever profession or enterprise one is in, sharing one’s effort and collaborative work through files that are getting bigger and bigger is today’s business reality. One way of making sure they arrive secured and intact is to Hightail it.

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  • What do you like best?

    Hightail, formerly YouSendIt, is a similar file sharing solution to Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, et al. The ease-of-use is probably its biggest selling point.

    What do you dislike?

    For whatever reason I have always gravitated to Hightail's competitors. It seems like feature for feature Hightail falls short. The 2GB limit is the biggest drawback for sure. The annoying part of the product is that it forces you to first subscribe to the pro, paid version, and only after you cancel the account can you get the "Lite" version. YouSendIt was friendlier by giving you a free account with fewer hurdles.

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    What do you like best?

    YouSendIt, now called Hightail, is a decent alternative to other solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, etc. It offers a nice, clean interface, and starts at 2GB of storage. Unlike its competitors, they offer a document signing feature which can be useful for more professional settings. Some other benefits include recipient verification, a Microsoft Outlook plugin, custom branding, and Microsoft SharePoint integration. These features are great if you are using it for work and not just personal use. Like other solutions, they also offer a nice mobile and desktop app.

    What do you dislike?

    Many of the features require a paying option, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because many of those features are professional and not available in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. However, you cannot share files larger than 50MB unless you have a paying option. You also only get 2GB for free, much less than competitors.

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    What do you like best?

    Handles large files like a boss. Links to files always work and download speeds are great. Interface is simple and easy to use.

    What do you dislike?

    No file previews, as provided by competitors.

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  • Hightail is an app you should have on your iPhone if you frequently find yourself in situations where you need to email large files. The e-signature is equally useful. Inserting my signature was a bit tricky at times, but Hightail is a highly recommended convenience utility for the iPhone.

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  • The story with You Send It is similar with so many companies who specialize in online file sharing and try to compete in the online backup market - they simply can't. With an infrastructure built completely around file sharing and features which reflect this then it is clear to see that You Send It is not going to be your best bet for online backup.

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  • Essentially, this is a great product if you want to successfully send and receive large files securely and generally a cost effective online storage solution. Some complain of limited functionality with the free offering, but the paid accounts are also offered at reasonable prices.

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  • YouSendIt is a great service for business; it has some innovative features, and everything is explained in easy-to-understand language, making setting up and using it simplicity itself. The website is easy to navigate, especially when compared to other services. The only downside is that only the most expensive paid-for plan has the advantage of phone support; it’s a shame that someone who can only afford the cheaper plan does not have this benefit. The facility to add an e-signature, though, is a feature that many users will appreciate

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  • Hightail is one of the best file sharing services because it combines an intuitive interface with unlimited sharing and storage. You can collaborate on the cloud as much as you want with colleagues and clients without worrying about exceeding a monthly bandwidth limit. In addition, the security and file tracking features ensure that you have full control over your files.

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